Compensation for server troubles soon to arrive in MLB The Show 17

Posted May 11th, 2017 at 1:45 pm

One week after MLB The Show 17 released developer Sony San Diego promised compensation would be coming due to the severe problems being had with the game’s servers. Over a month later an apology in the form of compensation has finally arrived. The company will be providing all accounts that have played the game 10 Standard Packs and 11,000 Stubs. That amounts to a value of just about $20 worth of The Show’s in-game currency.

We’ve been working without pause to address a number of server and gameplay issues to restore the online experience we had hoped to achieve at launch. Some of these changes have been made visible to our community in the form of patches and in-game messages, while other upgrades haven’t been publicized, in the form of back end server updates.

The amount being given out is over twice the number of Stubs distributed for MLB 16’s problems last year. It’s the same number of packs but MLB 17 seemingly has much worse odds of pulling any Diamonds and Golds. The Stubs and packs will be making it to user accounts over the course of the next week. Server issues have remained a problem in MLB 17 to this day.

While the need to improve relations with consumers is pressing the developer must also balance the effect of flooding the marketplace by giving away too many Stubs, packs, or high-value players. While this compensation may not seem like much to those who have suffered simply trying to play the game or lost hours upon hours of their time to results that never posted it’s probably about the best they could do given the circumstances.

  • Just a guy

    I’m sure people will complain that this “isn’t enough”, but it is. They didn’t have to really give anything away for free. They could have just said “We’re really sorry” then pushed out a discount on Stubs and packs for a week.

    $20 of free stuff is quite a lot.

  • Glen Willett

    Just got my e-mail. Good on SCEA for owning up to their server issues. Now if we could only get 2K to do the same.

  • Zach Wilson

    Has this game ever been smooth online? Seems like every edition has lag issues. And for a baseball game…. even the slightest lag is unnacceptable. I no longer own a PS4, but I do love this series and hope to get it again someday. Sad to see the same old issues are still around.

  • WilsonRamos

    I mostly play rtts anyway so I’ll take the packs