MLB 11: The Show Soundtrack Revealed

Posted February 3rd, 2011 at 9:50 am

SCEA has released details on the soundtrack for MLB 11: The Show. There are 12 tracks total with acts such as 311, J. Cole, and The Temper Trap included. It’s worth noting the game also includes the “My MLB Music” feature which was first introduced into the series four years ago and allows for customization of the soundtrack.

311 – “Beautiful Disaster”
Big Pun – “100%”
Cults – “Go Outside”
Edgar Winter – “Free Ride”
Funeral Party – “NYC Moves to the Sound of LA”
J. Cole – “Blow Up”
Manchester Orchestra – “I’ve Got Friends”
MGMT – “Congratulations (Erol Alkan Remix)”
Passion Pit – “Little Secrets”
The Rassle – “Wild Ones”
The Scissors – “Let’s Go”
The Temper Trap – “Fader (Adam Freeland Remix)”

  • I know 2 of these songs. Like it really matters though since you can create your own soundtrack.

    • Skihawks

      I agree. Soundtracks in games have become somewhat pointless with the ability for gamers to add their own tunes….

  • Hoss

    not bad. i dont know what it is but baseball games just really fit well with music more then others.

  • CaperD

    Is that supposed to be Felix Hernandez? UGH

  • chest

    Outside of Fader I never heard of these songs. Glad they don’t go completely mainstream like Madden

  • MLB the Show always kills it with their musical selections. Nice rap in Big Pun and J. Cole, great indie/euro stuff with passion pit, mgmt and temper trap. Looking forward to leaving the menus playing in the background again.

  • Nice to see J Cole on this soundtrack and MGMT

  • Daniel

    Best soundtrack they have had since 2007 when they had the Gorge Lopez in there, but I think this means more for PS2 gamers than anything because PS3 and PSP have my mlb music so yeah. 😀

  • Nice to see a Big Pun song in the mix!

  • Skyflame21

    This is pointless… why do people care what the soundtracks are when we have the ability to craft our own? Perhaps the SHOW can release actual info about the game.

  • Budden22

    awful music. this is 1 thing 2k always wins at, baseball music needs to be alternative rock like last years key hit “Social Distortion- Bad Luck”

  • Felix’s face looks way better than last year

  • Yankee050

    These songs are awful!! They need to start going for songs that you are actually going to hear in a ballpark. Songs like “Up Around the Bend” by Creedence Clearwater or something to that extent because literally the only song that makes you feel like baseball is Edgar Winters “Free Ride.” Like last years wasn’t bad enough with all the scream-o music this one doesn’t have much better. Makers of the The Show this is for you……MAKE A BETTER SOUNDTRACK!!