UFC Undisputed 3 Roster: Welterweights

Posted October 26th, 2011 at 10:45 am

The rosters for UFC Undisputed 3 conclude with the welterweights – though there remains the list of names to come to make for the ‘Pride’ mode in the game. If any of the rosters for the various weight classes previously revealed were missed: heavyweight, light heavyweight, middleweight, lightweight, featherweight, and bantamweight.

As with the majority of the divisions there are some real notable names omitted from the roster here – with Anthony “Rumble” Johnson, Jake Ellenberger, Rick “The Horror” Story, and Rory MacDonald missing. The division is headlined by current champion Georges St-Pierre and includes Josh Koscheck and Jake Shields.

Continue on for the list of 16 welterweights – 17 if counting the retailer exclusive (down from 22 in UFC 2010) and leave your thoughts in the comments!

Carlos Condit
Chris Lytle
Dan Hardy
Diego Sanchez
Dong Hyun Kim
Georges St. Pierre
Jake Shields
Jon Fitch
Josh Koscheck
Martin Kampmann
Matt Serra
Matt Hughes
Mike Swick
Nate Diaz
Nick Diaz (Gamestop Exclusive)
Paulo Thiago
Thiago Alves

  • Inman85

    By FAR the most disappointing weight class…. So many missing names on this list. fuck

  • this is a joke… they could have 5 different DLCs with the amount of fighters they’re missing. but no rory mcdonald and jake ellenberger is a fuckin joke. anybody know if they’re going to have people fighting in different divisions like nate diaz down as lightweight and what not?

    • MP3

      BJ can fight at LW & WW, Nate Diaz too. What THQ did for UFC 3 was put certain guys in different weight classes so we can have dream fights. Like GSP can fight at Middleweight & Frankie Edgar can fight at Featherweight. It’s still no excuse for omitting other fighters, adding entrances & music shouldn’t be that big of a deal either. 

  • MP3

    There better be ALOT of DLC packs forthcoming, i’m not happy with this roster at all. There’s more guys missing at WW (Guys that Pasta mentioned plus Sadollah, Brenneman, Ebersole, Ludwig, & Pyle) than any other class. 

  • Real Talk

    What a joke every weight class pretty much is missing big names and this is the worst one I aint buyin this piece of crap. Your missing jake ellenburger who could be fighting for a title soon and Rumble Johnson who was in the game before and is one of the most exciting young welterweights also Rick Story who beat Thiago Alves and Rory Macdonald maybe the most promising young prospect in the sport let alone the division and then you got Nick Diaz who would have been fighting for the title if he didn’t miss a press conference and could have possibly become champion and he is DLC?Are u serious this is a joke and yet they still got chris lytle who retired and matt serra who hasn’t fought in forever THQ sucks straight up and down no wonder they lose so much money the deserve to.

  • Izzmatt8

    no anthony johnson!? but you have matt serra and paulo thiago.. thats a joke

  • Cody

    I think that they are just releasing 16 names out threw espn but they will really have more in the actual game

  • Falcon1fan26

    stupid to leave out some of the top prospects in the division and leave some of the guys that won’t even be there anymore, hardy, lytle, serra?? they aren’t fighting anytime soon (lytle at all) and johnson, story, ellenburger, and mcdonald are all pushing for top contention smh at these rosters…theres still time to fix them just saying

  • Tbonebuggs

    Though I’m disappointed by some missing fighters, I can’t wait to use Nick Diaz while my little bro uses uses Nate.