New teams added to NBA Live 18 demo

Posted September 5th, 2017 at 8:00 am

Unlike traditional demos, the one for NBA Live 18 is being kept up-to-date with changes that are being made for the actual finished retail product that’ll be ready on September 15. The demo has now been updated six times with various improvements implemented affecting gameplay and the Live Run mode having been unlocked for those with maxed out characters.

Today’s update to the demo has added two more teams for Play Now as the Rockets and Celtics have joined the Warriors and Cavaliers. Additionally, rosters have been updated with the big trade that exchanged Kyrie Irving for Isaiah Thomas and Jae Crowder.

This new approach with the Live demo is definitely notable considering the circumstances, where EA Sports is attempting to generate some interest in the game at a time when NBA 2K18 is dominating the discussion among basketball fans. The $20 price discount for pre-orders and very early demo release got it some attention but that seems to have dissipated almost entirely since then, and the lack of any information or promotion related to Franchise and Ultimate Team has been recognized. The EA Access trial, which is only a few days away now, will be its next best chance to sway some consumers in its direction.

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  • MoneyMayweather

    NBA 2k18 pretty much shut down NBA live 18 with it’s neighborhood trailer.

    but I’m fighting the good fight still buying NBA live 18 at launch WNBA anyone?

    • Just a guy

      Live will be lucky if it sells 10k copies after what 2k has shown.

      It’s too bad too, because the demo wasn’t half bad. I actually enjoyed the single player portion.

      • If we as consumers don’t have competition for our dollar, we will keep getting what we’re getting. Take two will never fix the servers because people keep buying their product as is. 2K needs to feel the heat and NBA live has actually put a good foot forward for once. Competition always helps the customer.

        • Just a guy

          I’m not quite sure why you responded to what I said with something random about competition when I said nothing about it, but here’s my response:

          Nobody is going to buy Live because 2k is 10,000 times better at this point and has the market foothold with NBA players and it’s fans, despite whatever server issues you brought up (I only play offline). It’s nice that Live has a product that actually works this year, but it’s probably too little, too late at this point. At least for this year. The Live team is going to have to bring a spectacular product every year for the next 3-4, which will most likely be a monetary loss for EA due to the meager sales, to even begin to compete in the NBA market.

          2k isn’t feeling any heat from Live this year. I doubt they’re even feeling any extra warmth at all.

          • Vito Mavrak

            you don’t represent all the 2k fans, its YOUR opinion and only yours. I like 2K but graphics are horrible or shall i say still same since 2k14. I like many others from youtube comments have pre-ordered NBA LIVE 18. ITS FUN! thats what games are meant to be. Not a university where i have to learn thousands of controls. Enjoy 2K and I’ll enjoy LIVE 🙂

          • Jose E Evangelista

            im buying live because i think this year is much better and it will out perform 2k18. who needs all that free roaming around shit. live all the way

          • I replied to you specifically because you mentioned how Live would be lucky to sell any copies at all. I responded by saying as a 2K fan that you and I are, we need Live to do well. It will take time, but Live has a solid foundation for the first time since Live10. I hope for a future where Take two has to get of their asses and actually invest in legitimate, working, stable, servers.

    • Skopin

      Eh, the Neighborhood trailer did nothing for me. I’m not much of an online player. The Prelude will determine whether I buy 2k18 or not. I did preorder Live after playing the demo.

  • Iown You

    They patched a demo?

    Okay… won’t make a difference. Still won’t sell.

    • Vito Mavrak

      Haha I said the same… but we’re seeing the game industry change every yr. Live is improving or on the right path. Game is lots of FUN! they’re def listening and making changes. I hope both 2k and LIVE keep competing just like the old WWE and WCW back in the day. As NBA fans we should be lucky and support these companies. Having 2 sports titles is amazing. I love TENNIS for example but sadly no tennis games for PS4/Xbox

  • ClubSteve

    EA might have fared better just re-releasing another edition of NBA JAM with updated rosters and some additional modes (street mode, etc.)…..

    • hungryandrew

      No, not that trash, how about releasing a remastered NBA Street Vol 2, for ps4/xbox one