Your thoughts on the first big Madden NFL 18 feature news

Posted May 16th, 2017 at 6:00 am

The first news on Madden NFL 18 rolled out late last week and brought some significant details to digest. Much more will be coming out of E3/EA Play next month, but in the meantime there were a number of intriguing features revealed.

Frostbite Engine

See stunning new stadium exteriors surrounded by vast cityscapes and watch the spectacle of NFL game day come to life in our most photorealistic game to date. All-new firework displays, player run-outs and stunning weather elements deliver Madden like you’ve never seen before.

Story Mode

As seen in the teaser trailer that accompanied all the news, Madden NFL 18 will be introducing a full-blown Story Mode for the first time in franchise history. Expectations should be similar to FIFA 17, where a pre-built character was guided from his early years to reaching the Premier League and going through the ups and downs of a season. The trailer shows the Madden character looking out at Lucas Oil Field, home of the NFL Scouting Combine.

Play Styles

EA will now be able to tailor different types of experiences with Madden’s gameplay, rather than having to balance the game to try and satisfy everyone all at once which is simply impossible.

Action packed excitement filled with spectacular plays and scoring with limited penalties.

True to player and team ratings using authentic NFL rules and gameplay. (Franchise default)

Stick skills are key, earn big rewards for your skill or receive bigger penalties. (Online Default)


Target Passing
For the first time ever, no longer are you tied to throwing at your open wide receiver. Throw to who you want, in the exact spot on the field with all-new Target Passing, giving you, ultimate control over where the ball is thrown.

Coverage Assignment
Know your job in pass coverage with an on-screen, real-time UI system informing you of your coverage assignment in pass defense.

Coach Adjustments
Customize the AI to fit your game plan and make situational changes to your strategy on the fly as the game demands it.

Play Now Live

Play the best real-world NFL match ups each week! Take the field with your favorite team or play the best weekly matchup using live updates containing the latest rosters, custom commentary and up-to-date stats from then continue your season all the way to the Super Bowl from Play Now.

Return of Online Team Play?

Capabilities listed for Madden NFL 18 through official retailers show online multiplayer supporting 2-6 players when those have shown only 2 players in the years since Online Team Play was killed off. Its return would likely be under a different name and could be structured more similarly to EA Sports Hockey League in NHL – it would not be back the same as it was before. Regardless it’s encouraging for those who have hoped for team play to return in some form.

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Of what is known so far, or those which indications clearly point to them being officially unveiled at a later date, what are you most looking forward to with Madden NFL 18?

  • WilsonRamos

    Not that excited but I’ll end up buying anyway think I’ll give a 2k a miss this year.

    • MoneyMayweather

      Andrew is crine now WIlson that’s his favorite game and he fights anyone that think otherwise of it.

      • WilsonRamos

        Still 10000x better than live tho haha

  • Roth Wood

    You guys must be kiding.
    If Story mode wins this votation you can’t complain about nothing to EA Sports.

    • aceG

      what is wrong with liking a story mode? theyve been hugely popular in nba 2k and 12 million people played fifa 17’s. a lot of people really like story modes.

      • Rich

        Because Story mode is God Awful in 2k series…unless you’re normally speak with poor english and grammar.

        • Shaun

          Story mode is great in NBA2k…also, the writing is true to how real people talk

          • Rich

            Yeah…one section of the way people talk. If they choose to target one audience that is fine…but it alienates a ton of people. I tried playing 2k16 again last night…story mode…puked in my mouth at the responses “Vibrations” gave…so bad.

    • MoneyMayweather

      I know right roth.

      People should be excited for the frostbite engine or game play improvements not some story mode come on cuh

      • Zach


    • Hoops

      Exactly. Gameplay is the most important aspect of a sport title. Without good gameplay there is no game at all.

  • SockfulOfNickels

    Play Now Live! Finally Keith can buy Madden and love it!

    • Keith.

      I’ve already seen what a great Play Now Live mode can be like. If Tiburon half-asses things, like normal, I’ll buy it used and bitch about it here, like normal.

      • SockfulOfNickels

        I have no doubt at all it will be half-assed, definitely won’t have gameday rosters accurate, I wouldn’t be shocked if it ends up being a one year feature only.

  • ClubSteve

    if they can have the lighting and weather progress during the game, that would be awesome…story mode should be interesting. not sure about arcade mode, that should have been a separate game on xbox live arcade for $20. maybe a madden arcade return? i still have that game. just update the rosters and make it a bit more like blitz and you’re good to go.

    • Wavvy_Crockett

      i feel like arcade is more settings/sliders/button simplification over an “arcade” arcade mode

      but shit I want blitz back…NFL Playgrounds next?

      • ClubSteve

        i like that idea….

  • Wavvy_Crockett

    Story mode 100%. The gameplay/engine improvements are great but, to me, those are to be expected and shoudn’t be a “feature” per say. The story reveal at the end was the biggest surprise to me, so it’s got my interest the most

  • Herman Sugar Cain

    I guess those three year cycles were no joke, ’cause I, and I’m sure many others, have told EA to take some stuff from The Show and 2K (Live rosters for gameday/The playstyles so people can play arcade football outside of the default).

