Madden Bowl winner represents latest black eye for EA Sports and eSports

Posted February 3rd, 2017 at 9:00 pm

EA Sports is hoping to build Madden into a popular eSport. In terms of viewership they’ve been gradually climbing despite some inherent challenges. However they’ve had their share of growing pains with Madden NFL 17 as the entertaining games haven’t proven to be the story.

The Madden Classic held in early December had its championship game determined in part by a QB freeze bug that resulted in a fumble that was returned for a touchdown. That specific bug was fixed 10 days later with a patch.

Now the Madden Bowl has just wrapped up and the big winner has an extensive history of making racially offensive comments on social media. A small sampling can be viewed here.

Regardless of capacity, participants in official events do represent the EA Sports brand. They’re promoted before, during, and after the events and become tied to the products in the eyes of many. The players, particularly those who gain notoriety through success, become public figures and that makes their backgrounds something that will be scrutinized. The findings ultimately reflect both on the company and the individual.

The question becomes how to avoid such a situation and to what extent if any it should play a role in qualification. It’s a necessary conversation to have given that there really are no easy answers. However statements and other actions on public forums like social media are now monitored and used for vetting in many aspects of life, so it wouldn’t be surprising if more attention is paid to it in the future for sponsored events such as eSports competitions.

[Update] EA Sports has responded, but only as it relates to conduct “during and immediately after” the Madden Bowl.

  • MoneyMayweather

    dudes racist.

  • hevvy

    This is embarrassing for EA. wonder if they will pretend it didnt happen like they did swith Skimbo racist tweets

  • WilsonRamos

    shocked he tweeted it not once but like 6 or 7 times hope his employer sees it.

  • KellyAnne Conway

    Tell me that guy doesn’t take his aggressions out by cornholing his dog.

  • DickChaney

    He looks like someone who’s spent a lifetime grabbing his ankles and taking 10 inches on a regular basis. What a loser!

  • ClubSteve

    pasta, EA has the sole license for the NFL, so now you can now argue, to some extent at least, his comments could now be associated in some shape or form with the league and even the event sponsor. it will be interesting to see how the NFL handles this situation, given how much they value their license and how they restrict what is included in the video game.

    • That’s a really good point as well.

    • connor

      Roger Goodell is going to give him a 2 game Madden suspension.

    • Keith.

      EA seems to think this is nothing more than click-baiting on pasta’s part. I’m guessing EA’s best bed buddies, Goodell and the NFL, see things the same way.

  • AnotherVendetta

    Wow, look at those in the glass houses commenting here, twitter, etc. Dude said some racists things, but who are any of us to judge what makes a person pure and innocent? Get off your pedestals and make sure your house is in order first. Talking about losing his job, discrediting him, etc.

    No one is morally perfect in this new feelings sensitive society.

    • ClubSteve

      you are correct, we are not to judge, however since he made them for public viewing on twitter, he opened himself up to be criticized. it’s an instagram, twitter and facebook society now, use at your own risk.

    • Casor_Greener

      Racist folks always defend racist folks. I’m not perfect but I never in my life made racist comments on a public forum. Never said anything remotely this racist.

      • Ryan Montana

        AMERICAN BLACKS are the MOST RACIST sub-humans on the planet .. hand down!!!!

        Knock-out game; voting for incompetent Obama; etc.

      • AnotherVendetta

        …Slow clap…

    • VendettasDaddy

      What a stupid comment from another ankle-grabbing slap!

      • AnotherVendetta

        C’mon Dad, I thought I had mom talk to you about responding to my rants online…

  • WilsonRamos

    just played a game watched patrick diMarco disapear through the stands and come back again i thought fuck this and turned it off.

  • 2017Revolution

    Dude is obviously a p.o.s, but who really cares about the Madden Bowl? They don’t ban nano blitzes or play spamming from the tournament, so basically EA encourages people to play like douchebags. SMH…

  • goonsquadgeneral

    Madden is trash anyway boycott that crap that game has been buggy for ever. And don’t be surprised about the racist A holes tweets. Social media gives cowards an outlet. Lets see him say that shit to peoples face.

    • Sean Patrick Sinagra

      I’ve been trying explain that he may actually say that to his black friends. Why don’t people understand that the N word is actually used every single day in the black community, Dubby sounds as close to black as you can with how he speaks, so maybe it’s possible that he says that all the time with his close black friends and they call him the N word too?? Maybe some people aren’t offended?

  • Sean Patrick Sinagra

    Maybe he’s half black?

  • Billy mays here !

    Who cares ?