Madden NFL 18 “Long Shot” Trailer

Posted June 10th, 2017 at 12:45 pm

While several features for Madden NFL 18 were detailed earlier the introduction of the Story Mode had only been teased. Today out of EA Play it received a proper reveal. Going with the title of “Long Shot” the mode will include time both in high school and college. Some licensed universities will even be featured* with the trailer showing both Texas and Oregon. Dan Marino appears as a character, and other actors involved include Scott Porter and Mahershala Ali.

After three years away from the game, play as former five-star high school quarterback, Devin Wade as he takes one last shot to hear his name called on NFL Draft day. Your decisions guide Devin beyond his hometown of Mathis, TX on his quest to football superstardom.

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*It appears the colleges may only appear in cinematic flashbacks and won’t have playable elements to them. Games Radar’s interview mentions the mode takes place between the Scouting Combine and NFL Draft.

  • MoneyMayweather


    NBA live 18 is definitely coming out. Demo out in August Goodbye cheesey NBA 2k18 forever

    I will see you on the hardwood of the new Pro am’s I’m the one!

    Fuck yeah……..

    • jbstoner44

      Are you serious? The NBA live series have flopped repeatedly and now you think it will be great overnight. Good luck on wishful thinking. Besides Fifa, they havent produced a decent sports title in very long time. NBA lives is decades away from being close the 2k series.

  • ConCity Soldier


  • Roth Wood

    To the hell with this story mode!!!
    I want see some true gameplay !!!

  • Iown You

    Another EA Play goes by and so little of Madden in action is shown while other games get TONS shown. Hell, this time zero was shown of Madden apart from the Story Mode trailer. What will they do next year? Show a blank screen?

    FOH, EA.

    • jbstoner44

      EA know that most of their customers are blind idiots who will buy their games regardless, so there is no need for them to put out a quality game. After a month of playing it, you realized how crappy the game is, then you trade it in for another game, then later on you get the game again through EA access.

  • Olli

    Looks great! Sounds like its more like The Journey than 2K’s story modes thankfully. Going to have fun with this.

  • ClubSteve

    long time coming for a mode like this in madden…..finally.

  • BravesFan24

    Not bad… looking forward to seeing more of this. Madden has been sorely lacking a good career mode for far too long.