Fight Night Champion Patch Details

Posted March 17th, 2011 at 8:30 am

EA Sports has released some details on the patch that is being worked on for Fight Night Champion. While the timing for when the patch will arrive has still not been nailed down it will coincide with the first pack of downloadable content and possibly even a tuner set.

It has been somewhat surprising that after a quick turnaround with a tuning update during the demo period that one hasn’t already been executed due to community feedback to bridge that time until the patch. It appears that by waiting to do the tuner along with the patch the design will be to make a much more significant and lasting change to gameplay. More details on the updates including DLC are expected to be announced tomorrow. 

•Punch Accuracy Reduction: Overall accuracy will be reduced and accuracy tracking a moving target will be reduced. Users will notice lower connect percentages and a better ability to use head movement defensively.

•Hit Reactions Intensity Increased: Bigger hit reactions across the board and increased punch offsetting – i.e. punches thrown off target when a boxer is hit in the act of punching.

•Combination Punching Adjustments: Bigger difference in combination speed between boxers with low and high Combination Skill rating.

•Improved Weave Input Detection: Reduced the instance of weaves happening unintentionally.

•Health Loss Adjustment: Regular punches do more damage and combination punching is more effective.

•Stamina Recovery Adjustment: Less stamina recovered between rounds.

•Perfect Block Counter Window Disabled: Pending simultaneous release of Tuner Set.

•Opponent Counter Freeze: Fixed a bug where the a Perfect Block would sometimes freeze the opponent’s inputs.

•Late Guard: Fixed a bug where the guard went back up late if you threw more than one punch out of the block.

  • Felkmaster Flex

    I have not played the game yet. I heard there is a problem with the stamina slider. Is it going to be fixed?

  • Felkmaster Flex

    I have not played the game yet. I heard there is a problem with the stamina slider. Is it going to be fixed?

  • Skihawks

    Nice to see…I have yet to purchase but will…Too many good games in March…

  • Dlux0

    Interesting, no mention of:

    1.Global Sliders do not make any significant changes to gameplay
    2.CUT/SWELLING slider for CAB always revert to 99 in Fight Now mode no matter what value you set them at when editing your CAB.
    3.Boxer Share has a search glitch that if you search for anything with a space(boxer first and last name or gamertag) it returns no search results found.

  • 2kfaggots

    This game blows big fat dick. EA Shorts did a piss poor job with legacy mode yet again. What the fuck are those fuck wads doing making new modes when the ones they have now are very flawed and BORING!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ea Sports sucks dick and if that fat ass nig Don King wouldn’t be involved in boxing games (2k sports retards) than the game would have been sick as fuck!!!!!!!!

  • 2kfaggots

    Don King boxing for life bitch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Www Ticohdallo

    If your goin to take the accuracy to the head off, then take some accuracy off the body, Cus the game sucks like shit now, straight up

    • Allparish12

      I knew something was off yesterday when i tried to play…seriously though…this game is going to take a visit to gamestop this weekend….im sick and tired of the cpu out throwing me in punches by a very substantial amount and not suffering and significant fatigue loss in the process…how in the world does someone throw 400+ power punches yet still has 88-92% stamina by the 10th round while im down to the 70s or lower???

      forget this, and mark my words, this is the LAST boxing game i buy from ea…they basically did NOTHING to improve the CAF and fighting someone online is a joke b/c of glitches and exploits…