The Line Drive for December 10

Posted December 10th, 2017 at 10:15 am


The Line Drive is a weekly collection of news, links, deal alerts, and updates that didn’t necessarily warrant their own postings.

The Yankees lineup will be high on Power low on Vision in MLB The Show 18.
Gameplay video of Tennis World Tour has emerged out of PS Experience.
New patch has added 4K for XB1 X and more features and fixes for NHL 18.
Everybody’s Golf is currently on sale for $20 through Amazon.
Initial qualifying for NBA 2K League will take place throughout January.
Madden is the focus of the latest podcast episode from ESPN 30 for 30.
Details on the latest Ultimate Team program to launch in Madden NFL 18.
Some changes were made to MUT Drafts in Madden NFL 18.
Casey Powell Lacrosse 16 is one of the new additions to Game Pass on Xbox One.
Details on the latest patch to the Nintendo Switch version of FIFA 18.
Forza Motorsport 7 won Best Sports/Racing Game at The Game Awards.
Details on the latest patch with many fixes out now for Forza Motorsport 7.
Forza Motorsport 7 is currently on sale for $40 digital code through Amazon.
Looking ahead to new content coming to Diamond Dynasty in MLB The Show 17.
Despite the ban Russia will not be patched out of the Olympics DLC for Steep.
Details on a significant new patch that’s gone out for Sociable Soccer.
A new patch has added in Clubs feature and made fixes to DiRT 4.
The delayed port predictably turned out to be a disaster for WWE 2K18 on Switch.
Hawaii rep is drafting bill to prevent minors from buying games with loot boxes.
Year of PlayStation Plus subscription is currently just $40 through Amazon.
Blu-ray releases this week headlined by Kingsman 2 and Game of Thrones S7.

  • Keith.

    Having a lot of fun with the Snow Fortress game that released on PSVR this week. If there’s an parents out there with PSVR, I definitely recommend both that game and the Santa’s Factory level in Zen’s Infinite Minigolf, which are both great to play for the holiday season.

    • Jeff

      ive been thinking of getting the psvr have you played any of these games paranormal activty, arizona sunshine, robinson the journey or special delivery and can it be played sitting down?
      also the world tour tennis doesnt look very good hopefully ao tennis looks better

      • Keith.

        Paranormal Activity and Arizona Sunshine are both good, haven’t played the other 2. Definitely recommend picking up the Aim controller — preferably with Farpoint — if you like shooters. I’ve got somewhere around 40 PSVR games and am happy to share my opinion if there’s any others that you’re curious about. There’s also a couple of demo discs you can download to get a taste of probably close to 20 games.

      • Keith.

        And yes — most but not all games can be played sitting down, Paranormal Activity and Arizona Sunshine included. Super Hot (a must have), Sparc, and Brookhaven Experiment are the only 3 games I can remember standing to play.

      • Iown You

        Robinson The Journey is a fun game. It’s slow paced so don’t expect a lot of action, there is no shooting. It’s a puzzle-solving game with a little strategy mixed in. Graphics are great, and it really heats up at the halfway point of the game.