Madden 11 Player Ratings: Top 10 DB

Posted June 30th, 2010 at 11:12 am

For the next in the line of top player ratings in Madden NFL 11 here are the top cornerbacks and safeties. Check back tomorrow for the final group being special teams players. Make any inquiries into other corners or safeties not on the list in the comments or through Twitter or Facebook. I can’t guarantee I’ll get to all of them but I’ll try to get up at least the most requested players by responding there.

Darrelle Revis (NYJ) – 99
Nnamdi Asomugha (OAK) – 98
Charles Woodson (GB) – 97
Champ Bailey (DEN) – 95
Asante Samuel (PHI) – 94
Jonathan Joseph (CIN) – 93
Leon Hall (CIN) – 92
Cortland Finnegan (TEN) – 92
Rashean Mathis (JAX) – 92
Chris Gamble (CAR) – 91

Here are the rest of the 80+ rated corners: DRC 90, C Webster 89, A Winfield 88, A Talib 87, J Greer 87, M Trufant 87, T Newman 87, S Brown 87, Q Jammer 87, E Wright 86, T Porter 85, B Flowers 85, M Jenkins 85, K Hayden 85, D Robinson 85, D Hall 85, C Tillman 85, A Harris 85, N Clements 84, R Barber 84, A Cromartie 83, T McGee 83, I Taylor 83, J Wilson 82, R Marshall 82, D Foxworth 82, C Griffin 82, D Fox 82, V Davis 82, L Bodden 82, L McKelvin 81, R Bartell 81, S Spencer 81, J Powers 81, W Allen 81, E Hobbs 80

Troy Polamalu (PIT) – 97
Ed Reed (BAL) – 97
Adrian Wilson (ARI) – 96
Antonie Bethea (IND) – 95
Darren Sharper (NO) – 94
Nick Collins (GB) – 93
OJ Atogwe (STL) – 92
Brian Dawkins (DEN) – 90
Bob Sanders (IND) – 89
Brandon Meriweather (NE) – 88
Tanard Jackson (TB) – 88
Kerry Rhodes (ARI) – 88

Here are the rest of the 80+ rated safeties: J Byrd 87, L Landry 87, M Griffin 86, T Branch 86, L Delmas 85, J Leonhard 85, E Coleman 84, E Weddle 84, C Hope 84, E Berry 84, D Whitner 83, A Rolle 83, Q Mikell 83, R Harper 82, D Landry 82, Y Bell 82, C Harris 81, J Babineaux 81, E Thomas 81, D Goldson 80, M Lewis 80, M Jackson 80, B Scott 80, J Sanders 80

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  • Darkangel1676

    For a sense of completion…. Where's Justin Tryon at?

  • SDubXL456

    Derek Cox…Jax Jaguars…does anyone have his rating?

  • Jaestrip

    Giants S Kenny Phillips rating ?

  • Jaestrip

    also Giants CB Terrell Thomas ? Thank you

  • Ugacostello

    Hey do you know Atlanta's CB Brent Grimes, SS William Moore, FS Thomas DeCoud or CB Chris Owens rating by any chance?

  • What is Tramon Williams Rating and Speed….. What is Al Harris speed?

  • Williethekid44

    Well seeing how Charles Woodson got Defensive player of the year he probably should be 99, and I think Nick Collins should atleast be in 3rd or 4th place.Nick is a beast and he returns an awfull lot of his interceptions for td's

  • Rustypiggg


  • Yep

    I agree, Rhodes should be a 92 or higher

  • Prince_modest

    I agree to have Eric Barry rated higher then he as a defensive back and un-proven is none sense. Terrell Thomas had 5 picks and one of them ofr a touchdown. Yeah he should be an 85. He is severely underrated on Madden 10 anyways. Eric Berry hasn't even played yet. Thomas is one of the best young defensive backs in the league.

  • Gigidygigidy7

    revis is overrated he gets to much help from his safeties he should be 96 nnamdi should be 97

  • Nbola17

    Do you know what Brent Grimes from Atlanta is and/or Thomas Decoud?

  • Nbola17

    Do you know what Brent Grimes is and/or Thomas DeCoud? Thanks Pasta

  • Eman

    WHere is Terrell Thomas from the giants?

  • Waiting4ruca

    How about Zack Bowman?

  • Sppash101

    How is it that dunta robinson is rated higher in 11 then 10 when he didnt do a thing for the falcons yet? I know for a fact that he couldnt cover much in houston got burned by pretty much most recievers so how is he better please explain?

  • Macwek1

    hello, Chris gamble over dominique cromartie? WTF

  • Wrenzaga

    Vontae Davis only got an 82?,.Preposterous,.Wheres Sean Smith at?,.He's oviously gonna have a breakout year,.The Madden programmers have no clue till after the fact,.Ever!,.Then they bump a guy up 15 or so level points,.Complete idiots,..Lousaka Polite is a 77 last yr,.This yr he is a 91,.That tells you all you need to know about the programmers vision on the game

  • Kimmelc14

    fucking stupid ass niggas why is laron landry better than dawan landry and antrell rolle ..he dont do nothing he a waste of sperm..why is weddle better than them why is jim leonhard a 85 he dont do nothing