NFL Blitz Arriving With a Whimper – Lack of NBA Jam Support Partially Responsible

Posted January 3rd, 2012 at 1:15 pm

Based on the results of the poll posted last week regarding purchase plans for NFL Blitz – which releases tomorrow on XBLA and PSN for $15 – enthusiasm has dropped considerably since the original announcement of the game. Only 13% plan to buy Blitz and 59% are dead set against it. The remaining chunk is in wait and see mode and may base a decision on the trial version. Considering the only unedited gameplay video generated pure indifference it might be tough to hook those people who are on the fence with a few minutes of game time.

There are a number of reasons why Blitz isn’t drawing much excitement from consumers. The removal of late hits as dictated by the league was the first big blow and that was then followed up by outdated rosters. The latest factor though seems to be a lack of confidence in EA Sports relating to their second-tier titles following the handling of NBA Jam: On Fire Edition. That game, which promised roster updates, still has not delivered one and the company still hasn’t even commented on the subject. That is probably telling – the only reason to ignore inquires would be to try and avoid any backlash that would come with a negative response.

Blitz hasn’t promised any roster updates (notably avoiding the topic completely along the way) but the lack of support towards Jam – which is produced out of the same studio and has similar relevance and publisher backing – has to be a consideration when setting expectations. The blunders made with Jam, from the console version to the direct-download version, are certainly influencing some level of trepidation in how Blitz is being viewed.

  • EA Sports has really become out of touch with their consumers and what they really want.

    • No more Madden

      They don’t give a shit what consumers want. Neither does the NFL or the NFLPA for that matter. This is strictly business and they feel that they are simply too big to fail. The only way to break this business relationship between the NFL and EA is to stop buying the games.

      If you want to see the Madden NFL deal with the NFL go away, stop buying the games.

      If you ever want to see NFL football again from any different publisher other than EA, then stop buying the games.

      Use your own will power to defeat the EA monopoly on videogame football and STOP BUYING THE GAMES.



      • Perrylarry44

        i agree

        • PBE

          Pasta will you stop posting about this game lol, you are the only one playing this crap… the arcade era is over dude, better yet EA is over as far as sports lol… they are just not good at making games, you are better at promoting them tho ill give you that… But pasta, stop…

  • Chris Budzban

    The commentary was awful and the gameplay was slower than Madden in the only actual gameplay video they’ve released. I thought for sure I’d be buying it, now I’ll check out the demo to see if there were any improvements.

    • The commentary is downright awful – like the opposite of NBA Jam. 

      • Giants56

        Yeah they tried too hard to be funny, they should have stuck with Frank Caliendo and the other guy from Blitz the league 2. And the wierd pauses defiantly sound wierd.

  • Keith.

    Personally, I think the lack of interest stems from the fact this game looks like it’s 10 years old.  The game looks terrible, and anybody who supports EA by buying this crap is part of the problem.

    • The gameplay video definitely looked uninspired. Has a good set of features though to (maybe) provide value.

      • I will check out the trial for this game, but the video made it look really bad.  I regret buying the NFL Arcade game after really enjoying the NHL Arcade, so they already got me once.  (And I actually enjoyed NFL Tour.)  But ultimately, I will not be buying this game based on what Keith or Pasta or anybody thinks – if I enjoy it and feels it’s worth paying for I’ll get it – if not I will pass.

  • The game is in the PSN now BTW

  • I wanna buy this so bad, but the outdated rosters kill it for me. If I wanted to play with outdated rosters, I’d just play NFL Arcade

    • I don’t know, the rosters aren’t *that* outdated – considering they had to stop somewhere before the final build was done.  Now, a lack of future updates is concerning and I think the unlockables are pretty lacking too.

      • GTRO

        look at that Patriots roster!

        • Brutal – I actually missed that one with the holidays.  You almost assume it’s too hard to mess that up, and then you have to do a double take. 

  • I had a lot more enthusiasm when the news first broke also.  At least everybody can give the demo a whirl first.

  • No3456

    No late hits + no support = no way.

    • The lack of late hits is glaring when you play the game.  Feels like Madden.  Surprised they didn’t try to sneak the Hit Stick into this.

  • JB

    Nobody cares about these arcade type sports games anymore because sports games have become too realistic. Games like Jam and Blitz were cool years ago but they have worn thin. People want realism in their sports games these days with all the current technology. 

    • I disagree. There is still a market for arcade games that are inspired, fun (Jam accomplished this) and at a favorable price point ($14.99 works over $59.99).  The advancement of realism in games has certainly changed people’s tastes and expectations but it doesn’t mean other game styles are dead in the water.

  • Clarity

    JAM was developed in Vancouver while Blitz is developed at Tiburon.

    • Frof33

      Actually NBA Jam moved to Tiburon.

  • Keith.

    I wonder if ANY development studio has ever done less with more than Tiburon. Blows my mind how a studio so mediocre is able to keep its EA gig.

  • Bmurfield

    it doesnt even look like a demo for blitz is being released. im on the ps store and all i see the full game.

    • I know its a requirement for every game on XBLA. Guess its not on PSN?

      • Irish

        its not… Remember NBA Unrivaled??? -__- neither do I..

        • Irish

          didnt have a demo for psn

    • If you click on the full game, does it give you an option within there to download the demo? Maybe not separated out yet in the demo folder?

  • CSneeded

    They just moved Jam to Tiburon which explains why theres no updates,  doesn’t sound promising for NBA Live/Elite what ever you want to call it!  EA is killing the franchise and doesn’t seem to care  good job SUITS

  • Ryan

    Gave in and bought the game for PS3. I have only played about 4 games so far (all online) and I must admit this game is a blast to play online. Games only take 15 mins to complete and there is actually some strategy involved. looking forward to playing the elite league next

  • OperationSports forum is reporting that both Vick and Tebow are RIGHT handed in this game.  WTF?  Also, people are reporting that they’ve played games where both teams wore white, or both teams wore dark unis, with no way to pick a jersey

    • Also, people are saying that if you play online with the Jets, their returner is Brad Smith. I’ll let you ponder that and see if you can figure out whats wrong with that statement.

      • Chris Budzban

        Amazing how these errors get through to the final versions of games. Does anyone test things anymore?

  • Giants56

    The game is pretty fun, just bought it. the helmets are really annoying though lol.
    Would also like to play with Cruz and JPP on the Giants.  Also Eli for whatever reason is faster than Tebow (who is right handed in the game)

  • Rm7280

    another turd from the asshole of gaming