PRP: Full court press from NBA Live

Posted August 14th, 2017 at 11:00 am

From cancellations to poorly received releases, the once proud NBA Live franchise has seen its reputation dissipate entirely at the same time its competition rose to prominence. The upcoming NBA Live 18 however appears ready to reestablish some credibility and strategies ranging from a free demo to a pre-order discount are making it a safer purchase for those open to giving it another chance.

In this episode of the Press Row Podcast impressions from the just released demo are discussed as well as the impact that could come from the price discount. Additional topics include news on Franchise mode in Madden NFL 18 and a delay to Super Mega Baseball 2.

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  • Keith.

    You guys sure let EA off easy in this podcast for their admission that nothing was done to franchise mode in Madden this year. Guess I should’ve expected that since Rich only plays online, and since the next negative word from millenium about Tiburon will be his first, but it’s still disappointing.

    I can only imagine the podcast uproar if NBA 2K not only said they didn’t touch franchise mode, but if they also said they assigned their lead franchise guy to work on WWE (the same way that EA slid John White over to work on NBA Live this year). Betting this fact will be glossed over in the Madden reviews as well.

    • jbstoner44

      Brian and Rich are both fan boys of EA. I was banned from commenting on”operation sports” for criticizing EA sports. They accused me of trolling. I guess the PC police are in full force.

      • SockfulOfNickels

        Rich is not an EA fanboy, he is a fanboy of all games, he RARELY says anything negative, to me that’s just his personality, he genuinely enjoys gaming and doesn’t seek out the negatives.

        • jbstoner44

          It’s not being negative for calling out the issues a game.

          • SockfulOfNickels

            He acknowledges issues in a game but if they don’t affect his enjoyment of a game he doesn’t dwell on them. It seems that he treats his job as being someone who talks about games now rather than reviews them, that’s ok with me, I very much enjoy his enthusiasm for gaming (all gaming).

  • MoneyMayweather

    Andrew hating ass

  • Wazzanomics

    What controls are difficult in 2k? This is the first time ive heard this complaint. The Live 18 demo has basically copied most of 2k’s controls, unsure why you say its easier.
    Also “Live handles better than 2k” What? Passing, dribbling, and jumping are unresponsive and stiff from what ive experienced.

    • Jeff

      Ive heard that alot from friends its not that the controls are difficult but that they change them unnecessarily every year so its hard to get use to