All About NBA 2K12’s Controls

Posted September 19th, 2011 at 5:45 pm

Though much of the news as of late on NBA 2K12 has been discouraging, with the revelation that historic teams are not playable online and that no rookies will be included on the rosters essentially making them identical to last year’s due to the lockout, the demo is about to arrive and that will at least temporarily demand the attention. The demo will be out tomorrow at approximately 5am ET on the Xbox 360 and 6pm ET on the PS3.

In advance of the demo check out all the controls and move lists through images provided to Operation Sports. There is also the latest developer blog from 2K Sports that goes over all the changes and improvements to controls – definitely worth checking out as it goes into great detail on the enhancements and how it all will ultimately affect gameplay.

  • CrabDrbble

    so not excited for this demo. itll be like playing 2k11. why not put a few legend teams in to make it interesting?

  • Anonymous

    Pasta stop hating. The game is going to be great

    • Woop

      How is he hating? What a dumbass

    • Guest

      For real Pasta he’s right.  Where are you getting all this “discouraging” stuff from?  Who gives a shit about rookies not being in the game?  You act like you can’t created them or download them through roster share.  You act like it’s 2K’s fault for not having up to date rosters at launch.  It’s the NBA’s fault.  Everything I’m hearing about this game sounds amazing as usual.  Some things just never change with you huh Pasta?  Never pass up a chance to down talk 2K huh?  They’re the only company left that goes all out to improve their game every year & actually puts out a true simulation game but yet you always focus on the negative about them huh?  SMH

      • Anonymous

        Or, he’s talking about things that everyone has been talking about. No rookie class,and legends are not playable online (which is huge to a lot of people). I’m not saying anything about the game itself, but those are big things to factor in, especially the legends not being available online. Those historic teams have been the biggest area of marketing for 2k this year, and they aren’t even available in arguably the most popular game mode.

        • Tip

          I could care less about the rookies but I do think 2K dropped the ball by not letting us play online with the historic teams since the legends have been the main focus of the promotion. I mean, they got THREE different legends on the covers and you can’t even use them online? Bonehead move by 2K. 

      • Taron Young

        yeah, judging by this post he hasn’t played the demo yet. Wait, you’ll see…..and without rookies the game is not fresh or exciting unless they would have totally changed things up….other than the old teams….kinda weak to me. I would not buy.

      • Arrow

        I really don’t understand how some people can read Pasta and think he hates 2K. What I am reading is someone concerned that a really good game could have some real bad sales. 2K has no control over the lock-out but the historic teams have a real appeal and not having them available seems like a marketing mistake.

  • Dfonseca89

    Oh noo!! You mean I won’t have any of the rookies from this year’s very weak draft class?!…maybe I would care if the the rest if the NBA players were excluded from the game but rookies?? Eh. This game will be great! No historic teams online is lame but that’s not the difference between buying or not buying this game.

    • hiphopcop

      Yeah most of the time I would agree that not having rookies would be huge, but since it was the weakest draft in like 10 years, that will not be why I won’t buy the game

  • Mike (cmon bruh)

    Pasta,Are you serious!!! I’m guessing you did not read Blog after Blog on 2k’s Facebook about the Additions they have added to the game.How can you sit up there and say by them not adding rookies and not being able to play with Historic Teams online makes this game the same as last year.The draft Class was terrible,unless your a Cleveland Cavs fan and Historic Teams i can totally understand why people would be upset.But there’s endless things this game has that certify a $60 purchase and makes this game completely separate from last years version.

  • Taron Young

    Yeah I like not having a 2k12 (due to lockout) and having a 19.99 DLC of the old legend teams. Would have been easier to swallow than full price for the same game. This is literally the same game and could have been upgraded through a DLC. Is this a lets add Bird and Magic to get fools!!!!

  • Quan

    Where is the hop step?  How do you hop step now.

  • You need an engineering masters to remember all the damn moves.

  • Amreowns

    why cant we use triangle for iso step?, can we change it after like change controls in full game??!??!