The Line Drive for July 23

Posted July 23rd, 2017 at 10:30 am


The Line Drive is a weekly collection of news, links, deal alerts, and updates that didn’t necessarily warrant their own postings.

2K Sports and Konami may need to make cover changes for NBA 2K18 and PES 2018.
NBA 2K18 soundtrack fully revealed and features Kendrick Lamar and Damian Lillard.
How to play with rookies and fully updated user-created rosters in NBA 2K17.
Waiting on reveal of new Nike uniforms is one reason why little seen yet of NBA games.
EA Sports released the first gameplay trailer highlighting features for Madden NFL 18.
Every team’s offensive playbook has been updated significantly for Madden NFL 18.
Germany’s third division 3.Liga is expected to be featured as a new league for FIFA 18.
The consensus on the game speed for PES 2018 in the beta has been very positive.
The form can be found here to submit feedback from the PES 2018 online beta.
FIFA vets unfamiliar with PES should consider changing the controls to “Type 2.”
The online beta will run through the end of the month for PES 2018 on PS4/XB1.
Details on new content introduced to Diamond Dynasty this week in MLB The Show 17.
Details on a minor patch that went out last week for MLB The Show 17.
RBI Baseball 17 is going to release on Nintendo Switch and at a much higher $30 price.
Roster of 32 drivers revealed for Camping World Truck Series in NASCAR Heat 2.
Blu-ray releases this week are headlined by Ghost in the Shell.

  • MoneyMayweather

    RBI Baseball is not worth 10 bucks and I”m being generous.

  • Keith.

    Spent about an hour so far with Superhot VR and Archangel PSVR — both are really cool. With Tiny Trax, Infinite Minigolf, and Smashbox Arena next week, and Dino Frontier the following week, I can’t even keep up anymore. Really impressed with the quantity and quality of PSVR.

    • Keith.

      Can’t wait to try these later today.

      Infinite Minigolf:

      Tiny Trax:

      • Keith.

        Loved the little bit of Infinite Minigolf I played last night — like playing minigolf in a Toy Story-meets-Hot Shots Golf world. The first level was a breeze but I’m looking forward to the harder levels and the 1,000+ user created holes.

        Tiny Trax also is very cool — just like having a slot car race track in front of your face — but definitely is going to take some time to master that one.

        • Keith.

          For today at least, Tiny Trax has become my new favorite PSVR game. Once I figured out I could ignore the visual turn mechanical and just started worrying about driving my car on the track, crossing lanes and boosting when available, things clicked and I can see myself playing a ton of this game. Dunking my head in the water and watching the little slot cars flying around the track will never get old. God Bless modern technology.