MLB 10: The Show Could Go 3D Soon

Posted June 9th, 2010 at 12:28 pm

Back in January MLB 10: The Show was demoed in 3D at CES. Today Sony president and CEO Jack Tretton announced that the PS3 will have 20 titles available in 3D this fiscal year. Amongst the games demonstrated in 3D at the presentation was MLB 10: The Show.

Beginning tomorrow four titles will be available in 3D but The Show is not one of them. No date has been set for The Show going 3D but it would seem to be a near certainty that it will at some point. They also have yet to detail the availability and cost of the glasses. Remember you need to have a 3D capable TV to take advantage of it and the majority of consumers don’t at this point.

As discussed previously 3D will be a big part of the events at E3 next week along with motion control. Several companies will be showing off titles in 3D while Microsoft will be unveiling Project Natal (and its new name) and Sony will have Playstation Move out on the floor for several games including Tiger Woods 11.

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  • budsticky

    3d is such an overblown feature IMO. If they(the game console companies) think this is the next best thing that's going to propel the video game industry forward I think they are really misjudging.

  • Amen Ra

    Never underestimate the power of a sucker. Plenty of people will got out and spend $1200 on a 3D TV just to say they have one, and the same thing will happen with games. I just hope they don't use this as a means of trying to justify a $5 increase in games, because you know that's coming next.

    “For only $10 more you can experience Madden in 3D!!!”

    The very same jackasses complaining will go out and be the first in line to buy the shit…

  • Kris

    3D? no thanks

  • Adembroski

    I'm skeptical of 3D overall as a long term medium. It's great for an “experience” at the theater, but I don't think something requiring accessories beyond a television and a remote will every catch on in homes.

    That said, if any video game genre can benefit from 3D, it's definitely baseball. The lack of depth perception when hitting and fielding fly balls makes a huge difference.

  • 65South

    Will it ever end? The bandwagon on 3D — movies, television and now games — has gotten out of hand. I don't know anyone that has a 3D television. Come to think of it I don't know anybody that knows somebody that has one.

  • Alai

    Absolutely. There has to be gaming genres or types which will benefit from having depth perception, like sports. Imagine being able to see the pitch, and just by looking at the ball we can see the speed, type of pitch, and how far the ball is from the plate. Also now we can finally play outfielders from his point of view. Gone will be the fielding markers on the ground, and we'll be able to track the ball just by seeing it in flight. The speed, the arc, how high or low the ball is coming… as real as it gets.

  • Flyingelephants1313

    When will Strasburg be added to MLB 2k10?

  • limp pasta

    It's always funny to watch people get upset at something added to their experience. Not something mandatory or even taking away from the growth of the game. MLB the Show with in 3D and with the Move controller will put you on the field. The Move fighting game is also in 3D. something that will benefit fight night tremendously. Sony's pushing the envelope and just because some don't like it they get in a tizzy. I saw the show in 3d at CES and it looks brilliant. I stated that in the other thread when EA said it can't be done. super stardust HD in 3D is mind blowing also.

  • Mikesmoths

    who cares about 2k11.

  • 42Blues_DavidBackes_18Mavs

    Off topic, but when is the next show roster update, When will Strausberg be in there? and will he have a face, or just the cartoony crap?

  • Jay

    Monday. wont be a real face no way to add those in updates

  • Keith.

    Personally, I'd love to play The Show in 3-D. It could only make the best sports game around even better, IMHO.

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  • Bloodredtornado

    anyone hating on 3d just cant afford it… Go play wipeout HD/Fury in 3d (or come over and play it at my house) I cant wait to see GT5 in 3d =) i might even splurge on a racing wheel…. hmmm *drools*