NCAA Football 11 Release Day Patch Details

Posted July 12th, 2010 at 11:36 am

All games receive release day patches but generally they are intended just to provide compliance fixes, deal with minor issues, or prepare for the masses to head online. For NCAA Football 11 though there is a significant list of changes to the game coming from the release day patch that even incorporated community feedback thanks to the early demo. Continue on to check out the details and leave your thoughts in the comments!

  • Fixed an exploit where the QB could walk through the defense when the ball is snapped, with a guaranteed a gain of over 50 yards.
  • Tuned QB fumbling on scrambles, resolving an issue where the QB would fumble every time if hit past the line of scrimmage.
  • Improved deep zone coverage assignments, making it significantly more difficult to be beaten by the deep ball. In particular, deep zones have been improved against Streak routes.
  • Tuned QB throwing out of a sack. Previously, it was too easy for a QB to throw the ball while being tackled; this has been toned down to be more accurate.
  • Resolved an error with pursuit angles, which resulted in defenders over pursuing the ball carrier every play. The angle was fixed to be slightly more aggressive, creating a more accurate pursuit.
  • Tuned the read and react assignment for linebackers, especially outside linebackers, before the handoff. This will make it more difficult to run the ball outside the Tackles.
  • Fixed an issue with the CPU ball carrier being stuck in a forward lean animation. Also lowered the frequency of CPU ball carriers leaning.
  • Resolved an issue where AI players in man coverage assignment would swerve when covering particular vertical routes, causing them to be beat repeatedly.
  • Ball carriers will no longer go into a tightrope assignment when running along the sideline. This was causing the player’s speed to decrease to 70%.
  • Resolved an issue that was causing tackles to not matchup in online games, potentially causing a crash in online games.
  • Footsliding will no longer occur when the ball carrier has the ball in their left hand.
  • Tuned CPU screen passes so they will get rid of the ball faster, resulting in less sacks.
  • Resolved a crash that occurred if connection is lost before entering a game mode.
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    Get ready RA, you have to write some new material. Madden is just around the corner. Cant wait to hear the Bull$hit you will be spewing on this one. Anyways thanks for the good laughs.

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  • Daley7199 Fan

    Daley is right, Amen Ra is just a blowhard who's got too many words and not enough brain. He ripped the game off the top, then got told and now he's trying to back pedal like Deangelo Hall.

  • Paul14

    Hey Pasta, thanks for the patchc details. are you doing real name rosters for 360 this year?

  • Amen Ra

    I don't buy Madden. Wont be buying it again until they get a fully fleshed out Online Franchise mode like NCAA.

    • Anonymous

      Ok fair enough RA. So I should expect not to hear any comments on the game then right? I’ll believe that when I see it. Another thing, your reasoning for not buying Madden just doesn’t hold any water with me. If you are fiscally strapped and cant afford to have both games then fine, pick the game that offers the best of what you are looking for, but to forgo playing NFL football for the sole reason of not liking the franchise mode is surely rediculous. Season mode is still viable and what about online play, online team play. There is so much more to fill your time with and plus with all the major changes being made, this would be the year to actually want to play Madden.

      • Amen Ra

        I may rent Madden but I get enjoyment out of football games from playing competition. I don’t get into solo franchises anymore. If I want to play a game by myseld, I pop in the Show or play Dragon Age, maybe even some CIV IV on my PC.

        I can’t afford Madden? LOL, come on dude you don’t believe that yourself. What’s with all the pathetic p[personal attacks today man, your wife make you sleep on the couch or something?

      • KA1Z3R

        this is the year? How? What did they do but add 3 vs. 3 mode online, a mode I doubt many will play. They need to stop adding all this crap and just work on getting their game right. Franchise is laughable, offline and especially online. It’s impossible to enjoy the game if it’s so laughably easy to make huge trades/free agent signings. It gets so boring so quickly. Madden needs to do something to this horrible franchise mode.

        Instead they add in features yo have to pay separately for and that many people will need to pay just to play online. I can’t think of any other game that does this. As if their online is even entertaining.

        It’s just people picking cheap teams and exposing the weak AI awareness and exploiting the glitches/flaws in gameplay. I find myself laughing out loud at the debacle I paid 60$ for. Now I’m told that I’m getting the exact same game with only two features I don’t have to pay for, a shinier ask madden and 3 vs. 3 (scouting reports seem pointless since they can’t be used in the one mode that makes sense, franchise)

        Well they added new presentation, who honestly cares if I can see the team come off the bus. if the team is the Detroit Lions but play like the New Orleans Saints (Madden’s inability to distinguish the good from the bad/average), then what the hell is the point. At least in NCAA, playing as Miami is noticeably more difficult against Ohio State then to be the higher ranked OSU.

        Meanwhile in Madden I’m playing as the Raiders in my offline franchise and having the same level of difficulty playing the Rams as i am the Colts. It’s a joke. Madden is so amazingly flawed and broken and now nothing has been done? You may as well just update your madden 10 rosters because 11 is just a flashier 10.

