Return on Online Team Play teased for Madden NFL 18 with Ultimate Team spin

Posted May 30th, 2017 at 5:15 pm

When the flow of information opened on Madden NFL 18 with it came some signs that Online Team Play would be making its return with specifications stating the game would support 2-6 online players. The official announcement, which may come prior to the E3/EA Play press briefing Sat. June 10, was teased today in a photo featuring creative director Rex Dickson which seems to suggest it will be reintroduced as a new way to play within Ultimate Team.

The t-shirts being worn appear to depict what will be called “MUT Squads” to go along with each individual holding up three fingers. That matches up with what OTP was in the past (3-on-3) but brings team play into a whole new world by tying it in with Ultimate Team. In a reply Dickson went on to confirm it as a mode for the game.

This news makes the pre-order bonuses of “Squad Packs” make more sense as to what they likely relate to within Ultimate Team. Realistically the best chance Team Play had of coming back was if it were to be monetized in some fashion, introduce competitive tracking and personnel improvement to keep interest up over the long term, and later be used as a potential new avenue into eSports. MUT Squads looks as though it could strike on all those fronts.

  • Dounte

    You’ll post when something is teased when we already know the shit is official but don’t even make a sentence on NBA LIVE 18 early trailer.. Of course you’ll have an excuse about nothing was given directly to you which explains why EA never gives you any type of exclusive anything whether it’s podcast or early release titles to review! They know you hating Pasta… Stop playing with NBA LIVE!

    • Screenshots and highlights from an NBA Live game, which has been cancelled more often than released in the last 7 years, don’t constitute news. I prefer to wait for actual substance.

    • hungryandrew

      You should learn your lesson from the last 9 years of the disappointment called Live. Yippee, look at the screenshots, but once the game is in motion, it’s a hurl fest. Wonky animations etc.

      • Dounte

        Same lifeless guy here hating on NBA LIVE every year! I bet you buy it this year after you get a whiff of that dumpster juice 2K is cooking up!
        All ways those guys who can ball a lick bring up wonky!!!!! Garage hoop boy!

  • WilsonRamos
  • jake

    of course it has to be god damn ultimate team

  • Curtis Leon Douglas

    Don’t care about that crap it stupid i want to about connected franchise mode

    • Terrian Chever

      Me too , I’m a franchise player, I dont give a good got damn about Ultimate team type features at all….on any game really lol those deluxe editons and all that junk just appeals to those that play that mode i dont dig it though tell me how I can build my franchise and the damn sure better have practice squads again.

  • Not sure what you’re getting at with “don’t let me in” since I don’t ask and don’t care to attend any of those events which are intended to influence the people who go whether it be with direct payments, gifts, travel, parties, and so on. I haven’t been a part of any of those since 2009 by choice. I value having my independent voice over personal gain.

    I’m going to be happy to cover games from independent developers which are unique – and those are simply more relevant than the NBA Live series currently. Lets first wait to see whether they’ll be enough evidence shown that this game will actually release before analyzing screenshots and quick highlights that look like they could have come from NBA Live 16.

    • Dounte

      Yeah ok… Make sure you build the cotton candy stand next to the roller coaster Pasta lol.. Who wouldn’t take a free trip to see what a highly publicized title that could potentially work in your favor? That’s not even half of it… To say that the game holds more skepticism than confidence is completely ignorant and biased if you ask me due to the fact that you post every time NBA 2K puts out a patch!!! That’s the same thing but yet your hypocritical frame a thought blinds you from that.. You definitely need to reevaluate your plan and consider that being original and rooting what individually you do possess could take you down…. I’m just saying! If LIVE gets off the ground which it will, you make sure you keep your paws off it! Real talk…😳