Special editions and pre-order bonuses revealed for NBA 2K18

Posted May 8th, 2017 at 9:30 am

Shaquille O’Neal will be featured on the cover of two special editions for NBA 2K18. The “Legend Edition” will go for $100 and the “Legend Edition Gold” for $150. Whether it will be worth shelling out the extra cash for those will depend on whether one plans to purchase VC during the year and their love of Shaq. 2K18 will be releasing on September 15 for all those who pre-order.

Legend Edition ($100)
100,000 in VC ($25 worth), 20 total MyTeam Packs (digital), Shaq Attaq shoes (digital), Shaq jerseys and apparel (digital), championship ring (digital), Shaq MyTeam stickers (physical), Shaq trading cards (physical), Shaq poster (physical)

Legend Edition Gold ($150)
250,000 VC ($62.50 worth), all digital items from the Legend Edition, 20 extra MyTeam Packs, Shaq’s jersey collection (digital), extra Shaq trading cards and Lenticular cover (physical)

Any items designated ‘physical’ will only be included with boxed versions of the game. Those who purchase 2K18 as a digital download will not receive them. The $60 standard edition of the game will come with 5,000 VC ($2 worth), 10 MyTeam packs, and undefined MyPlayer gear.

NBA 2K18 now will become the second earliest a licensed NBA video game has ever released, beating out 2K17 by a day, over six weeks ahead of the start of the season.

Those with Amazon Prime will be able to get the game for 20% off when the physical editions get listed, taking the prices down to a more reasonable $48, $80, and $120.

  • hOv

    lmao after trash 2k17 they be lucky to get 60 bucks from me

  • Ben39

    $150??? LaVar Ball pricing this game now?

    • Just a guy

      The actual game is $60. You can pay extra if you want. It’s 100% optional, just like LeVar’s stupid looking shoes.

  • kitt

    STOP releasing 2K so early. Jesus I was bored of it before the season even began and it’ll probably happen again this year.

    • WilsonRamos

      agree ive turned it on once since christmas

  • Keith.

    I wonder if they’ll hit 9 million in sales this year, with it being available on Switch. Gotta be some people out there who will buy it for 2 systems.

    • Dune Beam

      I’m def. Copping for ps4 and switch…

  • WilsonRamos
  • WilsonRamos

    better be a magic cover of him too painful seeing that laker one

  • MoneyMayweather

    so I’m assuming 2k called EA’s bluff and is releasing early regardless because 1 they don’t believe Live 18 is releasing this year or 2 they are that confident in the product. I’m questioning buying it not cause of anything wrong with the game play but beluba kept fucking with the Shooting. if Live 18 does release this year It’ll give me incentive not to purchase 2k18 this year probably only on switch if I can get a console only to see what’s it like.

    Cool beans though and you know dudes are gonna be dropping 150 on that gold legend edition lol

    • Just a guy

      2k has no reason to be scared of anything EA does in regards to Live because Live sold less than 1% of the amount of copies that 2k sold the last time Live even came out.

      That entire franchise has been a joke for years and years.

    • Keith.

      Releasing early last year resulted in NBA 2K17 being the # 1 selling sports game in America, and gave the series its highest numbers yet. Seems like it was a pretty smart strategy to me.

    • Hoops

      It is unbelievable seeing people that still think Live will deliver a decent game.
      It won’t happen. Let it go.

  • Bill

    And this will be the moment 2k declined….

  • hungryandrew

    150, now that’s a tad bit much.

    • Sean Patrick Sinagra

      I paid $100 for the MLB The Show 17 HOF Edition because it came with a Griffey card that I WILL NEVER LOSE

      The Kobe Card they gave me for 2K17 Expires unless you spend more money on the game, just like this Shaq card

      2K has a terrible MyTeam mode compared to Diamond 💎 Dynasty or even Madden & FIFA Ultimate Team, despite the contract limits in those games it’s easy to generate enough coins to keep buying contracts, but I disagree with having to pay to keep using something I paid for (A trading card)

      NHL’s HUT mode and MyTeam are the two worst card collecting modes in any sports game, NBA because of the contract limits being so ridiculous and NHL because of the drop rates and limited game modes

      They should all steal The Shows model

    • Just a guy

      Then don’t pay $150, pay $60.

  • Khaleel Ward

    More terrible pre-orders for 2K. Smh this is sad.

  • Just a guy

    0% chance I get this game prior to the NBA season actually starting. They just use that 1st month as a beta test for the game at this point.

    • MoneyMayweather

      I had no problem with the shooting when I got the game launch day after they kept fucking with the Shooting the game shooting took a nose dive

      I can’t make any shots and the Off dribble Jimmy Disappeared like I said I’ll try to avoid the game if Live 18 comes out because the outstanding live 16 was great and the shooting mechanic was solid.

  • faff^^

    this will be the year that 2k starts to see its sales drop

  • ClubSteve

    heat shaq for legend edition and lakers shaq for legend edition gold….nice. sorry, magic shaq. especially considering none of the nba’s dominant players are centers anymore.

    • BravesFan24

      They probably chose the Heat Shaq in part because he was on the cover of 2K6 and 2K7, which was during his years in Miami.

  • Ill wait for the Scorpio to buy this game. By then it should have most of the bugs worked out and maybe even a boost mode for Scorpio.

    • MoneyMayweather

      I didn’t think about that I”m saving up right about now

      • hungryandrew

        Start doing your chores and get good grades, make your mommy proud.

        • MoneyMayweather

          Says the guy that stilll lives with his mum.

  • Kid Fleetfoot

    I’m a gonna’ wait and see if NBA LIVE 18 with WNBA comes out. I don’t know why but I never learned to play in Franchise mode on NBA 2K except for the PS3 version. Miss the Association.

  • WilsonRamos
    • MoneyMayweather

      How did you get a copy? I’m not seeing it at the store. LUCKY BASTARD

      • WilsonRamos

        i bought in on UK store they put in on at midnight 9th

    • MoneyMayweather

      DUN DUN DUN Dun

      dada dada :::::I KIDD I KIDD I I’m playing now.

  • WilsonRamos
  • WilsonRamos
  • HeatFan786

    Even at $80 (Amazon or Best Buy), I feel that is a rip off pricing. I like Shaq, in a Heat jersey, as one of the covers, but not worth the rip off rate.

    2k17 is buggy as hell. Still no Team USA pre-order bonus either. I am surprised that it’s this bad because 2k16 and 2k15 were great.

  • NELL86

    This will be garbage this year just like last year

    • MoneyMayweather

      Even with NBA Live 18 supposedly coming out?

      I just feel like last year EA missed a great opportunity to cash in on NBA 2k with its servers and wonky shooting patches

      I felt like some people would have been pissed enough to just try NBA live 17 if it had come out.

      • hungryandrew

        Shut up flip flopper.

        • MoneyMayweather

          Angry are we? of course we are NBA live 18 is coming this year.

          Go ahead and play your Wonky Beluba filled Shot meter tweaks all year man enjoy!

          frankly if Live comes out I probably wont get 2k this year because of Beluba constant fucking around with the shot meter I haven’t touched 2k17 in weeks.

          • hungryandrew

            Yet you bashed live and were slurpin 2k16. Young ignorant lil bastard you are.

          • MoneyMayweather

            I play both games. LIl bitch sit down be humble.

  • Hoops

    2k17 was a huge let down. It is impossible to play good defense in that game. I stopped playing it months ago. Stop the gymmicks, 2K, and give us some real good gameplay.

    • MoneyMayweather

      There too busy putting time in my Park and My player to even fix the core game play of the game it’s unreal man.