The Line Drive for November 12

Posted November 12th, 2017 at 11:00 am


The Line Drive is a weekly collection of news, links, deal alerts, and updates that didn’t necessarily warrant their own postings.

Don’t miss the video showing difference in loading time with Xbox One X.
Make sure to sign up for the upcoming beta for EA Sports UFC 3.
FIFA 18 was the top downloaded game on PlayStation platforms in October.
EA is already thinking about a subscription-based future for sports games.
FIFA 18, NHL 18, NBA Live 18 have received some free new Star Wars items.
Details on the new patch and Batman goal explosion for Rocket League.
Rocket League is set to release on Tuesday for the Nintendo Switch.
Eleague will have its Rocket League cup air on Twitch and also TBS.
Aaron Judge has powered his way onto the cover of MLB The Show 18.
Details on the latest Diamond Dynasty content out in MLB The Show 17.
Marcus Stroman is the cover athlete in Canada for MLB The Show 18.
Details on specific patch fix for Xbox One only that went out for FIFA 18.
The Xbox One X enhanced patch for NHL 18 has still not gone out.
Video goes into work done on gameplay for the upcoming Ashes Cricket.
Blu-ray releases this week headlined by Atomic Blonde and Wind River.

  • Keith.

    Take Two announces record breaking sales for NBA 2K18 this week — 6 million, or more than Madden will sell all year — and not a word from Pasta, Polygon, IGN, OS, US Gamer, or any other video game media website.

    I can only imagine how all of these people would be falling all over themselves to get news stories posted if Madden were breaking sales records. Why the double standard, I’ll never know.

    At least the game-buying public seems to know what’s up.

    • MoneyMayweather

      Basketball games are must buys for me. take notes Madden take two.

  • Jeff

    So is ashes cricket made by the people who have been doing don bradman they just changed the name to ashes?

    • WilsonRamos

      Yes same developer although I’m worried it’s just a reskin of the the recent don bradman

  • WilsonRamos

    Got F1 2016 on PC after listening to the hit the pass the other day and have to say it’s great racing

  • Keith.

    Saw where the new Need for Speed is currently sitting at a 62 on Metacritic.

    I’d say the chances of that dev studio being on the chopping block in 2018 are higher than 62 and much closer to 100%.