The Golf Club 2 struggling with servers in early days of release

Posted June 29th, 2017 at 9:15 am

It’s no longer a surprise when a new game releases and online connectivity is inconsistent or completely unfunctional. Unfortunately that’s been the case with The Golf Club 2 which came out on Tuesday. The original didn’t have any problems of the sort but with a sequel that’s likely performing better with consumers the downside to that is an independent developer up against a challenge they may not have been prepared to face.

One of the great things about The Golf Club is that progress is saved after every shot. That means if the servers cut out and you’re dropped from the game you’ll likely be starting at the very same point you were at once they recover (or at most a shot behind if one was in progress). However when the servers are down the majority of the game goes with it.

Some of the courses are playable offline but Career Mode and Online Societies require an online connection. As far as Career Mode being always-online that’s something I failed to recognize for the review that went live Tuesday and I’m not aware if HB Studios made that known prior to release. While I’ve received a server down message a few times numerous attempts to enter those areas of the game have been thwarted without any sort of error notification.

To their credit HB Studios have been posting regularly on the official Twitter account acknowledging the issues and informing work is being done to stabilize the situation. That means little though to people who just want to play and are unable to do so, and with the game releasing in Europe tomorrow the troubles look likely to continue at least through the end of the week.

  • MoneyMayweather

    I’m sorry to hear this pasta

  • jbstoner44

    At least HB Studios actually have the consumers interest at heart unlike EA Sports who would wait almost 1 or 2 months before they would address an issue. What they did with Rory McElroy Pga golf game was a utter disgrace and a slap in the face to the consumer.

    • Shaun

      So you have the ability to read companies minds? interesting. As I see it I see two companies who both failed, one small and one large but because the bigger company is…well big, they must not give a crap about the consumer. Gotcha.

    • SockfulOfNickels

      Go ahead and include Sony San Diego in there now too, the support on the Show has been a complete and total disgrace. 3 months in and you can’t play an online game with any confidence that your progress will be saved.

      • jbstoner44

        Good point..i gave up on the show servers along time ago. The Show servers are the worse ever.

  • Guest2015.

    Hi; purchased the PC Day One edition, which has *both* Aristocrat DLC’s. How do I claim these, A and B) do I need to be online to do it? I’ve been unsuccessful getting online, even though my internet is OK.

    • Rebel

      Go into the settings where you change your golfer’s clothes and they’ll be mixed in there. I think they’re the last things in both the tops and bottoms for both male and female golfers, but there’s nothing there telling you “this is it” so I can see why it’s easy to miss. And you do have to be online to get them, which has been a problem in the evenings, but has improved otherwise.

      • Guest2015.

        Thanks; it’s been a quest to try and find the exclusive badge and the 24-karat gold driver. I guess the latter is in the ‘tour’ section of the clubs.

  • Shaun

    Game is awesome, when you can actually play. They need to give us coins for this nonsense.