ESPN in NCAA Football 11

Posted April 8th, 2010 at 4:06 pm

For all who have been pleading for ESPN style presentation to be added in the NCAA Football series, it appears you will be getting just that. While there were some comments made in the earlier article regarding the spotting of ESPN in an image, I hesitated to post on that because I couldn’t make it out myself. However EA Sports released a video of the cover shoot in which the ESPN branding is clearly visible.

While this does not necessarily mean there will be full-on ESPN presentation, it would certainly seem to reason that the incorporation of ESPN would be much more than just the scorebar. There could be ESPN presentation throughout NCAA 11, or maybe even different presentation styles depending on the circumstances of the individual game that is being played. NCAA Basketball 11 featured both CBS and ESPN presentation. In the case of NCAA Football I could see a combination of ESPN and ABC being the most plausible.

This would make for the third confirmed addition to NCAA Football 11 that was listed in the leaked survey back in November. Locomotion, ESPN presentation, and also authentic college offenses for every school which was discussed in the Tebow press release. Having those three already known could be an indication that even more from that list will be revealed going forward.

  • Omasha

    I knew I wasnt trippin

  • Anyone heard about some additions to Online Dynasty? I don't know what else they could add to make it better. Maybe getting “fired” from a program? Put on “probation” although NCAA wouldn't like that.

  • All we know so far is the streamlining of the bowl weeks. Im sure there will be more though.

  • phil

    Cool. This was one of the best things about NCAA Bball 10, it felt very authentic and similar to the actual broadcasts

  • Jim

    They said he was the cover athlete….not ONE OF THE cover athletes but THE cover athlete
    maybe they did decide to make all 4 platforms tebowed

  • Yes, I updated the story earlier. Tebow is the universal cover athlete so he is on all versions of the game.

  • trackstar121388

    Hey Pasta what other additions do you think they are going to make?

  • IonG

    great news!

  • 206baby

    I am not satisfied unless we have 2 different broadcasts and announcing crew.

  • Philly

    Other things I'm noticing in that shot…

    1. I don't see a chain gang on the sidelines. Plus both sidelines look stagnant or little to no movement. Would like to see more lively sidelines, as well as fans.

    2. I LOOOVE the blocking in the screen shot. Notice how the O-Lineman are actually getting double teams on guys! AND it looks like they're HOLDING their blocks! Hope things keep progressing.

  • Jerry

    did anyone notice tim tebow was holding a ps3 in the video at one point is this a hint that his cover will be on a ps3

  • Omasha

    He is going to be on the cover for all of the consoles. Just read it from this source

  • Omasha

    I believe the game is still in progress.

  • Sidewinder57

    Very impressive so far – especially this early in the process.

  • bravesboy

    New announcers???

  • joemoedee

    I'd just be happy with new commentary being recorded…

  • Nothing I'm really at liberty to speak about. There is a lot still to be discussed though so it is exciting to get this much meaningful info on the game this early.

  • phil

    The lines and fans look stagnant? It's a still picture, how can you tell?

  • na

    wont be anything but an espn logo. they only have the espn license so 2k can't take it and put it to real use

  • na

    so you are an EA shill?

  • Joe

    hey, will espn presentation also be on the PS2 version?

  • …..


    You've read my mind about the blocking……I'm lovin' it too!!

  • IndyColts2

    yea the oline is double teaming but the RG in the video double teams the tackle for too long and the LB that the RG should have taken after the tackle made the play. Maybe that RG isn't very good, but he technically was supposed to move to the next level after he blocked the tackle for a count or two. what should have been 5 yard gain was a loss because the tackle couldn't get to the LB in time.

  • IndyColts2

    *what should have been a 5 yards gain was a loss because the RG* couldn't get to the LB in time..

  • Well that was certainly a factor. But the hold-up was always wanting uniformity between titles. They couldn't really use ESPN in Madden because of the conflict with the NFL (NFL Network). They couldn't in NHL because the games weren't even broadcast on ESPN. Now though they are moving towards incorporating ESPN in more due to consumer demand with less concern about being uniform across all titles.

  • Avery

    Pasta do you think it will be like NCAA Basketball 10 and have an actual ESPN broadcast and stuff or the score thing will just say ESPN to shut ppl up?

  • Kevin

    Pasta, do you know if sales for NCAA 10 were lower than 09 and 08?

  • Ron

    I have this feeling that NCAA will finally make this their year. I'm predicting that NCAA 11 is better than Madden 11. Just a gut feeling. Madden will obviously sell better because of the popularity of NFL football, but I think NCAA will be the better game. I'm getting good vibes so far. It's hard to explain, but it just seems like after a down year with NCAA 10, the dev team has really stepped it up. Madden series already had its bounceback year with Madden 10, so I don't think their dev team has much of an incentive to make another year of dramatic changes

  • NCAA Football and MLB 2K were the only franchises that declined year over year. NCAA's fall was about 5% over its lifetime. Here is the article from its opening month.

  • Mark

    pasta, do you know if the PS2 version will have ESPN presentation?

  • JerryIsCrappyatMadden

    Odoyol Rules & so does ESPN

  • JD

    Please make a virtual erin andrews on the sidelines!!!!

  • Really?

    No, but I hear ESPN presentation is available for the Atari and original Nintendo…

  • Oscar G.

    I usually alternate buying titles year to year between NCAA and Madden. For some reason I never buy both in the same year. Anyway, this year is year I am primed to get NCAA and its looking good!

  • BU1B22

    i doubt they would make two different versions and not include something like that. im sure espn will be on ps2

  • BU1B22

    and in the locker room!

  • Loco

    Is the game finished? I hope they make everything like it needs to be man. Im sick of playing a pitiful EA NCAA football game

  • travis

    not finished working on it until about early-mid June.

  • What they should do now is put player names in the game, the whole NCAA trying to protect the players and integrity of college athletes went out the window once NCAA entertained the idea of extending the NCAA Tournament. But I'M excited to see ESPN has finally made it to EA, oddly enough though, on the back cover of Madden 10, reads featuring ESPN.

  • Quan

    Boooo, I wanted muti-platform cover athletes.

  • deepen03

    PLEASE PUT THIS IN MADDEN EA!!! that would be amazing..

  • MikeBarkerDG

    You right

  • JoeCB

    I wish they could have ESPN presentation or something from one of the networks [maybe NFL Network] for Madden 11.

  • Joseph

    Wow dude, seriously? That cant do this man. Just upload rosters from the EA Locker.

  • Taylor

    pasta padre? do u think madden will have something similiar to ESPN presentation? something life NFL Network or CBS?

  • ohiostate614

    espn presentation man now ncaa is getting better and better the more things they release for once im actually excited about ncaa 11. 09 and 10 may have been horrible but 11 looks like it may bring ncaa back from the dead

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  • Thundahoof

    Movement looks great i can definitely see the locomotion and smooth gameplay. It was just a three second thing but they weren't trying to show us anything but it still looked great.