MLB 10: The Show Patch #3 Details

Posted May 18th, 2010 at 9:07 am

(Update) This patch contains a significant bug that is counting runs as being scored on third outs. You may want to consider avoiding downloading the patch because of this.

(Update #2) Another patch will be created to fix this issue. Details here.

SCEA has released a third (and likely final) patch for MLB 10: The Show this morning that attempts to address issues have plagued the game since release. Most prominent among them is the lock-up that occurs when playing at Tropicana Field and intentional walks online that resulted in disconnects.

Many of the items are attempts at improving online play which has continued to hamper the series with poor performance, puzzling design decisions, and leagues that have yet to function properly. Continue on for the list of changes made with the patch and feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments!

  • I will say SCEA continues to at least work on the product that was released. I will give them credit for that. Design flaws is an understatement.

    I wonder what are the specifics to the online league corrections. Does anyone have detailed info or has anyone tested it out to see what is now fixed? Wondering about add/drops being allowed even if trading is off. Also the disco's during a league game. Anything else would be appreciated.

  • rompeconcha

    nice about time my road to da show player in da third complete season his already rookie of the year and winner of the triple crown,,, cause his dominican… my gamertag is Rompe-Concha

    • Mike Mckenna

      thats why i cant stand you fuckin ignorant ppl. you swear your gods gift to baseball, im from new york and played baseball since i was 5…and im pretty nasty, i dont walk around acting like my shit doesnt stink…come on dude…wake up! just cus ur dominican doesnt mean your the worlds greatest baseball player…calm down…and ur all red cox fans…lmao big papi sucks…

  • HustlinOwl

    Already numerous reports of runs being counted on third outs to end an inning. WTF

  • sroeland

    I don't see anything listed on those screenshots about Tropicana Field. Did that really get patched?

  • HustlinOwl


  • def

    3b gonna field to his right now ?

  • eric

    yes thats fixed even though its missing from the list

  • yosten

    and online play still sucks.

  • HustlinOwl

    Do not download Patch 3 huge bug with runs counting on 3rd outs

  • eolsa

    damn scea has been a bunch of fuckups this year

  • sroeland

    Wow…a pretty big error to miss. Very, very unfortunate to have runs count on the third out.

  • Oliver

    sigh…they just cant get anything right this year

  • Keith.

    I don't know what you tools are talking about. The Show is the best baseball game ever made, and quite possibly the best sports game ever made — even before the patches (for those of us who could care less about online play).

  • Toshy

    Personally I disagree. I think both MLB 09 and MVP 2005 were better in their times.

  • Justin

    What about the fact that trade proposals get deleted when you shut off the game, even after saving?

  • Honser

    so this means no online play until they have it fixed or you have to live with this huge bug? great!

  • denzer22

    people act like this is some kinda gift that scea would make another patch. even 2k has another patch coming for mlb 2k10.

  • HustlinOwl

    from Russell:

    Because of this bugs severity we will be doing another patch ASAP. I'll update when I have more info.

  • Gusmaster G

    Fix the problem EA, you clowns. Releasing a patch that messes online play up and scoring a run when getting into third. Experience both of those… Fix it, today retards, 2K might be getting the upper hand when it comes to patches, and development teams. C'mon EA

  • I've still the bug which mess up every teams lineup and rotation. They did a patch and made an another bug after. For me, MLB 09 The Show is still the best of the series because it has lower huge bugs than the 10 which was release three months ago !!!

  • HustlinOwl

    WTF are you talking about this is not an EA game idiot. 2K has been saying for a month now that they will be releasing a patch

  • Nef77

    Wow Pasta, You don't seem to call out all the faults like this for EA's games.

  • HustlinOwl

    that is not a bug, what kind of formula would you like the AI to use say 10 years down the line in franchise? Also in order to have them stick you need to cut each roster down to 25 as in real life. Spring Training has entire 40 man on roster.

  • AmenRa

    MAn STFU with all that dickriding. It's a great game but last year was better…

  • Gusmaster G

    sorry i don't have time to sit at my comp all day, I didn't mean to put EA in there (so, so sorry) and moan about who makes what game, clearly you wear glasses, work at EB Games or Gamestop, and are in your late 30's still a virgin HustlinOwl you're a joke

  • AmenRa

    MAn these Sony clowns can't cut off they nose to spite they face!!!! I love this game, but it seemed like last year's edition was much better overall. They got too big with the franchise trade logic, but I van understand where they were going. They need to expand on 30 team control for next year.

  • bjf1377

    Kinda funny, you get called out for being COMPLETELY wrong, and your only response is to claim that he works for a videogame company and/or is a dork, just because he is like every other human being that has played The Show and knows that EA has NOTHING to do with the game. Hahahaha

  • I'm a bit lazy to do it and when you're controlling all teams, you don't have stadium scoreboard scores. It's the second The Show game that I got and the first on march. So, I want to enjoy every nice features which are in this game.

  • djasi

    that screen of Berkman is horrible. and when is the 2k10 patch coming out?

