Soundtrack for NHL 12

Posted August 17th, 2011 at 10:45 am

For the second straight year EA Sports has put together a soundtrack for the NHL series with the intention of replicating the in-arena experience. With a mix of classic and new songs continue on to check out the full track listing for NHL 12.

Against! Me – Occult Enemies
Anthrax – I’m Alive
Beady Eye – Standing on the Edge of the Noise
Billy Idol – Mony Mony
Black Tide – That Fire
Blackguard – Farewell
Bush – Sound of Winter
Death Letters – I Wish I could Steal a Sunset
Dropkick Murphys – Hang ‘em High
ELO – Don’t Bring Me Down
Judas Priest – You’ve Got Another Thing Comin’
Manchester Orchestra – April Fool
Middle Class Rut – Busy Being Born
Murderdolls – Whatever you got, I’m Against It

  • I remember when a bunch of EA (Burnout, Madden ’03, NHL ’01 etc.) games had a pretty big influence on my music taste. Last couple of years, across all their franchises, they appear to have lost the plot.

  • It doesn’t matter what the soundtrack is because you can just go online and download custom stadium music and goal horns that are the exact as real life.  That is what I did for NHL 11 and it works perfectly.

  • chicken rib

    embarrassing soundtrack 

  • Wandaa

    fucking drop kick murphys seriously do they pay EA to put their music in their games? Bunch of shitty bands.

  • Jeff

    Don’t bring me down, BRUCE! I actually enjoy that song but i don’t know why it would be in an NHL game.

  • Actually a big fan of this sountrack. Black Tide, Murderdolls, Billy Idol, Against! Me, Judas Priest, Manchester Orchestra. Very solid. Not as good as Burnout 3, but nothing will ever be.

  • ReelBigMike

    Love to see the NHL soundtracks because I know there will be no garbage rap music. Really glad to see Against Me! and Dropkick Murphys.