All-Time teams and many more classic teams to debut in NBA 2K18

Posted August 11th, 2017 at 2:00 pm

2K Sports today announced that All-Time teams for the 30 current NBA franchises will be featured in NBA 2K18. With a deep collection of rights to players from the past that have been built up since first being introduced in 2010 the developers have the ability to fill out compelling rosters for most of the teams in the league.

The pool of players available for those All-Time teams will be expanding as there will be 16 new classic teams debuting as well. Assuming none of the teams in NBA 2K17 are removed, that would take the total number of classic teams to 61 for 2K18.

There have been a few glaring player omissions that would be hard to ignore if left off All-Time teams, but it’s possible the likes of Charles Barkley and Reggie Miller will have relented, signing off to appear in the game this year if the money was right.

  • The Great Leon

    Pelicans are a relatively new franchise with not much success. Not sure what their all time team will be.

    OKC will be the team that played in the finals.

    Raptors maybe Vince and T-Mac year.

    Dallas maybe their title team or their international type team with Nelson coaching.

    • JBL aint do nuffin

      All-Time teams are a collection of players throughout the franchise’s history

      • The Great Leon

        Okay makes more sense.

        I still think the Pelicans will be hard to make. I don’t believe they have another franchise attached to them. Hornets have the old Hornet players and Bobcats. Pelicans don’t have anything similar.

        OKC probably uses some Sonic players.

        Raptors Camby, T-Mac, Vince, maybe Damon Stoudemire along with some current players.

        Every other team makes it easy to pick greats from the past.

        • Just a guy

          They might throw some old, now defunct, teams/ABA players on the Pelicans so it’s just not Anthony Davis, Chris Paul and a few other guys.

          • Turk

            i thought the pelicans were the hornets, and the new ornets only goes back to the bobcats

    • Just a guy

      OKC also has the Seattle Supersonics players. So they’ll be quite stacked with Gary Payton, Russ, KD and Shawn Kemp.

      New Orleans are the old Charlotte Hornets, so I’m not quite sure how they’ll handle that now that there’s another Hornets team. They’ll probably just suck.

  • Just a guy

    Here’s hoping we can use all these players across the entire game and not just in Quick Play like they did with those All-Time college teams.

    I also don’t think Barkley will join in.

  • Brian

    The Cavs will be LeBron playing all five positions.

  • Kevin C

    Please 2k, PLEASE don’t mess it up. Let us still have the ability to freely move players around to regular rosters. I hope these all time teams aren’t like the Olympic teams: exhibition only.

  • hungryandrew

    I dunno, but at this point the glamor of legends and legend teams have pretty much wore off for me.

  • ClubSteve

    this isn’t anything different than what’s already found on 2k share… about FIBA international teams? retro ABA? something different.

    • WilsonRamos

      Yh they put Australia in I wouldn’t mind France,Spain,Brazil etc

  • Jeff

    I heard on tnt during the nba season charles barkley said 2k neeeded to donate to charity have in the game again and they said no

  • WilsonRamos
  • WilsonRamos

    Shaq, penny. Dwight, tmac, grant hill , Turk, Rashad Lewis