PRP: Sports Game of the Year 2017

Posted December 15th, 2017 at 7:00 am

A wide open field in 2017 has resulted in the most unpredictable and fascinating Sports Game of the Year voting yet! While many of the games were fantastic in general they all had some serious flaws that detracted from their full potential, and because of that expect there to be no consensus “best” game that will sweep its way to a victory.

Will MLB The Show 17 repeat off last year’s MLB 16 win? Will NBA 2K18 bounce back or fall even further after the award-winning 2K16 preceded 2K17 slipping to third? Will Madden NFL 18 continue the upward trajectory that saw Madden 17 finish the highest ever for the series as runner-up last year? Or will another game come from farther back in the pack in a surprise result?

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  • Keith.

    New NPD figures were released today — great to see NBA 2K just killing it.

    NBA 2K18 is the 3rd best selling game of 2017 so far, which is pretty crazy. And it’s even crazier to see NBA 2K18 place 3rd and NBA 2K17 place 9th on the Best Selling Games over the Past 12 months list. Good for them — all of that success is very well deserved, IMO.

    • Hoops

      2K 18 is a cash grab. Microtransactions have marred the experience pretty bad. Game also has way too many glitches out of the box and I think closing our eyes to that will only send a message that no matter what 2K do is gonna be fine.
      For me next year they have to deliver a better product out of the box. This year it was a letdown.
      Selling way too many copies shows more people hiding the hype train and less people thinking with their minds.

      • Keith.

        You’re obviously entitled to your own opinion, but mine is that it’s the best 2K ever, and it’s not even close. And again, I’m encouraged that the sales numbers seem to back me up.

        And for the record, I’ve now got MyPlayer up to an 86 — mostly by hitting the gym and the practices and by playing games in MyCareer, and without having to spend real $ on VC.

  • WilsonRamos

    I think there is no standout game this year all are deeply flawed. I vote Fifa as my game of the year

  • MoneyMayweather

    time for the slow part of Pasta padre messages not being updated til the end of day.

    See you January first pasta.