Review of NBA Live 18

Posted September 11th, 2017 at 5:00 pm

Does the NBA Live franchise have any life left in it to ever make a legitimate comeback? EA Sports has continued attempts to resuscitate its once-popular basketball series only to fail time and time again. Given the track record there would be little reason to expect NBA Live 18 to be a really good game but it comes surprisingly close to achieving just that.

NBA Live 18 is a simplified and fun game to play with an excellent career mode that unfortunately proves to be an incomplete product when its mess of a Franchise mode comes under inspection. Still, by proving enjoyable and accessible, for the first time since 2009 Live is a viable alternative on the marketplace for basketball fans. The pre-order discount requires a commitment to purchasing but at $40 it’s a little easier to justify than the $60 it’ll become on Friday. Check out the full review at Sporting News!

  • Vito Mavrak

    Spot on review! One thing that i love on LIVE vs 2k is the atmosphere of large dunks, key 3 pointers announcer yelling “Bang! Bang!” you feel like you are watching a crazy playoff game! 2K for me is nice but is missing that fun factor those exploding plays where fans go nuts announcers can’t contain themselves… thats why i play LIVE for those moments. Hopefully we see more fan feedback/fixes/patches

    • BravesFan24

      That’s the one thing Live has done right that 2K is still behind on, that intense playoff atmosphere. Ever since Live 10, the game’s crowd always goes wild in postseason games. That’s one of the few things I still wish 2K would work on.

  • Jeff

    I dont understand why franchise mode is such a big deal to everyone thats the one mode i never play i like to use different teams not just 1. is there just nba and wnba teams in the game no classics or fiba teams?

    • Just a guy

      Some of us like to play full seasons with a team and make moves.

      I only play Franchise and nothing else.

    • OwenBark

      lol what an ignorant thing to say. I don’t like it so why should any one be into it?

      • Jeff

        did i say why should anyone be into? no i said i dont understand why its a big deal to everyone learn to read

  • Skopin

    Nice review. EA definitely did a fantastic job in the gameplay department with Live 18. They just need to flesh out the modes now.

  • Jason Aglietti

    Great review. Thanks for the honesty. I’ll still likely buy both gamest his year because I want to support both franchises and checking out The One sounds interesting even if it is incomplete.

  • hungryandrew

    I honestly think that EA solely focused on gameplay mechanic issues for this game. Now if this game gets decent sales, they will put some attention to franchise mode for Live 19.

  • Dounte

    They must have sent Bryan a copy this year!!! LMAO…. You’ve lost my disrespect with this review Pasta just so you know… Good job on that Finally!!!

    • Actually they didn’t send me a copy. Blows that theory out of the water huh? I’m also amused that I have you here suggesting I went easy on the game or something, and I have someone else in Facebook comments saying I didn’t fairly review it because I like 2K I guess? All on a game that I gave a decent but not great score to, saying it has some good areas and some bad ones. Ah, how I miss the years of real competition and being called a fanboy by both sides lol.

      • Bigman

        Pasta padre can you please tell me they have a regular team 5 on 5 online. You know like 2k when u get ten in a locker room and everybody pick a position.

        • Live Run is like that, but everyone is using their created character.

    • MoneyMayweather

      It was a good review Dounte.

      Give the man some props. I read that review like a schoolboy in history class I was eating that shit up.

  • Jay (The Truth)

    I mostly liked what I played of the demo. Live 18 feels like what Live 15 needed to be. A strong enough foundation to build on. A legitimate step in the right direction. Felt like there was enough there to feed the big picture, getting Live back onto an annual cadence.

  • Just a guy

    Nice review.

    You’re basically saying if you buy this, plan on only playing The One or Live Run.

    That’s what I expected to happen when I played the demo.

    I’ll probably end up toying around with The One when this hits EA Access in a few months. I had a lot of fun with that in the demo.

    • Essentially yeah. If those modes are most important to someone, I think the game will deliver for them. If Franchise is most important its probably best to avoid buying altogether.

  • NELL86

    I’ll probably buy live on the one x and get 2k on the ps4

  • Skihawks

    Having played Live 18 for roughly 5 hours, this is the closest thing to Live 10, which is a good thing.

    The movement is quick and intuitive. My big complaint with 2K is the heaviness of the players.

    The movement in live is fluid, responsive (although there can be odd transitions) and the players dont feel weighted down.

    Dont let the name prevent you from trying, especially is you have EA Access. Surprisingly fun.

  • WilsonRamos

    I love all the modes 2k has but I’ve always found the gameplay clunky and slow interested to try this

  • WilsonRamos

    lol can’t believe I preordered this yolo

  • jbstoner44

    All those who complained about the 2k series and bought Live 18 hoping that EA would finally come through, only to have thrown your money down the tube deserve it. EA is and will always be a failure in the gaming industry. They are has-beens and is no longer a viable competitor in the market anymore.