Madden NFL 18 Giveaway

Posted August 9th, 2017 at 10:00 am

The sports video game season is just around the corner and Madden NFL 18 is set to kick things off with the 10 hour EA Access trial next week on Xbox One and the release of the GOAT Edition on the 22nd followed by the standard edition on the 25th.

A giveaway is now open for the GOAT Edition (which comes with bonus Ultimate Team content) and the winner will get to choose either PlayStation 4 or Xbox One. In order to qualify just simply be a follower of the @pastapadre Twitter account and retweet the tweet below.

The winner will be drawn at random from the pool of retweets on Friday, August 18 and contacted via DM for delivery information. Another Madden NFL 18 giveaway may be held release week and one for NBA 2K18 will also be opening up soon!

  • Jeff

    Gameplay is being posted on Youtube now by people the game definitely looks alot better to me

    • Packers96

      I hope it’s not be the gameplay between Panthers VS Redskins.
      I’m tired to see it.

  • Keith.

    I’d say from the gameplay videos today this would be more accurately called “Madden NFL 17.2 Giveaway.”

    Pretty clear now why they held gameplay videos until a week before release.

    How can a new game engine look just like the old game engine?

    • WilsonRamos

      Lol I watched some fan boys video saying how amazing it looked, like dude have you not played madden 17

      • BravesFan24

        I didn’t even play Madden 17 and it looks underwhelming to me. Doesn’t seem to have changed much from Madden 16. Same wonky, awkward animations, especially during the post-play cut-scenes. The graphics actually look pretty nice with this new engine, but that’s about it. Disappointing, but not very surprising.

        • SockfulOfNickels

          No one should have been surprised at this. FIFA’s engine change did basically nothing for the weird animations, it’s scary how lazy and/or incompetent EA is at trying to improve that stuff year to year. The canned animations are just horrible in both games.

    • Glen Willett

      Does that mean we can call 2k “beta” because they’re going to have to release 80 GB of patches again?

    • Skopin

      The move to Frostbite was more about graphical improvements, which I think shows pretty well. But they need to completely recapture 99% of their animations, and resculpt their player models. The game just looks incredibly outdated in motion.

  • jbstoner44

    The players look heavy and they move stiff and slow.

  • Glen Willett

    My sources tell me that Keith has created 19 alternate accounts just for this giveaway.

  • MoneyMayweather

    I never win these things pasta what’s the point? the more you retweet the lesser chance you have to win.

    I mean why don’t you give out a couple of games instead of one.

    this is just terrible social engineering.

    • I am giving out multiple games, I mention in the post I’ll be doing one for 2K18 and maybe another Madden.

      And these games aren’t cheap. Madden GOAT is $80+tax. My pockets are only so deep!

  • Jeff

    If you make a new zeeland psn account you can download the nba live demo now it takes up 14GB