  • sroeland

    Can't they just pull this one offline and work on fixing it? That way, no one else gets the messed up patch and people can play without disconnecting from the internet.

  • AmenRa

    Man these motherfuckers spent 1 month working on a patch and couldnt fix the ridiculous free agent signings and then screwed up on properly scoring runs?!?!?!? And THIS is supposed to be the best SIM sports game on the market?!?!?! Man I”m sick of taking it up the ass as a consumer with these fucking video games. Even the good ones are fucked up. Now they want to start charging for extra online codes, pretty soon these fags will be charging us to download patch and play the “fixed” version of the game….


  • Mykal94

    This game has become fucking unplayable. It's unbelievable. It goes from on of the best games ever in 2009 to a dust collector in 2010. Let me tell you a little story of my latest game of MLB 10:

    Top 9. 4-4 tie (only because Ross Ohlendorf magically loses accuracy after pitching 7 innings of 2-hit baseball, but I digress), Pirates (me) vs. Dodgers (cpu). Leadoff single by Andrew McCutchen. Strikeout by Ryan Doumit. McCutchen steals 2nd. Single by Garrett Jones, McCutchen thrown out at the plate because he decides that now is the time to jog (not run) home on Matt Kemp's arm. Fly out by Lastings Milledge. Bottom 9. Groundout by Ronnie Belliard in P spot. Single by Matt Kemp, advances to 2nd because the balls goes right by Milledge as he's coming in to field it. Strikeout Furcal (?). Ethier up, 2 out. Single to outfield- playing shallow to cut down the run. McCutchen coming into the throw and the animation is IN SLOW MOTION, Kemp scores without a play. Game over 5-4 final.

  • You must not follow the site very closely if you believe that.

  • Joe Cool

    Sorry to hear that, but how does it make it “fucking unplayable?” You lost a game by 1, deal with it!

  • Mykal94

    It's not the fact that I lost. I had no problem when I was shut out the first game by Chad Billingsley. I moved on and played that second game. There is where the BS started, I felt like I had no control over the outcome. And it hasn't been just one game. It's been consistent for about the 10-15 games I've played this year (which is sad considering that I finished an entire season in 09). Those are the kind of things that make me put the game back in it's case and leave it there for a while. For me personally, unrealistic=unplayable, and there is a perfect example of unrealistic.

  • ssball333

    if the game is too hard for you, you can adjust the sliders to make it easler

  • Nate

    I have always bought the show every year but this is the last. It's just bad business to knowingly release an unfinished product with numerous flaws that you can't fix until two months later……….Will never buy the game again.

  • Mykal94

    It's not too hard. I do fine on all-star with minor tweaks. It's that sometimes I feel that
    I'm at the mercy of the game. I can't do anything to have an impact on what happens, like game takes over, and it irks me.

  • Andy

    Come the fuck on!! I play this game all the time and cant even play it now because I had two outs in a one run game last night in the 8th inning got a ground ball out to third to end the inning and they tied it up. WTF you call yourselves game developers this is fuckin ridiculous!!!!!

  • Chris

    I completely see where you're coming from. I've noticed the CPU/AI cheating galore in the game – when the CPU decides it's going to win, it wins. I've seen the slow motion problem you've talked about (like the player fielding the ball suddenly hit quicksand, and no one else did), I've seen obvious strike 3 called for balls (literally, fast balls down the middle of the plate), numerous fielding and throwing errors on routine plays, and buttons magically sticking and not working at all – all coming when the game is close.

    The pitching, while I understand the game is trying to compensate for a certain sense of reality, is also getting a little ridiculous in the way that it's nearly unpredictable as to where the ball is actually going to end up. If you hit the pitch meter perfectly, it should go where you want it to. (MVP 2005 had a GREAT system)

    Now, there's something else I noticed since I downloaded the patch (in addition to the runs scored on 3rd outs). My runners take off stealing on their own. And we're not talking Carl Crawford, here. We're talking Mike Lowell. On his own. Trying to steal 3rd. This has happened multiple times on me

    I really hope they fix this soon – I generally enjoy playing the game.

  • JS

    no freaking kidding, this is the most depressing bug that ive seen, routine ground balls, and the 3B A. either doesnt try, or B. has it go under the glove, but C. never fields it, haha

  • JS

    100% agreed, the game does take over, you can hit a ball on the screws, and it pops you out, or hits a weak ground out… though i guess if i had control of every game that i would win every time

    what has become increasingly frustrating to me, is that each game is EXACTLY the same
    i got out, score 6 runs in the 1st 4 or 5 innings, shut them down, give up maybe a run thru 5, then they all the sudden decide to hit, OH, and i cant hit any more
    this happened something like 10 games in a row for me, and its really getting on my nerves
    my pitchers somehow get extremely tired on 60-70 pitches, while their pitchers get better with time in the game
    sometimes i hold on for a win, mostly lately the opponents took over for the win… either way, its incredibly annoying, but the game certainly takes over

  • Brown_progolf

    does anyone have a problem with the game freezing when trying to look at the league roundup page? It didnt become a problem for me until 2017 in RTTS