        • Have you ever watched pro football? Have you ever seen an upset? It happens all the time, because there is a much higher competition level in the pros. Players are a lot closer in ability then they are in college. Easy to see why. 32 teams compared to 120. Not to mention the pro roster only has 53 players active, where as a college team can have as many as they want active. Certain teams match up to certain teams strengths and weaknesses. Example, Jets made it all the way to the AFC championship, but had they played the Ravens I’m betting they wouldn’t have had anywhere near the success running the ball, because Baltimore shuts the run down week after week. I’m beginning to ramble but my point is in the NFL it’s all about match-ups. In college, you can win with a Tim Tebow running 25 times a game, because college defenders as a team aren’t as fast.

  • Amen Ra

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    • daley7199

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  • Amen Ra

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  • Mark_payne16

    I noticed a glitch on a play action screen pass. Once you fake the handoff the QB continues to run back about 30 yards before you gain control of him. I'm not sure if this has been posted, as I didnt take the time to read all the posts.

  • Daley7199 Fan

    I'm not Daley, and if you're dumb enough to jump to that conclusion you're about as dumb as I expected. Learn to read, and then we'll talk.

  • Daley7199 Fan

    FIFA 10 is much better than World Cup

  • daley7199

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  • jmbrew420

    DDDDDAAAAAMMMMMNNNNN. finally I am so excited about this game. This is by far and away the best football game to date. at least gameplay wise. tick tock fucking clock hurry up. im on this game like a crack monkey all jacked up on mountain dew.

  • Josh

    WHAT ABOUT UNIFORMS NOT GETTING DIRTY? Are they gonna patch that?

  • baconfanatic

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  • Daley7199 Fan

    Your life already is miserable, no cats need to get involved to make that happen. And I'd be surprised if you have a job – unless you call being a fool a job. Plus, my name ain't Stan, I'm a Daley Fan.

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  • Tutilage3

    Any thanks for everything man! any idea how we can get PS3 named roster?

  • Thedo24

    when will the rosters for ncaa 11 be in the ea locker

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  • Danny-Dowling

    Pasta, when do you think you'll be done with the named roster for xbox 360?

  • a real screen name

    Hey we found a bigger tool than daley7199!

  • that guy

    When will the real names be up for 360

  • MIMDOT3220


  • skihawks

    I will say that the opening cinematic and narrative for NCAA 11 is the best I have seen since the original NFL 2K for the Dreamcast….Awesome….

  • skihawks

    EA did a great job with the uniform options this year. Kind of puzzled that LSU didn't have the metallic gold helmets, Miami's throwback helmets or Florida's white helmets. I also found a few throwbacks mixed in. Overall, hard to complain. Oregon was represented well….

  • daley7199

    Is it just me or do the graphics in the actual game look worse than in the demo. I am playing with the Hawaii Warriors and it just seems like the graphics aren't as sharp as they were in the teams in the demo.

  • The gold LSU helmet is available if you unlocked it through the demo. By playing the demo you could unlock alternate uni's for LSU, Florida, Ohio State, Missouri, Clemson, Miami, Texas, Oklahoma, TCU, and a maybe one or two more. That's just all I can remember off the top of my head

  • Lubetube

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  • Ballard11

    PASTA, how far along are the rosters for 360?

  • Ballard11

    NCAA Football 11 is definitely worth it. Don't get the World Cup game. NCAA is clearly better.

  • Ballard11

    It's definitely just you.

  • skihawks

    I couldn't tell if the helmets were a metallic gold or the classic yellow gold

  • houmacide

    rosters anyone

  • COCHISE1970

    i have about 90% of the rosters for xbox360 download gamertag hlove1982 and give COCHISE1970 a good fedback rateing. THANK YOU. COCHISE1970

  • houmacide

    rosters anyone ??

  • Kbmhankins

    its impossible to pick the ball

  • Codypmartin

    My xbox's Ethernet port is NOT working correctly. Is there somewhere I can download the patch to put on my USB??

  • skihawks

    After playing several games online, this game is one of the best football games I have ever played. The animations are ridiculous, especially when a ball carrier hurdles a defender…Everything feels earned.

  • Bryancloud25

    how di get this patch, or is it already in the game when i bought it today?

  • HustlinOwl

    Brother asking me if this patch has been released yet?

  • Bttlschrs

    when are rosters coming

  • double

    pasta has the ptch been released there has been no word from ea and the issues that would be resolved with this patch havent been resolved

  • Joemgarcia13

    Hi i'm new to ea sports games but how do you get the game patch? Thanks.

  • Loomis2202

    Any body else see a problem with the recruits ratings, I got 4 star QB and 4 star HB and they where rated 65s.

  • Reinise123

    i have noticed several glitches, some listed above, and my game has gotten stuck at the loading screen 3 times in a row, but never before or after that. i did download the update..idk what the deal is

  • Deadcentrguitrst

    These patch updates were nice, but there are still A LOT of glaring issues with this game, especially in the passing game. It is completely unrealistic to go 10-25 passing with any of the better passing teams with a good QB and good WR corp. It is also completely unrealistic to have play action pass plays fail 7 out of 10 times because you get sacked. The passing game really, really needs to be fixed.

  • Daryoush

    Does anyone else see this? When a play is over and the players are getting up or moving around (and it doesnt go to a cutscene kind of view) the helmets and facemasks lose a lot of graphics quality? It looks like the facemasks almost disappear….

  • Scottallenjustin

    Now they need a patch to fix recruiting and progression. in yr 6 of dynasty online or off, there is not team above C-