MLB The Show 17 video highlights the improvements coming to gameplay

Posted February 7th, 2017 at 11:00 am

The promotional schedule for MLB The Show 17 begins today with the first look at gameplay-related improvements and additions. The video goes over changes to expect out of the game that include new ball physics, AI that should play more life-like, changes to base-stealing systems with a look at the catcher throw meter, new catch and throw engine to hopefully eliminate the lack of urgency in making plays, and enhanced personality.

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MLB The Show 17 will release on March 28 with Ken Griffey Jr. on the cover and also found in-game as one of the new legends. Amazon is offering pre-orders at a discount of 20% to Prime members. The standard edition goes for $48 and the MVP Edition for $56. The latter includes 5K Stubs, Gold Season Starter Pack, Sponsor Pack, 10 Standard Packs, limited edition steel book, and PS4 themes for every team in the league.

  • buckeyeboi

    Sony San Diego yet continues to kill the game! The ‘MLB The Show’ franchise’s authenticity and attention to detail should be the standard for all sports videogame franchises.

    • TheManofsteel1975

      WTF are you talking about??????

      MLB The Show keeps getting better and better every year.

      • Mike Query

        Do you not understand how to read?

        • TheManofsteel1975

          indeed my mistake!

          I must have been drunk when I read it the first time 🙂 lol

  • Keith.

    Sorry, Pasta, I know this is an article about The Show, and I’m as excited as anybody about the new Show every year, but I had to post this good news about NBA2K17 (from Take-Two’s investor call today) somewhere, and I didn’t feel like waiting until The Line Drive hits on Sunday:

  • HeatFan786

    I like The Show 16, but would like Sony to make a few welcome additions: suspensions for franchise mode, cutscenes with brawls and post-brawl ejections (can be turned off to avoid uncertainty, and better injury sliders. What I like about EA games are that sliders can be adjusted for injuries, making the game more challenging at times. Props on their changes. The Show 17 looks great.

    • BravesFan24

      Russell was once asked about brawls, and said the MLBPA wouldn’t allow them to add it. So you won’t see that in the game

      • Zach

        He was asked this plenty of times and it has worn me out just hearing it more. It’s definitely a no-brainer to think no at this point

      • Dounte

        The same reason why you can’t knock off helmets anymore in Madden… When was the last time someone got injured for the game by getting hit sticked?? This generation sucks.

  • Darrin

    Anybody else notice the lights in the corner of Wrigley? Those aren’t even there in real life..

  • Casor_Greener

    This game is highly over rated. LEt’s hope they make real improvements this year

  • Skopin

    I am a little disappointed graphically by The Show on PS4, specifically the player models and uniforms. They’ve made some huge strides in other areas, but I’m just not seeing the improvement I expected from the PS3 version. The jerseys look too stiff and torsos are a little too wide I think.

    But from a gameplay perspective, this game is incredible. The attention to detail in the little things is something every game should strive for.

  • prince444

    Lots of “acker-a-see.”

  • jbstoner43

    Only if the morons over at EA had 1/10th of a brain as do the design team have at Sony and Take Two, EA would be relevant in the sports market.