Madden 11 Cover Art and New Screenshots

Posted April 22nd, 2010 at 7:27 am

Yesterday the news was first broken here that Drew Brees would be announced as the cover athlete for Madden 11. Now EA Sports has confirmed that with the release of the box art and seven new screenshots featuring Brees. Continue on to check out the full size cover and screens and leave your thoughts in the comments!

Larger versions of the screenshots can be found in the gallery.

  • wow those screen shots are awesome and congrats to Drew Brees

  • Eric

    First lol

    The cover is nice

  • kisch

    awesome thanks

  • Number 76 should get that mole on his shoulder checked out…lots of subtle graphical and lightinbg tweaks …very nice..I guess Im going to have to upgrade my TV to the 55 inch

  • SinBad

    am i the only one thinking that this might be the first year NCAA outdoes madden? The screenshots from NCAA look far superior.

  • Looks good, Im noticing that there are now different sock heights for players this year, which could be cool. But I still think the ball looks too big in the players hands. Does anyone agree with me?

  • I agree, lets just hope NCAA tightens up the gameplay a bit, both games need to improve the stadium grass, we need it to get ripped up like in real life!

  • Kris

    but we saw footage from NCAA which didnt look nearly as good as those screens or even Madden 10. no way EA ends up putting out an NCAA that outshines Madden

  • Philly

    NCAA has stepped up, but naw Madden still looks better. Still, I'm waiting on straight up gameplay.

  • Philly

    Are those reeboks or nike's that Brees has on in that last shot? Either way they're gold! I like! And the football looks a tad big… but whatever.

  • Philly

    totally agreed. I've been asking for the past two games… like in 09 it made no sense that the field looked fine in wet weather yet the players were muddy all over.

  • AmenRa


    When do we get Online and Offline Franchise Upgrades. So far absolutely nothing I have seen from MAdden impresses me. I havent' played the game in 2 years. I put the shit down the minute NCAA got Online Dynasty. It's time for Madden to step up!!!

  • Alex

    Reebok (NFL exclusive license for apparel and gameday wear)

  • Tinner

    Its April 22nd lol. I know I cant wait for that stuff either but you can't expect everything 3 1/2 months early.

  • jerenzoredmond

    it looks great cant wait till madden 2011 i know its early but im looking 4 a good league on madden 2011on da ps3 it me up renzo-madden-god

  • Koach Vonner

    First and foremost. THE FOOTBALLS IN BOTH NCAA AND MADDEN ARE WAY TOO BIG IN THE QB's HANDS!!! That needs to be fixed. Its not a deal breaker, but it looks akward and funny!!!

    Second: What a lot of people don't realize is that 90% of Football team High School, College, and NFL have all gone to synthetic Field Turf. The grass is not going to tear in those stadium no matter what the condition is. If they want to make it realistic, then have the tire rubber that's under the turf spit out every once and a while.

    All the new stadiums have Field Turf.

  • albyjnr

    I think it looks good – nuts and bolts though I hope franchise gets a overdue revamp.

  • jerenzoredmond

    even play da game or dont they have 4 months to fix it

  • jerenzoredmond

    i agree

  • Hungryandrew

    I could careless about images. What I really care about are gameplay and offline franchise mode, if theres any improvements. Photo stills means nothing to me, if the game play is still broken and offline franchise is as exciting as shaving my pubes.

  • Koach Vonner

    They have time to fix. Let's hope they do. That's why I post so hopefully some one will read it.

  • dtrout


  • dtrout


  • Dizzysit

    Those fans on the background kinda ruined what could've been a perfect 10/10 cover art. I'll give it a 9.5/10.

  • justin

    from the first screen it looks like they brought back helmets coming off, which is nice. also noticed the scar on drew brees' face. very nice.

  • rootabaga

    If your second you're dead last…loozer

  • deepen03

    nope thats just the pre-game warmups.

  • mmkkk

    Players still wear nike shoes an gloves……..
    nike cleats…

  • JoeCB1991

    Man Brees' face looks a lot better than it did in Madden 10.

  • I think Adrian Peterson or Chris Johnson should have been on the cover. Brees will get the madden curse for sure.

  • buckeyeboi

    Wow the pic with Brees helmet off looks just like him. Why did they make him that mucular though? His muscle definition is not that detailed. He's a very deservingly coverboy for Madden 11. He's a great athelete but he's an even better person.

    Hit me up on Twitter: @buckeyeboi

  • Jon

    Sweet. Poor guy tho, I hate to see him cursed, I like him, I thought for sure it'd be Chris Johnson

  • Mathews5527

    yeahhh that sh*t sucks it burns falling on it and itches like a mother afterward plus it gets all through your equipment and everything and anytime you take a step it springs up with you

  • marquell

    yea like under armor or nike

  • marquell

    shouldnt they put the rookies on here

  • marquell

    they need hemlents poppin off and shoes comming off and blood

  • melideli35

    your mom's just a pre-game warmup!

  • marquell

    i like the new nike cleats congrets to dew brees

  • FireRex_24

    I believe they need to put he proper tattoos on the players…Kinda like they did back in the MFL Street days…Just'a opinion…

  • Stefan

    Looks great. Awesome to see the Patron Saint on the cover; No curse in New Orleans!

  • Cmoney95

    i think TOM BRADY should have been ont the cover

  • mark

    awsome i wish i had madden 11 i also like football

  • Nininini243

    when is Peyton Maning gona be on a cover common

  • mAtT

    The cover looks freakin' AWESOME! WHO DAT!