Next NBA 2K12 Roster Update Delayed; 2K Sports Still Working on PS3 Freezing Issue

Posted February 13th, 2012 at 9:45 am

Those eager for an update to Jeremy Lin’s ratings in NBA 2K12 – or changes to anyone else in the league for that matter – will have to hold out for a little while longer. 2K Sports has announced their next planned roster update has been pushed back as focus has instead shifted to addressing the freezing issue that was reported on last week which is still affecting many PS3 gamers from loading 2K12 successfully.

The “workaround” to get the game to start-up has worked for some but not all and regardless a permanent solution has to be provided. The delay of the roster will affect everyone with 2K12 though, and it goes to show how few resources are being spent on the current version at this point (no more patches are planned) that the person responsible for rosters is forced to deal with an unrelated issue and in turn put the “living rosters” feature on the back burner.

  • Dre2778

    This is the reason why the 2K series is failing in baseball, now they are killing the basketball series with dumb decisions..smh

    • Anonymous

      I think a year off might do 2k some good. I  wanna see what EA come up with after being off 2 years.

      • Lilmikeg61

         bull crap ea is bull crap 2k is great too bad about the freezing ea and ncaa and madden can all suck a dick

      • Matthew_Geyer

         ea sucks major……


      At least 2K lets their consumers know whats going on and doesnt leave them in the dark. At least theyre trying to fix the issue. This is a dumb write up.

      • Anonymous

        This is true. At least they let us know that their game is broken. That’s a plus. Of course, this is only one of the issues that is actually publicly addressed. I have seen several problems on 2k’s forums that have yet to be answered.

        Come on, it took them a month and a half to get the draft class in the game. They still don’t have full functionality of the website that is advertised on the box. Quit riding the 2k shaft and just admit they are no better than EA.

      • Dre2778

         With a name like you have I bet you don’t mind playing bugging unplayable games and just deal with it huh

  • Kjjnesb

    2K may have destroyed most of the good will they built up from 2k11 better bring it for 2K13 IMO

  • Keith.

    Don’t let pasta fool you — 2k12 is awesome.  Notice how he won’t mention 2k12’s positive sales showing in the NPD info that was released last week?  No matter how hard he tries to kill 2k on this site, the buying public knows better.

    • I don’t think he is trying to kill 2k. If the game has issues the game has issues. Sales don’t matter much especially when it is the only NBA game out. Madden is average all the time yet sells big every year.

    • B86

      well in this case pasta doesnt matter im one of the biggest 2k fans you will find but you have to face it like im having to everytime i try to play my game it just isnt working the game is great but it doesnt even load up and you say pasta wont mention sales that should say something to you if he care more about letting us know that the freeze is still going on then him saying hey everyone check out 2k sales cause i personally would be pissed if he picked to talk about sales when there is a more serious issue a hand which is the people who have the game not being able to play 

      • Scottyo614

        Yeah and how 2K share never works for me… I love 2K but id really like to be able to use the feature at will

    • 2K’s sales are way down. That’s not even in question. If you’re saying NBA 2K12 has good sales cause it placed 6th then Madden must be rocking still in 8th!

      • Keith.

        Not sure what you’re talking about.  NPD had 2k12 in 4th place for January, which is about where they were in last January’s chart, too.  Further, 2k’s financial call last week said they’ve sold through about 4 million copies, which again isn’t too far off last year’s pace, with a few more months left to go.  I won’t be surprised to see 2k12 outsell Madden12 before it’s all said and done, which is remarkable that we’re talking about an NBA game outselling the NFL product.

        But you can keep pedaling the EA line, since it’s your website and you’ve got some free swag to nail.

        • Yeah, my fault on the recollection, 2K12 was 4th and Madden was 6th (I remembered they were just two apart). It was a very weak month for the gaming industry.

          BTW the numbers released by 2K were “shipped to retailers” and the numbers from EA or NPD are sold to consumers. So there is a huge gap between the two games in sales.

          • Anonymous

            Yo PAsta did you review “The Grey”? I’m thinking of checking it out

          • Keith.

            You’re full of it, pasta.

            “Take Two Interactive announced on their earnings call tonight that the sales of their popular basketball video game NBA 2k12 have reached 4 million copies.  NBA 2k12 is on pace to outsell last year’s game, NBA 2k11.”  


            With last week’s news that NBA will be bundled with MLB, my guess is it won’t be long before 2k12 outsells 2k11.  I just won’t expect to see any positive news story on your site when it happens.

            Meanwhile, EA’s CEO said that Madden 12 has sold “almost” 5 million, which is Madden’s weakest sales figures in 10+ years.  Again, you’re not fooling anybody but yourself (and maybe some fellow EA Game Changers) with your biased reporting.

            “EA’s CEO, John Riccitiello, stated, ‘Madden NFL 12 has sold through almost 5 million units life-to-date.’”  


          • SUCK MY WANG

            I think he gets alot of his numbers from Donny Moore. The supposed Madden ratings guru.

