Madden 11 Player Ratings: Top QB

Posted June 25th, 2010 at 4:30 pm

For the next in the line of top player ratings in Madden NFL 11 here are all of the quarterbacks that I snagged. Check back tomorrow for the next position and make any inquiries into the others previously discussed in the comments or through Twitter or Facebook. I can’t guarantee I’ll get to all of them but I’ll try to get up at least the most requested players by responding there.

Drew Brees (NO) – 99
Peyton Manning (IND) – 99
Tom Brady (NE) – 95
Aaron Rodgers (GB) – 94
Philip Rivers (SD) – 94
Brett Favre (MIN) – 92
Tony Romo (DAL) – 90
Matt Schaub (HOU) – 89
Eli Manning (NYG) – 89
Donovan McNabb (WAS) – 89
Ben Roethlisberger (PIT) – 88
Joe Flacco (BAL) – 87
Carson Palmer (CIN) – 87
Matt Ryan (ATL) – 86
Jay Cutler (CHI) – 83
Jason Campbell (OAK) – 83
Mark Sanchez (NYJ) – 82
Kyle Orton (DEN) – 80
Matt Stafford (DET) – 80
Matt Hasselbeck (SEA) – 79
Tavaris Jackson (MIN) – 71
Charlie Whitehurst (SEA) – 71
Brady Quinn (DEN) – 71
Tim Tebow (DEN) – 70
Sage Rosenfels (MIN) – 69

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  • TampaBucsFan

    Hello people, hey pasta, any idea what buccaneers QB Josh Freeman was?

  • guest

    where the hell is Freeman?

  • JoeCB91

    Even though I don't like Ben, some of his accuracy ratings were too low. I think Deep Accuracy was a 79 for him at the end of the year even though he is one of the best deep throwing QBs in the game.

    • mike


  • Ben

    So most experts arn't even sure if Campbell is worthy of starting, yet EA has him as one of the better QBs in the game?

  • jmbrew420

    Roethlisberger, Hasselbeck underrated. Rodgers, Rivers, Favre, McNabb, Flacco, Cutler, Campbell, Sanchez, all overrated. Flacco and Cutler are WAY overrated.

  • Moserftbl88

    pry becus of all the sack he takes and pics and stupid plays of holding on to the ball too long is why

    • mike

      Nice grammar retard. He takes sacks and seems to hold on to the ball too long because his pass protection is atrocious. It’s amazing he does what he does behind that O-line.


    Pasta, what about Josh Freeman?


    What are you basing that on? Do you even know what the hell you are talking about. After Freeman's first five starts he had the highest rookie QB rating in the last decade with acception of Big Ben and Jay Cutler. You probably don't even watch football.

  • Guest

    you want to compare just look at the stats henne better copletion precentage, better rating, less ints, and more yards. henne did this with no name recivers a batterd and brused running game and a suspect defense. what did sanchez have the top defense, to running game, and good recivers in cotchery and brick hands braylon.

    • thefan

      and henne did it in less games also remember pennington was the starter till he got hurt

  • just stupid

    the jets are sooo overrrrated in everything….i dont even wanna play online because every bandwagoner is going to use these jets its upsetting because in every way on offense its bull besides their oline…despite their rookie guard being a 75…sanchez an 82? you might as well make jamarcus russel an 84 in free agency.. how is shonne greene rated higher than michael bush? BULLSHIT braylon edwards an 85? louis murphy had a better season and is only a 75…darrelle revis 99? he had one good season 96 97 would be more fitting


    The Jets made the play-offs dispite Sanchez. He throw off play action. Sanchez is way overated


    Freeman should be a 82 no less than a 79. Sanchez is over rated. He can only throw off play action.

  • I have 26 reasons why your wrong on that.

  • Where is Chad Henne? Anyone else think the Madden player models are off? They make Tim Tebow look like a toothpick and Phillip Rivers look like a hoss.

  • Bob

    alex smith?

