The online beta for PES 2018 has begun

Posted July 20th, 2017 at 2:30 am

The online beta for Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 is now officially underway on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. It’s an open beta so all those who wish to take part can do so simply by downloading it here for PS4 and here for XB1.

The beta runs through July 31 giving ample opportunity to play both the standard 1v1 online games and the new online co-op in 3v3 form. Feedback provided will be considered for a release day patch in September. This is the first beta run for the PES franchise in seven years.

Only two teams are featured in the beta with Brazil and France and matches are played in PES’ created Neu Sonne Arena. Time (day or night) and weather (clear or rain) are selectable options.

Besides the online co-op other new features for PES 2018 include Random Selection Match and numerous visual and gameplay-related improvements.

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  • WilsonRamos

    Nice I’ll try this later

  • Jeff

    Just got done playing my god does this game suck compared to the fifa games no wonder no one buys it

  • gregg

    have had some problem getting matches started but the ones ive played have been great. lots of fun

  • MoneyMayweather

    So close to the NBA live 18 Demo.

    Pasta do you have an idea if the NBA live 18 demo will be released in the first second or last part of August?

    I don’t see how it only releases in the first half since Madden comes out next month

    but then again Madden has been Distrubingly quiet this month.

    it’s like EA doesn’t even care anymore

    God I wish NFL 2k18 was real.

    EA has lost all enthusiasm for Madden EA should just let 2k do football they’ll do the NFL justice simulation at it’s highest form.

    • There’s a rumor that points to August 11, but my understanding is they don’t have a date that’s specifically locked in yet.

      • Jeff

        Will live be out this year? The games looks pretty damn good from the videos some people have put on youtbe

  • Jeff

    Im not a fifa fanboy i hate soccer and fifa. playing the demo of fifa 17 and this fifa is way better

    • Ryan Schechtman

      Ah, you hate soccer. No wonder you prefer FIFA. PES plays much more like real soccer.

  • Ryan Schechtman

    Really enjoying the beta. Wait times haven’t been as long as I thought they would be, and the connection has been mostly stable. I’ve only lost connection to an opponent once out of about 10 games so far, and while there has been some lag, it has been much better than I was expecting.