Madden 11 Player Ratings: Top QB

Posted June 25th, 2010 at 4:30 pm

For the next in the line of top player ratings in Madden NFL 11 here are all of the quarterbacks that I snagged. Check back tomorrow for the next position and make any inquiries into the others previously discussed in the comments or through Twitter or Facebook. I can’t guarantee I’ll get to all of them but I’ll try to get up at least the most requested players by responding there.

Drew Brees (NO) – 99
Peyton Manning (IND) – 99
Tom Brady (NE) – 95
Aaron Rodgers (GB) – 94
Philip Rivers (SD) – 94
Brett Favre (MIN) – 92
Tony Romo (DAL) – 90
Matt Schaub (HOU) – 89
Eli Manning (NYG) – 89
Donovan McNabb (WAS) – 89
Ben Roethlisberger (PIT) – 88
Joe Flacco (BAL) – 87
Carson Palmer (CIN) – 87
Matt Ryan (ATL) – 86
Jay Cutler (CHI) – 83
Jason Campbell (OAK) – 83
Mark Sanchez (NYJ) – 82
Kyle Orton (DEN) – 80
Matt Stafford (DET) – 80
Matt Hasselbeck (SEA) – 79
Tavaris Jackson (MIN) – 71
Charlie Whitehurst (SEA) – 71
Brady Quinn (DEN) – 71
Tim Tebow (DEN) – 70
Sage Rosenfels (MIN) – 69

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  • mike


  • Phillybiirdz10

    Why are Jackson, Whitehurst, Quinn, Tebow, and Rosenfels listed and not Kolb? For you guys that are wondering, Kolb is a 75.

  • Hammo7667

    Kevin Kolb? Thanks

  • Prince_modest

    That's the same thing I wondered. Farve only had like what 7 pics? The rating was through the roof. I don't get it either, but they did beat the Cowboys though and you know there are consequences for doing that (LOL)

  • Prince_modest

    I was wondering about that too. Ben should have been due to his stats ar least 4 or 5

  • SDubxl456

    David Garrard?

  • Hollisposter_freak

    Hopefully Kevin Kolb is better than a 80………

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  • Shineeye242

    what happen to micheal vick????????????????????????????????

  • Doglogdog

    trent edwards? ryan fitzpatrick?

  • myles

    What about Vince Young? or dennis Dixon, or any other “scrambling QB….

  • Terrence2005

    where the hell is vince young

  • Ronin7x

    Josh Freeman??

  • anthonyer443943

    eli on the nyg is better than that mat gay schab

  • Jhujhj

    wtf he suck last year

  • bc

    your telling me kolb cant get in the top 20!?! give me a break

  • Scarface4o

    chad henne?