NFL Blitz: Hits and Misses

Posted January 9th, 2012 at 4:15 pm

For the first time since 2003 the Blitz series carries the NFL license after having been acquired and subsequently rebooted by EA Sports. As a digital-download title the company hoped to bring back some of the magic of the beloved series while increasing the amount of content over what was provided in their previous attempts at arcade-style football. Were they able to achieve one or both? Continue on for the Hits and Misses review of NFL Blitz. 


•Online Play
Where NFL Blitz meets its full potential is online – as an offline game it offers much more limited value. Online matches have been lag-free, state-by-state leaderboards and advancement makes the basic “Blitz Battles” (standard online) more interesting, co-op adds strategy to the games with additional user-controlled players, and the “Elite League” take on “Ultimate Team” mode is intriguing and fairly-designed but limited by the lack of player differentiation.

•Level of Content
For a digital-download it would be hard not to be pleased with all that was included in the Blitz package. There is strong replay value offline with “Blitz Gauntlet”, tons of unlockables, and solid online performance to take advantage of through “Blitz Battles”, “Elite League”, and even co-op.

•Fun Factor
Though not as strong in this regard as past EA attempts such as Madden Arcade, NFL Tour, and NFL Street – NFL Blitz is still an enjoyable game to play. There is some decent strategy involved, balance between offense and defense is fair, gameplay and controls are responsive, and there are numerous modes to dig into. It does a fair job of paying tribute to past Blitz titles while trying to enhance elements by taking advantage of today’s technology.


•General Blandness
The NFL is largely to blame for the overall uninspired feel of NFL Blitz – but EA Sports is too at fault for not finding creative ways to get around the restrictions imposed on them. The lack of late hits and any post-play action is impossible to ignore as are the forgettable celebrations. An almost complete lack of player differentiation though might be more damaging in the end than those disappointments. Offense is also a plodding affair with slowed down action partially to blame – along with speed of players factoring in very little if at all.

The commentary in NFL Blitz features Tim Kitzrow (of NBA Jam fame) and comedian Brian Haley and comes across flat and unengaged. At least it doesn’t reach NFL Tour levels of annoying. Presentation is true to Blitz of the past otherwise.

•Outdated Rosters
Rosters are sadly outdated and are missing a number of names that deserve to be included.  EA never promised roster updates for Blitz but there is no excuse not to have at least one – even Madden Arcade got multiple roster updates. A lack of post-release support suggests EA is not really behind the title and/or sees little future for it as a series.

EA Sports has made a number of missteps lately with their arcade-style offerings and this release of NFL Blitz could potentially amount to a one-and-done title. It’s hard to see much potential for a sequel given the restraints enforced by the NFL and the lack of compensation in gameplay provided by EA. While Blitz makes for a fair value at $15 and provides fun and content equal to that investment it ultimately fails to amount to anything more than just that. (See also: full impressions of NFL Blitz).

  • Anonymous

    I generally agree with pretty much everything said here. I don’t find the commentary to be bad but it’s not really good either. I’m pretty much just neutral on that.

    My biggest issue with the lack of late hits isn’t so much that they were removed (doesn’t effect the core gameplay so it doesn’t really bother me) but the fact that they didn’t completely remove the gap where they would have been. There’s a few seconds of just watching the player stand there, completely still where you can tell the late hits were originally supposed to be. If they had removed that to speed up the flow of the game a bit more, I would’ve had less issues with the situation.

    • Commentary is better than Madden.

      • Anonymous

        The commentary in Madden doesn’t really bother me too much but I also only play it casually so I don’t notice it repeating too often.

    • Anonymous

      My only big problem with the new Blitz is how often your defender automatically targets the opposing QB when you jump, even if you’re nowhere near him. It has made defending significantly harder than it used to be and is really annoying when you’re trying to take out a receiver that is right in front of you.

  • Abc123

    i also like the simple play style. my dad has learned co op well. ive only ever played super nintendo with him because hes old school but this is working for us, so thats a plus

  • Dtownthefunkeehomosapien

    hits- nothing
    misses- no roids, no fun, and id rather play blitz the league 2

  • MoneyMayweather

    yeah ea shitted on my 15.

    • no you shitted on yourself for buying this hot garbage

  • Anonymous

    So would you recommend it or no?

  • sheredia

    i’ll just play the old blitz whenever i want to get my blitz fix…….

  • instead of buying this I popped in my old copy of Blitz 2003 for xbox original. BTW is there a way to stretch the screen, the game goes to 4:3 with the black bars on the side? and the picture is very small

  • If I want to play Blitz, I’ll plug in my N64 and play it on there. 

  • BJ Raji

    its not a terrible game, people.  It’s not on the same level as NBA Jam OFE, but its still a solid purchase in my opinion

    • Tom Clancy

      says the sucker who’s out 15 bucks.

      • Anonymous

        Or… Maybe… Just maybe… Some people are actually enjoying the game.

        I know that despite its flaws, I’m enjoying it quite a bit.

  • Anonymous

    It’s upsetting that EA is not puttting much effort into this game, It’s unfortunate that they did not take the time to include roster updates or get the players traits correctly. How can they add in vick and tebow and not make them left handed? The game looks like it may be fun and i will definitaly check out the demo, but EA’s lack of effort and support may stop me from purchaseing the game.

  • kc

    actually the game is not bad at all, why dont you try it before you run your mouths about it. you all sound like a bunch of packers fans…