Your thoughts on the EA Sports UFC 3 beta

Posted December 6th, 2017 at 7:45 am

With the beta for EA Sports UFC 3 coming to a close today the upcoming release of the game is starting to come into better focus. Over the last week we’ve been provided an opportunity to try out the changes in gameplay both against the CPU and opponents online, along with the new model being utilized by Ultimate Team.

UFC is now a product that is angling more towards dedicated MMA fans with EA recognizing that it simply isn’t going to reach a wider audience than that. Still it’s clear that the most accessible element of the sport that translates to the game, the stand-up, has received the most work while action on the ground remains largely unchanged and difficult for many to grasp and enjoy. The game’s career mode, which is taking on aspects such as fight promotion and rivalries, will hopefully deliver a compelling reason to play something other than online over the long term.

Impressions were discussed on the latest podcast but what are your feelings on the game coming out of the beta? Vote in the poll below and leave any thoughts in the comments.

  • Boo

    Still felt like the same damn game, albeit with a little more fluidity in the moves. Still felt like the same game. It wore out my welcome in less than 2 months of playing.

  • MoneyMayweather

    Worst game evar

  • NELL86

    Its time for fight night

  • ClubSteve

    just over 30% didn’t try or weren’t interested (including me)…..the numbers don’t lie.

  • Jeff

    I loved it way bettee than ufc 2 still dont know to really to the ground game but i prefer standing cant wait til it comes out and when they do a roster reveal to see if they put in any good classic fighters

  • Cd

    seems like having a Promotor mode would be a no brainer for this game. Schedule events, Book the cards and play them out in your own UFC. This is all anyone does during the week anyway.. speculate what fights to make. Feel like I’d spend a lot of time on that.

    • Sean Patrick Sinagra

      They have a Create Event/ Custom Fight Card mode and added Tournament mode

  • jbstoner44

    EA need to completely get out of the sports side of games and stick to games such as Battlefield which I think is better than COD.