JaVale McGee Upset with NBA 2K11 Rating

Posted September 24th, 2010 at 11:14 am

Yesterday the player ratings for the starting rosters in NBA 2K11 were released and JaVale McGee of the Washington Wizards is displeased with how he is represented in the game. McGee is rated a 59 making him better than only two starting centers in the whole league. He also complained that former teammate Antawn Jamison is rated a 71, saying he should be at least an 80.

McGee is considered a player with a great deal of potential and he put up decent stats considering limited playing time last year. 6.4ppg, 4.1rpg, 1.7bpg in just 16 minutes of action. Looking at the Wizards though in general not much complaining can be done given how high John Wall comes in (as many in the comments noted he’s too high) and how Gilbert Arenas is still up there despite having been out of action for a large portion of the past several years.

So what do you think, does McGee have a legitimate gripe with his 59 rating? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

  • Cxvdfg

    if i was javalee mcgee i would shut up and prove myself on the court instead of bitching and complaining about a video game rating….the travesty here is kevin durants rating but im sure that niggas smart enough to use it as extra motivation to kick more ass this season

  • Mcred727

    Yeah he should….But more importantly Brandon Jennings should be PISSED

  • Jz

    NBA 2k is a great game and I think this year it will be th ebest sports game ever to date.

    That being said the only thing wrong with NBA 2k is always the bad rosters and the NBA 2k insider is horrible for ratings. McGee is right about his rating wrong about Jamisons. Jamison showed he was washed up with the Cavs last year.

  • Jz

    Im a Bucks fan and Brandon Jennings is rated way lower this season than what he ended in NBA 2k10. Ratings are so bad in NBA 2k. Realy don’t understand why they can’t hire better ppl for the rosters.

  • Smart_alex24

    Fuc all of ya Mcgee Will dunk on ya bitches

  • Malikpatterson40heat

    what does that tell u javale ….step ur game up!!!!!!!!

  • Joe Parks

    JaVale McGee has no gripe worthy of even being talked about. Be happy he’s in the league at all yet alone on the game. If his game was better his ratings would be too. If anything this should be motivation to be a better ball player….

  • Bstringf

    he’s very underrated.

    Those stats are nearly as good as Josh Childress’ stats in greece and that bum motherfucker has a 77 rating. Big men in general have fairly shitty ratings this year.

  • Dhogans10

    just worry about the season then if you do good your rating will go up until then stop complaining and be lucky your even in the game.

  • Youngmillymac

    He should be higher for sure. He is a decent center, and will flourish soon enough, but with that being said he might get an upgrade after a couple of games anyway so wateva. and john wall needs to go down, blatche needs to be at least a 80

  • Youngmillymac

    He should be higher for sure. He is a decent center, and will flourish soon enough, but with that being said he might get an upgrade after a couple of games anyway so wateva. and john wall needs to go down, blatche needs to be at least a 80

  • Travis Holland

    I’m noticing like i’ve been noticing that 2k’s ratings are a little different than EA’s style *duh* But i think the gripe is both illegitimate and legitimate at the same damn time.

    For one, ratings in 2k don’t mean everything, Though Pau Gasol isn’t as dominant *i personally think he should be a 95 in the very least for his passing skills, offensive awareness and post/shooting abilities* that doesn’t mean you can’t exploit his talents and play as you good with him as you should. That actually goes for alot of players.

    Along the same lines though, guys like Brandon Jennings with legitimate tools and skills but have these low ratings makes me wonder if 2k is recognizing his positives and putting him on the level he should be, instead of just chalking up what he already has, and not altering him at all. The SAME goes for this Mcgee thing.

    If the guy has flashed you signs of brilliance, he should in the very least don’t rate him below a damn 60.

    Sorry bro, but in the world of ratings. 90 and up is superstar level, 80 is average, 75 and up is young potential, 70, you must be a skilless center. 60/50? You’re an absolute fucking scrub.

    2k has waaay too many 70’s on guys i know for certain are better than that than is called for, but maybe that’s just me. Regardless, the guys who’re supposed to play do what they’re supposed to.

  • Ras_ants

    I would make it even lower after the for him complaining.

  • Fgasdfsdfdfasdfasdf

    dick ass pete

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  • kevin nash

    Wow… These guys were giving Augustin 69 and Mullens 47. How can you give Davis 65-66? No more words.

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