Super Mega Baseball 2 delivers extensive customization options

Posted March 20th, 2017 at 7:00 am

For as good as Super Mega Baseball was when it released in late 2014 one area of the game that was lacking had to do with the limited customization abilities. That has been addressed to say the least with the upcoming sequel as developer Metalhead Software has implemented the ability to design players (both appearance and abilities) and teams while creating leagues with seasons tailored to desired specifications in Super Mega Baseball 2. 

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Number of conferences (none/2)
Number of divisions (none/2 –8)
Total teams in league (4 –32)
League, conference & division names

Innings per game (1 –9)
Total games (2 -200)
Playoff bracket size (2/4/8/16)

Color scheme
Logo design
Uniform style
Uniform & gear colors
Sock style
Stirrup style
Default lineup
Home stadium

Player Abilities
Batting & throwing handedness
Pitch arsenal
Pitching arm angle
Primary/secondary positions
Skill values

Player Appearance
Head style & size
Skin tone
Eye color
Hair style & color
Eyebrow style & color
Facial hair style & color
Eyewear & eyewear color
Eye black
Arm tattoos
Pant style
Undershirt style & color
Sleeve styles & color
Wrist band style & color
Cleats style & colors
Elbow guard style & colors
Ankle guard style & colors
Helmet style & colors
Fielding glove colors
Batting glove style & colors
Bat wood, stain, tape,pine tar
Pitching windup
Batting stance
Batting routine
Walk-up song

  • ClubSteve

    so pre-made logos only?

    • Just a guy

      Looks like you can create your own, just with pre-made shapes. Sort of like emblems in the Battlefield games. It avoids copyright stuff. They were making that Mounties logo from scratch it looked like.

      That being said, you can make some pretty creative stuff on there. I made the KC Royals logo, for example.

      • ClubSteve

        was hoping for custom logos but these will do….we can get close to any desired logos and get colors correct too. also, we can get any names and faces pretty close to whatever we want as well. maybe get the WBC teams in there too.

  • Marcus

    Looks like fun! If MLB The show had season mode and online for Retro Mode I’d debate getting SMB2 but it doesnt (for some head shaking reason) so SMB 2 it is! cant wait

  • WilsonRamos

    could be a good one