Open world setting for MyPlayer characters coming with NBA 2K18

Posted August 31st, 2017 at 1:15 pm

2K Sports today revealed the new open world structure for NBA 2K18 in which MyPlayers will reside. In a sense it’s reminiscent of Take Two’s (parent company of 2K Sports) own GTA Online, as the neighborhood connects NBA 2K modes that previously were isolated on their own – MyCareer, The Park, and 2K Pro-Am along with actual storefronts for player customization.

  • jaker

    Uh yeah, lets just all figure that this isn’t going to work for like the first month the game is out at least. Remember Park after Dark? LOL

  • Cool for the fans of this type of mode, but since they didn’t cut resources ala Madden to only work on one area of the game I have to give Take two credit here.

    • MoneyMayweather

      when you have the MLB 2k, NFL 2k, NHL 2k and the bigs dev houses all working together on a game it is possible it doesn’t hurt the game sold 8 million last year.

      • Keith.

        8.5 million. Wonder if it will hit 10 million next year, also being on Switch.

  • Keith.

    This is crazy. These guys get more done in one dev cycle than Tiburon gets done in 10 years. They’ve earned my double-dip money for PS4 + Switch.

    • Just a guy

      I bet they’ve been working on this new MyCareer for quite awhile now. I highly doubt they finished all of this in 9 months.

      • Keith.

        They’ve been packing their games (60 GB+) with new modes, feautures, etc., for a few years now. Helps when you have a long term plan and deliver every year, piece by piece.

        Also helps when you don’t spend $50M (or whatever it is) every year to pay for exclusive licenses that don’t add any GB to the game, but instead suck away resources ($$) that could be used to build stuff like this.

        • Skopin

          My biggest issue is that presentation is incredibly stale and hasn’t been touched in a few years now.

          The halftime show is identical to last year, with the exception of a few different camera angles. Commentary is bland and while there is a lot of content, it doesn’t sound like what you hear on TV; there’s no excitement in their lines and very little commentary corresponding to the action on the court.

          New modes are great, but I really don’t play online, and seeing my biggest complaints go unchecked for multiple releases is really disappointing. Broadcast presentation is such a huge part of the immersion when playing with NBA teams, and they haven’t done anything substantial to move more toward that broadcast feel in several years.

          But, I suppose offline modes don’t make them any money, so they have no reason to really enhance them any further.

          • Keith.

            Huh? Between the pre-game show with Shaq and Ernie and Kenny Smith, where they talk about the season and how you’re doing to the 12 different court side analysts to the courtside reporter Aldridge who interviews guys at halftime, I think they deserve a lot of credit for blowing out presentation every year. You don’t use 60+ GB of space every year by keeping things stale.

          • BravesFan24

            Agreed. The only thing missing is Charles Barkley to fully complete the TNT crew, but Charles doesn’t want to be in the game. Only so much 2K can do about that.

          • Keith.

            Agreed. We’d be in great shape if all sports game developers gave us half the presentation 2K/Visual Concepts delivers. Can’t wait to see what they have in store for us this year.


          • Skopin

            The pregame show is ok, but I find that I skip it 95% of the time. I was more referring to in-game presentation, though.

            The commentary is very boring to me. Kevin Harlan has been in the game for a decade now, and he has never sounded like he does in real life. it is very obvious he’s recording in a booth. There is a ton of content, but very little is focused on the game happening on the court, which kills the immersion to me. And the little that does address the game in front of them is pretty generic. Or they get “excited” at the wrong times (ie a team down by 15 hits a buzzer beater at the end of the fourth).

            The halftime show is also incredibly poorly done. The highlights shown aren’t related to what the guys in the booth are talking about at all; they’re just random highlights from various angles for no reason. 2k set the bar for presentation with NFL 2k5, and they haven’t even come close to it since.

            60GB of content is great, but it just doesn’t emulate the real thing very well.

    • Dounte

      Yeah, I’m sure the producers over on SESAME STREET would argue… Probably could get this shit done in a couple takes!! I know you’re just a big fanboy now or your as dumb as a garden rock!!! Which one is it Keith!! That shit looks like Oscar the Groutch alley lmao!!!!!! The game is trash..

  • BZE

    smh people really want to play the sims and dress up these days?

  • Hoops

    This is not basketball. It is GTA basketball.
    I know many are gonna love it and I’m fine with that.
    But I won’t even touch it.

  • Seems like a good idea. I’m worried about the servers and will people just be able to buy their way to 99 since that is the goal??

    • Keith.

      In the past buying your way to 99 has been impossible. With 2K17 I believe I ultimately capped out at a 93, even though I had 100,000 free VC sitting in the bank, unless I put in more time with practice and games, etc. Guessing they’ll have a similar system in place this year.

  • ClubSteve

    pretty impressive…..mycareer with open world structure. 2K one ups EA again here.

    • BravesFan24

      Not that one upping Live is a difficult task…lol

      • Dounte

        Hell, the Cubs just swept Braves for 150th time.. Like, who cares about that!! 😆

        • BravesFan24

          About as much as people here care about what you say… which, they don’t. And I thought you said you weren’t responding to me anymore? I’d suggest getting off mommy’s computer and going outside for some fresh air. You could benefit from it.

          • Dounte

            Cubs put up 14 runs on the Braves…. Damn!😤

          • BravesFan24

            LOL that’s the best comeback you got.

            14 is a lot, though. That must be higher than your IQ.

      • ClubSteve

        meant madden…

        • BravesFan24

          Well yes, Madden, too. I mentioned Live though since Live is a direct competitor to 2K.

  • RandomDude

    gone are the days of “open world” where we had to grab a ball and go outside to play in the “open world”

  • Rich

    Hmmm…I don’t know. I get the idea but are there things you could “do” in the neighborhood that could effect your image on the court. Like off the court mishaps…come to life in your career mode on the NBA stage. I did like the gym shots…can you workout to make your player stronger, faster,etc.

    But if it just a place to watch 13 year old kids run around like idiots…then i hate it. They can actually do this in real life…but if this is for 40 myear old lazy bastards like myself who want a way more indepth my player mode then cool. We’ll see.

  • hungryandrew

    Yeah but will their servers be 100% on point?