  • Iown You

    Those are all nice sounding features. The questions are:

    1. Will the same complete shit animations continue to be in this game, some of which are still in from Madden 06?

    2. Will players still flop and play dead after a collision due to the Infinity Engine?

    3. Will the offensive line continue to run past/ignore obvious assignments like it has since Madden 06?

    4. Will kickoff coverage teams still have players run out of bounds and out of the play for no reason (another since Madden 06 problem)?

    5. Will DB’s continue to ignore pass catchers running free through coverage?

    6. Will Brian Murray give us another year of ridiculous, unrealistic camera angles and WAY overdone, gratuitous shots of the head coach like he did with Madden 17 and ruined the presentation?

    I don’t give a damn if it’s “Liquid AI”, Madden IQ, the leap to XBOX 360, Infinity Engine, Ignite, Frostbite, or goddamn hypothermia. EA Tiburon introduces some kind of new tech and pushes a bunch of promises, and then fails entirely on living up to them with even the most basic aspects of football. And we’re supposed to believe THIS is going to be different? Please.

    You want to excite me, Tiburon? Get the basics right. You don’t need to keep changing engines to do that and the proof is that NONE of them have worked well enough for you to achieve these basics.

    “Frostbite is going to change everything!”, FOH with that, Tiburon. Seriously.

    • Dounte

      This creep sounds like he hasn’t played MADDEN since 06’…. What Madden 17 were you playing dog! The one that came out on Atari? All this SHIIT here has been fixed for years! 😳 YEARS!!!!

      • Skopin

        All of those issues still existed in Madden 17. Kick and punt returns are awful, and blocking, or really line play in general, is very poorly done. The presentation has some strong points, but there are far too many things that you don’t see on TV in the game, and a lot that you would see on TV is missing.

    • Brian Abel

      I hate the fact that the AI is so dumb that it lets you rob half of the NFL of their first round picks. And after about three seasons the rest of the NFL is terrible compared to the user’s 90 something overall team.

    • Rich

      Agree with missing blocks…or run through them with no animation. – Please fix

      Kickoff Depth should also be done – Tired of seeing my really good players out there on ST…doesnt seem like they ever get hurt unless you are the returner…but still…they shouldn;t even be out there.

      • Iown You

        I have proof of Peyton Manning showing up on the return team as late as Madden 16, final patch. That’s how effed up it’s been.

  • RandomDude

    they abandoned Franchise mode again. I’ll wait til next year.

    • The Great Leon

      They will abandon it next year too.

  • chrisgee3

    I’m curious as why they had Brady enter the stadium through the firework displays and the arches. Everyone knows the Pats use a team entrance with Brady running on the field with the rest of team…the only player without a helmet on. It’s almost as if EA has never seen the Patriots play.

  • Drew Douglas

    Story mode is a cool idea if variations can drastically change depending on how you succeed or fail. Didn’t quite care for FIFA.

    • BeantownBeatdown

      Yeah a story mode sans any real effect on the story is silly, it’s why I didn’t care much for RTTS this year, it’s a nice toe dabble, but nothing you actually did mattered.

      I was insane, pitching shutouts every game 4 perfect games within 2 months no fanfare no nothing. Me saying I didn’t want to play closer with that sort of performance, no one cared. Got Cy young and rookie of the year all I got was a tiny blip in a text message. They could all stand to do better in making these story elements/story modes more engrossing. Or just leave em out if they are going to just do them half clip.

  • FootballFan

    My thoughts are the same as they always are in May. Just gonna wait to see it in action. Words mean nothing.

  • Rich

    I voted…Frostbite…anything that makes on field better. And “Weekly Wrap-up show” was not listed…or else I would’ve voted for that 🙂 I should note I still won’t buy at Full Price…I’ll get it near black Friday for $25-$28!

  • Just a guy

    Target Passing is the only “new” thing imo.

    Story modes have been done time and time again.

    I’ll be passing on this Madden like I have every Madden for the past 5 years.

    • Rich

      If you have not played Madden in 5 years…pick up M17 for like $10 when M18 comes out. I reallyenjoy the gameplay…sure the CFM could be even deeper(cough NBA2k depth) but it is actually great to play.

  • MCJedi1

    I hope EA stop with the player rating changes during the season for online play. Roster changes is all that’s needed. Like the college game, just rate the over all team and leave it at that

  • Luke Coffman

    I wonder how in depth the coach assignments are and if they would impact the game in a meaningful way.

  • HeatFan786

    Madden changes its passing game so often. From the “Precision Passing” to the crappy vision cone to now this…. Hope it works and cannot be spammed like the rocket passing through NCAA Football 10.

  • crazy_black_man- ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    Still no refs, no cheerleaders, and no chain gang?