The new legends in MLB The Show 17

Posted March 29th, 2017 at 3:15 pm

MLB The Show 17 marks the third year that the series features legends from the past. 30 were introduced MLB 15 and that number was doubled in MLB 16. The latest edition of the game has added 15 more players from the baseball’s past to that prestigious group.

Here’s a look at the 15 new legends, their ratings, age, and contract demands for Franchise purposes where turning on the option for legend free agents makes them available in the free agent pool. Cards for the legends are also obtainable within Diamond Dynasty. 

CF Ken Griffey Jr.
Age 27
99 Overall
Seeking 31M per year

2B Roberto Alomar
Age 31
96 Overall
Seeking 31M per year

CP Bruce Sutter
Age 26
94 Overall
Seeking 10.8M per year

1B Willie McCovey
Age 31
93 Overall
Seeking 25.6M per year

SP Warren Spahn
Age 36
91 Overall
Seeking 17.7M per year

3B Wade Boggs
Age 27
90 Overall
Seeking 30.4M per year

SP Jim Palmer
Age 30
90 Overall
Seeking 21.1M per year

2B Harold Reynolds
Age 27
86 Overall
Seeking 19.1M per year

C Jorge Posada
Age 32
86 Overall
Seeking 13.7M per year

SS Luis Aparicio
Age 25
85 Overall
Seeking 13.7M per year

RF Ken Griffey Sr.
Age 26
83 Overall
Seeking 14M per year

1B Jason Giambi
Age 29
Overall 83
Seeking 14.2M per year

3B Buddy Bell
Age 27
83 Overall
Seeking 15.9M per year

CF Johnny Damon
Age 31
82 Overall
Seeking 6.7M per year

1B Eric Karros
Age 27
81 Overall
Seeking 9.9M per year

  • Keith.

    I’d love to see them add a second Challenge of the Week using Legends exclusively. It shouldn’t cost them anything extra to make additional use of the Legends within the same game, and the different possible combinations (Ozzie Smith vs. Jim Palmer, etc.) seem to be almost limitless. Too much fun using these old timers not to take full advantage of having their rights, IMO.

    • sweett310

      ? The first challenge this week is ’97 Griffey vs. ’93 Jack McDowell. Already done.

      • Keith.

        I know — love it. I’m talking about continuing to do it once the season starts. Have a COTW using current players, as they’ve been doing the past however many years, and also have a second COTW using Legends.

      • Just a guy

        He said “add a SECOND Challenge of the Week using Legends EXCLUSIVELY”.

        My word…. read.

  • Leroy

    These graphics look like trash. Madden 18 is gonna blow the doors off this game with the frostbite engine. Another rehashed version of the show. Very disappointing…

    • Ryan Schechtman

      Are we playing the same game?

    • cubs223425

      You mean that same Frostbite engine that produced the piles of feces in Rory McIlroy’s Career Mode, where you couldn’t even have facial hair or look like something better than an oaf?

    • BravesFan24

      LOL even haters of The Show should be able to admit the game has pretty graphics.

  • cubs223425


    “Eric Karros”


  • Roth Wood

    Can’t wait to download this game tonight !!!!

  • E.W.

    When will the first roster update be?

    • Typically it’s the first Monday after opening week. Probably be April 10, at least that’ll be a big one with some new players in it. Possible they do one this Monday to fix up the lineups/rotations but I wouldn’t count on it.

      • E.W.

        Thanks for the reply!

  • Bryant Lucas


  • Bryant Lucas