WNBA to debut in NBA Live 18

Posted August 3rd, 2017 at 8:30 am

Back in April it was discovered that the WNBA would be included in some form within NBA Live 18. That was confirmed today as EA Sports released the first information on the upcoming game since showing off “The One” career mode at EA Play in mid-June.

Every WNBA team and player will be featured in Live but there will not be a unique mode to house them. WNBA teams can only be used in Play Now offline and online games.

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In order to incorporate the league’s teams and players, the NBA LIVE 18 team conducted head scans of star athletes like Maya Moore, Brittney Griner, Diana Taurasi, Tina Charles, Sylvia Fowles, Alisha Gray, Chelsea Gray, Jonquel Jones, and Alyssa Thomas, and held motion capture sessions with 2017 WNBA Draft first overall pick, Kelsey Plum, among others. Additionally, game creators fine-tuned player ratings and skill moves in order to present the league and its stars in the most authentic way possible.

While the addition of the WNBA probably isn’t going to move the needle it does at least give the product something the competition won’t have and maybe a new audience that could be reached. Women were added to FIFA in 2015 for the World Cup but the company hasn’t done anything more with them in the series since then.

Curiously there is still no official release date, announcement of a cover athlete (it’s James Harden), or even the ability to pre-order NBA Live 18. It’s fair to speculate why that might be the case considering the franchise’s track record over the last seven years and the potential that it could utilize a different distribution model. A demo however is scheduled to arrive on August 11.

  • jOv

    Not a bad idea but no ones going to buy Live because of this or anything else lol

  • Keith.

    So, Take Two announced yesterday that NBA 2K17 has sold 8.5 million copies, which is probably a good 3 million more copies that Madden 17 sold, and the news is completely ignored by Pasta, OS, IGN and Polygon.

    EA announces today they’ve added women to Live and now Pasta, OS, IGN and Polygon all immediately post stories about the gimmick.


    • Jeff

      Its bigger news this is the first time wnba has ever appeared in a game who cares how many copies 2k sold

    • hungryandrew

      Yeah and also the sheep make comments as usual, “Liveis back” or “Oh my goodness” knowing damn well they never watched 2 mins of a wnba game, nor would they spend 2 minutes playing with the wnba mode.

  • Jeff

    good stuff another reason to buy this and not that 2k trash. Also if you make a uk psn account you can download the demo to surf world series demo that games decent not sure how much it is though

  • MoneyMayweather

    Pasta nailed it.

    NBA live 18 release date is still in limbo it depends of the reaction of the demo GOOD Live gets a release date Bad reaction live is cancelled once again and the WNBA will never be playabe.

  • Kid Fleetfoot

    Woot! Woot! A promising beginning. What the game is only time will tell. I hate NBA 2K for PS4 but OK for PS3. It seems NBA 2K18 will be available for PS3. Pre-order on NBA 2K website. Time will tell.

  • Jonathan Alvarez

    Hey Pasta, you know if they will have manually roster updating in LIVE?

    • Haven’t heard anything on that yet.

  • Keith.

    NBA 2K used to sell 1-2 million copies a year…and now they’ve hit 8.5 million. Do you really think if Madden sold 8.5 million copies in a year that Pasta, OS, Owen Good/Polygon, and IGN wouldn’t each have a story? Of course they would.

    NBA Live might sell 25,000 copies this year instead of 20,000, as a result of them adding the WNBA license. Just like when they did it with FIFA, nobody really cares.

  • Zach

    NBA Live is like Burger King compared to Mcdonalds or Wendy’s. The company that cannot meet needs end, so they have to overcompensate. My definition of weak

  • ClubSteve

    kudos to EA for offering something different than 2K….if they add the FIBA men’s AND women’s teams as well as the WNBA, it might be enough to get some people (including myself) very interested.

  • jbstoner44

    NBA Live is nowhere close to being a decent game, so instead perfecting NBA Live, they’re now going to incorporate the WNBA, which no one is will play. All EA is concerned with posting good looking graphics online and focusing on the Ultimate Team big money spender crowd.