Fight Night Champion Second Patch Released

Posted June 28th, 2011 at 11:45 am

The second patch for Fight Night Champion which was detailed here last week has been pushed live for both the Xbox 360 and PS3. As seems to be the case with everything Fight Night related the initial response has been sharply mixed.

Many of the adjustments that had been made through the ‘Tuner Updates’ had been rolled back and re-worked with the patch. Ironically what was at first said to be a return to original stamina levels is anything but as heavy drain – particularly the additional loss in backwards movement – has been the biggest topic of discussion as fans begin to adjust today.

  • Kalan

    too late EA already traded this in


      Why do people say this like it hurts EA?  They already got your money.  You think they care if you traded it in?  SMH

      • Nonya

        Got my money once…but not twice!!! Life goes on, and they need return customers. I won’t be one of them!!!

  • rich

    Im so done with this game. The devs obviously have no idea what they want or how to balance things properly.

  • Dullahdakidd

    Are you kidding me?????The stamina drain is freaking ridiculous… Whether or not you conserve punches you’re drained by the 5th rd. This is bullcrap… BACK TO GAMESTOP IT GOES… catering to no skill cheering spamming ho mos

  • Del4ncor1692

    the patch makes it a little more realistic to me cuz you cant throw combinations all the time and landing a hook has a better chance of knocking your opponent down im glad they brought back the blood and swelling ima still play it i love fight night

  • yungswag

    the new patch sucks… tried to conserve my energy and was still at 28% stamina in the tenth round and only threw like 250 punches the whole fight


    I love this game but EA doesn’t know what the hell they’re doing.  Do the devs even know a thing about real boxing?  Have they ever watched any classic fights?  Fighters like Ali, Mariciano, Luis, etc  used to go 15 rounds on the regular.  So how the hell is it when I use them in the game, they’re gassed by the 5th round without me even throwing that many punches.  I swear man EA keeps taking 1 step forward & 2 steps backwards everytime they change this game.  For God’s sake EA fix the freakin Stamina so I can finally enjoy this freakin game that I bought it seems like a year ago!!!

    • Teenickelz

      im gonna say this ..EA has to come to grips with the FN controls… this whole button vs analog thing is (IMO) the sole reason for the complaints online…. if everybody had the same controls there would be less complaints… i truly believe that…..

  • BruceMitchell

    one step forward one step backward

  • Del4ncor1692

    if they woulda kept things the same like they had in the demo it would be perfect everything was right i smell a patch 3 coming

    • will

      they need to reset the dam game back because they f up bad now

    • will

      they need to reset the dam game back because they f up bad now

    • will

      they need to reset the dam game back because they f up bad now

  • Briankiper

    This new patch really messes the game up I can’t even play it anymore I enjoyed playing online but after this last patch I think my fight night champion days are done smh! The stamina decrease is unreal as ever

    • Teenickelz

      try playing the game off line for a bit… you might get a better hold of what they did to the stamina …. i actually been plying more better online matches since my own studying… its usually the same, people running or  punching themselves out with wild swings … i dig what they did but this should have doen from the beginning.. just give back a tinsy bit of stamina is all i ask…..

  • BK

    The game was fine at release, the patches have made it crap and unrealistic. Now these heavily conditioned professional athletes cant get to round 5 without their mouths hanging open, staggering about – and that’s fighting conservatively with no power punches – its a joke. Plus they still aint sorted legacy crashing with CABS imported. Oh and the sliders do NOTHING. Why have features if they dont work.

    Really annoyed with EA, they have ruined it.

    • Sniffer

      wheres the blood and swelling ?
      it was there before these patches 🙁
      now the damage slider does nothing all the wayup
      im not happy