Press Row Podcast: Community Uproar

Posted April 15th, 2017 at 10:15 am

In many ways these are great days to be a sports video game fan. However, certain segments of popular games have experienced significant problems, causing enormous issues within each of those games’ communities. The way titles are marketed at fans, persistent problems with certain modes, and perceived lack of communication between game makers players have embroiled fans and developers alike.

This week Rich Grisham talks with Operation Sports community canager Millennium – a man in the middle of a number of these conversations – about the overall situation, how fans should be approaching these issues, and what people on all sides can and should do.

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  • Iown You

    Millennium is one of the most ridiculous people in this sphere. To now expect gamers to understand the development process (gamers do NOT have to do this, btw) is the topping to his shitcake posting history. This clown goes on Twitter and actually has the nerve to tell people how they should post to developers, so now not only is he a complete ass at the pit he runs, but he now allows that to spill on to the rest of the web because he thinks it’s his job to police the entire internet.

    This is why OperationSports is considered an abyss, especially since anyone who disagrees with these nonsense stances he and those of his ilk take is eventually banned for some dubious reason or another. But the question I want these OS clowns to ask themselves is, how much banning will change how broken your beloved Madden is? How much banning of good members who abided by the rules and simply disagreed with your BS stances has helped improve Madden in the past 2 generations? The answer is none, and if you actually look back, OperationSports was only helpful between Madden 09 and Madden 10 because people were allowed to be more honest and open about the state of the game, and the Tiburon devs at that time listened and implemented as much as they could. The game really improved, it was still a mess of a game, but the fact that devs took the issues expressed with gravity helped the game in ways it never would’ve improved otherwise.

    Since then, OS just panders to the devs and attacks members who speak the truth on this broken game. First they start with calling it “agenda posting”, then “trolling”, then you see a good member’s name go pink. It’s just disgraceful.

    OperationSports and its administration is a complete joke.

    P.S. And no, I have not ever been banned at OperationSports.

    • Keith.

      Well said.

    • Tazdevil20

      I find it remarkable that a supposedly grown man believes that he has been anointed the caped crusader of the internet, and that game developers need saving. Just when you thought this dip shit couldn’t get any worse, there’s this. Absolutely amazing…

  • Marcus

    Millenium seems like a decent enough person, that being said OS is a joke. There is a lot of MLB the show police on there.
    this was an interesting take on sports gaming communities. However as you would expect, Mil, takes the side of developers far too easily, Asking for features repeatedly in a game year after year is fine for any gamer. If it gets included it wont show up. But to tell people to post once about a feature, or if they see someone else post about it, to go on about life and act as if its been taken care of is just not the way it works with people. Never will this happen in any consumer product with a yearly release that can be improved upon. If something someone wants isnt in a game they will fight for it, thats just the way it is. While sure it can get childish at times, it doesnt negate the fact that the consumer is attempting to help the overall product, something this guy doesnt want to admit.
    There is no “process”, as for people like Ronnie 2k and Ramone, their jobs are far from easy, but if they end up ignoring community feedback, than its time for a replacement.