End of Year Community Awards: Best Gameplay of 2017

Posted December 11th, 2017 at 11:00 am

With 2017 coming to a close it’s time to start looking back on the developments that have taken place and acknowledge the various efforts in sports gaming. To start is the first category in the annual Community Awards. You can check out the winners from previous years here.

The categories to look forward to include Sports Game of the Year, Best New or Non-Yearly Sports Game, Best Mobile Game, Best Racing Game, Best Online Play, Best Presentation, Best Franchise Mode, Best Career Mode, Best Post-Release Support, Best New Feature, and Best Team-Building Mode. All winners will be announced in early January!

First up is Best Gameplay, a category that had been dominated by NBA 2K but an unusual down year for that series allowed MLB The Show break through and win for the first time. Many of the categories to come have been shaken up in the nominees but the three series most known for gameplay return to battle for the award yet again with MLB The Show 17 looking to repeat but challenged by NBA 2K18 and Pro Evolution Soccer 2018.

  • Keith.

    All 3 are deserving, but NBA 2K gets my vote. And I’d say that even if I weren’t in the running for Rookie of the Year.


  • MoneyMayweather

    NBA 2k18 in Glorious 4k on the xbox one X.

  • Mario Robinson

    No Madden in the pole?

  • Zach

    NBA 2K over The Show by a short margin. The Show really did a great job in many areas this year. Especially with the graphics. They made a major step in the right direction

  • WilsonRamos

    PRO EVO by a mile

  • SockfulOfNickels

    I couldn’t give the Show my vote this year, way too many glitchy animations (OF picking up a ground ball in the outfield and his momentum carrying him in to a brace against a wall animation even from like 15 feet away allowing runners to take an extra easy base) and their inability to balance power. I haven’t had time to pick up PES yet but have no doubts it is near perfect again on the pitch and NBA 2K is pretty darn good even if there doesn’t seem like many on court improvements with locomotion (too many catch and shoot opportunities morph in to off balance fall in to the stands shots for example). The only other game I’d consider here is Golf Club 2, I personally feel like all the EA games made big improvements in game play but still aren’t close to getting in on this category.

    • Keith.

      Forgot about TGC 2 — good game.

    • WilsonRamos

      Agree the show was a let down this year

  • BravesFan24

    NBA 2K should win this, IMO.

  • Skopin

    2k is the only one I’ve played of the three. The player movement feels much better even since launch, especially when going for blocks. Players actually seem to go after the ball.

    They still have a ways to go with the AI, and there are still a lot of times where the controller responsiveness is a second or two behind, but it’s getting there.

  • NELL86

    LMAO this has to be the weakest sports game of the year selcetion I ever seen