NCAA Football 11 Team-By-Team List of Offensive Styles

Posted June 18th, 2010 at 11:27 am

Earlier I posted up the team ratings for overall, offense, and defense in NCAA Football 11. Now here is a list of what offensive style has been assigned to each team. Again sorry for the handful of schools that were missed in the As. There are eight different types of offenses. By far the two most popular are Pro and Spread, with only a couple teams running the Option, Pistol, and Run and Shoot. As always feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments!

Army (Option)
Auburn (Spread)
Ball State (One Back)
Baylor (Spread)
Boise State (Pro)
Boston College (One Back)
Bowling Green (Spread)
Buffalo (Spread)
BYU (Air Raid)
California (Pro)
Central Michigan (Spread)
Cincinnati (Spread)
Clemson (Spread)
Colorado (Pro)
Colorado State (Pro)
Connecticut (Pro)
Duke (Multiple)
ECU (Air Raid)
Eastern Michigan (One Back)
Florida (Spread)
Florida Atlantic (Pro)
FIU (Spread)
Florida State (Multiple)
Fresno State (Pro)
Georgia (Pro)
Georgia Tech (Option)
Hawaii (Run and Shoot)
Houston (Air Raid)
Idaho (One Back)
Illinois (Pro)
Indiana (Pistol)
Iowa (Pro)
Iowa State (Spread)
Kansas (Multiple)
Kansas State (Multiple)
Kent State (Spread)
Kentucky (Pro)
Louisiana Tech (Air Raid)
Louisville (Spread)
LSU (Multiple)
Marshall (Spread)
Maryland (Pro)
Memphis (One Back)
Miami (Pro)
Miami OH (One Back)
Michigan (Spread)
Michigan State (Pro)
Mid Tenn State (Air Raid)
Minnesota (Pro)
Mississippi State (Spread)
Missouri (Spread)
Navy (Option)
NC State (Multiple)
Nebraska (Pro)
Nevada (Pistol)
New Mexico (Spread)
New Mexico State (Spread)
North Carolina (Pro)
North Texas (Spread)
Notre Dame (Spread)
Northwestern (Spread)
Northern Illinois (Multiple)
Ohio (Pistol)
Ohio State (Multiple)
Oklahoma (Multiple)
Oklahoma State (Air Raid)
Ole Miss (Pro)
Oregon State (One Back)
Oregon (Spread)
Penn State (Multiple)
Pittsburgh (Pro)
Purdue (Multiple)
Rice (Spread)
Rutgers (Pro)
San Diego State (Pro)
San Jose State (Multiple)
SMU (Run and Shoot)
South Carolina (Pro)
Southern Miss (Spread)
Stanford (Pro)
Syracuse (Pro)
TCU (Spread)
Temple (Multiple)
Tennessee (Pro)
Texas (Spread)
Texas A&M (Pro)
Texas Tech (Air Raid)
Toledo (Spread)
Troy (Air Raid)
Tulane (Pro)
Tulsa (Spread)
UAB (Spread)
UCF (Pro)
UCLA (Pro)
UL Lafayette (Spread)
UL Monroe (Spread)
UNLV (Multiple)
USC (Pro)
USF (Spread)
Utah (Spread)
Utah State (Spread)
UTEP (One Back)
Vanderbilt (Spread)
Virginia (Pro)
Virginia Tech (Pro)
Wake Forest (Multiple)
Washington (Pro)
Washington State (One Back)
West Virginia (Spread)
Western Kentucky (Pro)
Western Michigan (Pro)
Wisconsin (Pro)

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  • Bwhit0225

    Pasta, you are killing me leaving Alabama out of every update!! Lil help!!

  • Sorry! For some reason the game defaulted to Army as the first team and I just worked from there.

  • Cam

    Hey, Pasta, do you know if they're gonna put Boise State in the MWC? I watched a video showing all of the teams and the game still had them in the WAC.

  • PizzaHead

    Doesn't take place til next season

  • bigcdiddy16

    I thought Houston was a Run and Shoot team.

  • Joecb1991

    You missed Arizona State [Air Raid]

  • Timothy Daley

    Boise State is still in the WAC for this season. Their move to the Moutain West wont take place til next season. The same goes for all the conference shifts. No shifts will take place this season.

  • Bigbluefan004

    Colorados is immediate

  • quik12silver123

    no its the same as boise state. they already made the schedules for this season

  • Keith.

    Hey Pasta, have you seen the Tebow Trucking and the Reggie Bush videos over at OS? They're disgraceful. I hope you post an article calling out Madden for the garbage game it is this year.

  • jt

    What does this have to do with NCAA offensive styless

  • Shadowman….

    Wow..You really hate Madden , huh?!!

  • naw they were air raid
    case keenum 75 completions in the last game

  • SOBAY310

    Sure, they may stay in the same conference this year, but it'd be cool to see them switch conferences in our dynasty for the following year.

  • SOBAY310

    Pasta, thank you for all the info. Have you heard anything from EA about how they are going to implement conference realignment? I'm aware the changes don't take place for another year, but it'd be great to see them realign in our dynasty.

  • Cam

    oh, my bad lol

  • Ugly stuff for sure, I saw a little of it in my time playing the game but not nearly that drastic. I'm thinking that was on Pro difficulty? I was told Pro was made easier this year.

  • No nothing on that yet.

  • Fred

    what about Utah?

  • Legendoflegends

    Team by team styles? Yeah right, another EA marketing gimmick. If each team have their own styles then why do I see a bunch of different teams with supposedly different styles but still running a lot of the same plays that's been in the game for the last 5 years….

  • Tickkid

    Have you heard anything about Coaching Changes in Online Dynasty?

  • Well I can tell you that playing with Oklahoma State felt completely different than playing with Washington. Obviously there aren't going to be 120 distinctive styles but at least it is a start in differentiating between teams.

  • Def

    A bit off topic but, the lighting in the demo sucks

  • Brandon

    And where is arizona for that matter?

  • MckHick

    Central Michigan University made the switch from a spread offense under Butch Jones, who left to coach Cincinnati, to a more traditional Pro style offense under former Michigan State Running Backs Coach, and now Head Coach at CMU, Dan Enos. It's sad to see that the NCAA Football team never looks into these things. Hopefully they at least packaged in multiple I-Formations as well as Weak and Strong into the Shotgun sets.

  • JoeCB91

    Both of the Arizona schools are still missing. ASU runs the No Huddle Air Raid now btw.

  • JoeCB91

    Sorry for the double post. I thought it didn't go through when I tried earlier.

  • swschlick

    Arizona state would fit under spread, Arizona would fit under Air Raid

  • Robert

    bama is a one back offense

  • Robert

    asu is one back

  • Qiqi3399

    ,)))),”)~~ ,”~)
    ╱◥█◣ ╱◥█◣
    |田 田||田|田|

    ~~0nline st0re~~~

    ——F r e e—S h i p p i n g—

  • Aeespo1979

    I mean this to be helpful, Akron will be running a pro-style offense this year.

  • Aeespo1979

    Also, I think Arkansas runs multiple offensive looks (including the pistol)

  • Lil_rezz314


  • TM65116

    Why isnt harvard in this game i might not buy it now

  • Ps3102

    Pasta, in 10 I loved the direct HB smap for the Gators, but EA took it out in 11, any idea of what if any teams run a direct snap to HB play?