          • Anonymous

            ROFL!! Pasta mayne my boy be throwing these uppercuts at you duke.

            Madden about to get outsold by 2K basketball?!?!?


      NBA 2k12 is a good game if you overlook the horrible roster updates,online, and Rick Adelman’s black hands. Not sure what sales have to with problems occuring in the game. Man everytime I look at something on here youre talking about a games sales stfu.

  • Kriss

    so glad i skipped 2k this year. terrible effort all around

  • bdom

    the freeze issue its happening in the xbox 360 as well. i hope 2k its not only working on the ps3 but the xbox 360 too.

  • Jackmeoff

    Sounds like the work of EA.

  • b86

    As a 2k fanboy this stinks and its safe to say this is my last 60 dollar purchase from 2k im tired of these games half made and stuff with DLC what happened to the days where things were just unlocked by playing it is still crazy to me that a save file could cause an issue like this. Ive also deleted file got the game back working only for it to crash again a day later and i lost my shoes the first time and im sure ive lost them again and 2k isnt working on the problem they would have had it fixed by now its time for some fresh hungry companies to take on these sports titles

  • Roster updates shouldn’t be causing the problem, so why not keep releasing them? 2K Insider is the one responsible for the rosters, Right?

    • Satisphid

      You have just said what I’ve been thinking since this nonsense came out! It’s highway robbery that we have to pay for this game! They should be ashamed of themselves for putting out a mediocre project and then asking us to pay for it! Get it together 2K! You’re close to losing another fan!

  • Brettfarve

    Here we go with more of the smear campaign. What’s ur deal pasta?

    • Huh? You prefer not being informed of the latest goings on? Odd comment.

      • Djbnice1

        Pasta gives us the updates whiten they come out, whether good or bad. I personally feel 2k sports does a poor job in maintaining their sports games, especially roster updates. By the very least, nba roster updates should come bi-weekly.

        • Fightb

          Really..I would say more bad than good when it comes to 2K 

          • Hampt

            and that’s 2ks fault. not the person reporting about it.

      • Fightb

        Don’t mind but it’s always something negatively related to 2K..I don’t mind because it’s been your MO for years..But the Ea/love 2k/hate is ridiculous and one of the reason people outside of this site don’t take u serious..

        • jackmeoffpasta

          All he is, is a 2K basher. He did the same with MLB 2K11 before it even came out. All he did was talk down about it instead of giving us some good qualities about the game. When it comes to EA games its “this is good and this is good but this needs some work.” 2K games its “this is fucked up and this is fucked up and this game fucking sucks!” Dudes been bias for along time. From what I here he gets free EA shit so he has to talk good about their shitty ass games.

          • Fightb

            LOL ur right isn’t that the purpose of owning your own site to be an ea gamechanger be part of the hype machine,get free ea games,go to free CD events to hype up the game,and rehash the cycle evry year..he’s been doing this for a long time him, and his other ea maddenites who own their site. Like I said take  a poll u will see who takes him serious outside of his fanboys on this site VERY FEW!!

          • I don’t go to events and rarely even get games. So much for that theory!

          • SUCK MY WANG

            Did you not go to E3 pasta? What do you mean you dont go to events? I thought you were just bias but now you are full of it.

          • Fightb

            Pasta pasta you know thats not true

        • Funny..considering all the “negative” articles on EA Sports games I then post too. I report the news, and provide analysis. If it’s negative it seems that way because it isn’t good news for the companies/other sites choose to overlook consumer problems.

      • Brettfavre

        I’m just saying you could cut out the bias. This has been one of the best games released all year. I personally haven’t had any of these problems.

        • jackmeoffpasta

          If you search 2k11 on this website you get proof of how bias he is. He does state facts of how the sales were up because that was something you couldent deny about 2K11. But theres alot of bogus shit like this…

          • Did you mean to link to something else? Impressions of NBA Today mode…I don’t see anything wrong with that?

            NBA 2K11 was my favorite game of 2010. It won the game of the year award for the site. That does sound very biased!!!


          • LPC

            Pasta don’t get sucked into the craziness. People go to these blogs sometimes just to release because its a faceless platform to express themselves. In real life most times they are spineless cowards. I personally had to learn to respond less to these types and only respond to those with “real” ideas and comments. Best of Luck and keep up the good work!

          • SUCK MY WANG

            Youre a fucking moron. All im saying is the guy writes bias articles and youre over here making it sound like were personally attacking the guy. Our criticism is no differnt than your brown nosing ass kissing comment.

          • Anonymous

             So how exactly is your previous posting showing him being biased? All he did was post facts about the game, both good and bad.

          • SUCK MY WANG

            Despite all its triumphs NBA 2K11 still had its share of weak areas. The NBA Today feature didn’t work for a full month and there were freezing issues when entering the main menu. My Player had a freeze of its own that halted many careers. Post-release support has been weak, with just a single patch and inconsistent and lackluster roster updates. