First MLB The Show 17 roster update pushed back; new content added to Diamond Dynasty

Posted April 14th, 2017 at 2:30 pm

The wait will continue for MLB The Show 17’s first roster update. Developer Sony San Diego has announced a delay to the initially planned rollout of today and now state they’re expecting to release it Friday, April 21. That first roster update will primarily focus on adding rookies that have made their MLB debut this season and will have few if any attribute changes.

Still it’s Friday which means Diamond Dynasty has been updated with some new content. First are the special “Bases Loaded” packs which come with three players and one stadium. Those go for 3,500 Stubs each with a purchase limit in place of four packs. The claim is that they offer double the chance of getting a Diamond, Legend, or Flashback player card, and triple the chance of receiving a Diamond classic stadium.

There’s also a new Rookie Program featuring Chipper Jones that involves reaching a number of statistical and collection goals while earning Program card packs, XP and tickets along the way. The rookie 84-rated Chipper Jones card is earned upon completion of the program.

  • jke

    of course the servers have been down for over an hour now. sds needs to get their shit together

  • MoneyMayweather

    Unreal pasta. first time buying the show this year and the servers have been worst than 2k man.

  • jke

    servers are down for like the 4th time today lmao. incompetent developers

  • NELL86

    This game might get traded in smh

  • sweett310

    Really hope in the new update they allow you to see the Inside Edge Rating of a DD player on the team management screen…

  • SockfulOfNickels

    Great game but absolute embarrassment of a launch. I can’t get enough of this game but when you like the online modes and can’t get online, or even worse get online and finish your game but it doesn’t count… ugh.