Playoffs begin with three-way tie for second best player in NBA 2K17

Posted April 18th, 2017 at 10:15 am

A major roster update went out earlier today in NBA 2K17 that includes significant ratings movement. It was just last month that James Harden was able to climb his way to the second best rating in NBA 2K17. A year ago at this time Harden was rated 89 and he began this season at 90. His main competition for MVP have now joined him at 96 Overall.

Both Russell Westbrook and Kawhi Leonard have gone up a point to match him at 96. LeBron James remains the highest rated player with an Overall of 97.

Other notables on the rise include the reigning back-to-back MVP Stephen Curry (+2 to 95), Paul George (+2 to 91), Chris Paul (+1 to 91), Jimmy Butler (+1 to 90), Giannis Antetokounmpo (+1 to 90), Marc Gasol (+1 to 89), Rudy Gobert (+2 to 88), Nikola Jokic (+1 to 88), Bradley Beal (+1 to 87), Kemba Walker (+1 to 86), Draymond Green (+1 to 86), and Devin Booker (+2 to 83).

Among those falling as the regular season came to a close are Isaiah Thomas (-1 to 90), Klay Thompson (-1 to 88), Kyle Lowry (-1 to 88), Carmelo Anthony (-1 to 84), Andrew Wiggins (-1 to 84), Dwyane Wade (-2 to 82), and Avery Bradley (-3 to 81).

  • WilsonRamos

    nba season over for me no playoffs since 2012

  • MoneyMayweather

    Pasta what are your thoughts on Mike wang making shot tweaks to NBA 2k17 Seven times.

    I just found out people hit him up on twitter. I feel bad for him He’s basically getting trolled by the these new shot trolls on twitter. they probably don’t play the game and are making wang look like a moron.

    He posted polls and only 5k people responded and he probably gets less than a thousand replies to shot tweaks They are basically messing everyones game up and he doesn’t even know it.

    I didn’t even know He was taking people serious.

    I can’t believe this shit.

    I”m done with this series and if live doesn’t come out I’m sick of the shot tweaks every fucking month I don’t play the game that much to even notice the shot change all I know is now I can’t make three pointers on a consistent basis and off the dribble shots are not even makeable anymore.

    If he’s gonna be tweaking the shot meter for 2k18 listening to these shot trolls on twitter then I’ll probably buy the game but used I’m not gonna give take two any money if Wang is gonna let himself get trolled like this unreal pasta. So I’d like an opinion on your personal thoughts of the shot meter getting tweaked because of possible some people that hit him up

    whatever happened to actually learning the game and making shots that way not tweaking the shit for everyone

    I learn the shot meter the timing that’s the fun of it.

    I don’t play online or My park but it’s unreal how nobody wants to spend time learning a shot meter instead hitting up mike wang on twitter to tweak a game play aspect it’s unfair for everyone else having to learn the shot meter over and over again it’s not fun and I”m not gonna support wang or take two in any way if he keeps fucking with the meter.

    • Shooting is a tough thing to get right because there is no correct answer to how it *should* be handled. I think changing it so many times though is problematic, because it messes with what people have already gotten used to, had to readjust to, and then the cycle continues.