NBA 2K18 on Switch won’t be missing features found on PS4/XB1

Posted August 31st, 2017 at 10:30 am

Despite the release of NBA 2K18 being just two weeks away it took until today for anything about the Nintendo Switch version to be described or shown off by 2K Sports. Thankfully the news is good as the game will offer the very same feature set and engine found on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The only disadvantages to be found relates to the visuals – to be expected given the difference in power between the systems – and also lower framerate.

This contrasts with EA Sports’ approach of releasing FIFA on Switch which won’t run on the latest Frostbite engine and will be missing its very popular story mode The Journey.

Sports games face an uphill battle on the Switch, following a decade plus of irrelevance on Nintendo systems and entrenched user bases on PS4 and XB1. Portability is a major factor in why someone may want to pick up a Switch version but that’s probably not enough to get fans to change over, without also offering the same complete experience in terms of features.

  • Keith.

    I’ll wait to see some video, but think I’m about to pull the trigger on a switch just for 2K18, Rocket League, and the new Mario game. Portable MyCareer should be awesome.

  • swimfunk

    2K really making me buy the game twice lol. One thing that would be huge is if it connects by 2K name. I’d love to grind on the switch using my PS4 account. I doubt it that can happen but it would make life a lot easier

  • WilsonRamos

    No excuse Fifa

  • MoneyMayweather

    Are switches readily availble? I was looking foward to this game and FIFA but everytime I go on amazon or best buy Switches are sold out

    and I’ve already lost intrest because of it. I’m not gonna go hunting for a console have the console readily availble for pick up and I’ll buy it.

    • I don’t think you can just walk into stores or find them at online retailers at any given time, but I’m seeing more often news of restocks and availability.

      • Dune Beam

        I see them in my local Wal-Mart often.. weekly almost.. but I’m there at about 730am getting off work, i doubt they last till the afternoon.. if you want one that might be your best shot to hit Wal-Mart first thing in the morning, that’s how i stumbled on mine

  • hungryandrew

    Eh, I don’t know about the Switch. Hard to imagine that this game will not have frame rate issues on the switch.

  • Nelson Muntz

    30fps in a sports game is unacceptable.