  • Matt Moore? has to be better than Tavaris, Whitehurst, Quinn etc.

  • Matt Moore? has to be better than Jackson, Whitehurst, Quinn etc.

  • Mike61189

    what is alex smiths rating

  • what about some panthers love clausen moore lafell

  • Tubs4560

    How does Ben go from a 93 to an 88 after coming off of his best season yet. Sure he didn't win like he normally does but his numbers were top 5 in almost every category last season. How can his rating go down when he was way better than in 2008??? Unless raping bitches counts against it. But then it should only go up because he's apparently good at it. I don't understand it man. In what areas did he digress enough to slide down 5 pts? Do these guys actually watch football? They need to check out his games. Did they see the game against the Packers???

  • rowdie

    Where's the rest of 'em? Josh Freeman?

  • VinceDePalma

    I'm a steeler fan and big ben is the biggest kunt i have ever met in my life….Watch this season thell try to make him look like a hero as he turned his life around…Big Ben you read this your a cocky mother fuck !!!!

  • Panthersboi321

    Matt Moore, 4-1 record 8 tds 2 pics 107.4 rating and he's less then 79?! WOW. what is his rating?? and clausens

  • lunaticlown

    lol how is Flacco overrated? He was an 85 last year and is coming off his best season, stop hating.

  • CW

    How is Favre not at least at number 3? He had the best year of his career and certainly had a better year than Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers. Hell I would have put him one higher than Peyton Manning due to the year he had. Peyton and Drew I can see being in the one and two slot but seriously the others. Come on.


    Where's Matt Cassell?


    hasselbeck gets constantly hurt 2 years in a row and goes from a 93 to a 79?????? WTF??? lower the o-lines ratings, not his. FUCK EA

  • guest

    uh all experts think he's going to start.. have you listened to any of them lol? they talk about him possibly leading oakland to tha playoffs lol

  • jmbrew420

    Only a Baltimore fan would say that. I'm a fan of flacco but he is overrated. He should be like an 84 max

  • Captain Jack

    Josh Freeman should be low 70's.

  • Jeromesmith24

    Where is Alex smith

  • FireC

    kolb is a 75

    (and in case you are wondering vick is still a 73)


    Are you kidding? Do you even watch football? Josh Freeman had the highest QB rating after his first 5 starts in the last 10 years amoung Quarterbacks with at least 5 starts in their rookie year with the exception of Big Ben & Jay Cultler. Did you read the comments from Pat Kirwan (former NFL scout) during his live chat today. He said and I quote ( Freeman impresses him with his maturity and knowlege of the game. In addition, Freeman reminds him of a young Moon and could be better than both Stadford & Sanchez if given some more weapens and he does't have a Edwards, Holmes, Johson to throw to.)

  • mike


  • Phillybiirdz10

    Why are Jackson, Whitehurst, Quinn, Tebow, and Rosenfels listed and not Kolb? For you guys that are wondering, Kolb is a 75.

  • Hammo7667

    Kevin Kolb? Thanks

  • Prince_modest

    That's the same thing I wondered. Farve only had like what 7 pics? The rating was through the roof. I don't get it either, but they did beat the Cowboys though and you know there are consequences for doing that (LOL)

  • Prince_modest

    I was wondering about that too. Ben should have been due to his stats ar least 4 or 5

  • SDubxl456

    David Garrard?

  • Hollisposter_freak

    Hopefully Kevin Kolb is better than a 80………

  • Shineeye242

    what happen to micheal vick????????????????????????????????

  • Doglogdog

    trent edwards? ryan fitzpatrick?

  • myles

    What about Vince Young? or dennis Dixon, or any other “scrambling QB….

  • Terrence2005

    where the hell is vince young

  • Ronin7x

    Josh Freeman??

  • anthonyer443943

    eli on the nyg is better than that mat gay schab

  • Jhujhj

    wtf he suck last year

  • bc

    your telling me kolb cant get in the top 20!?! give me a break

  • Scarface4o

    chad henne?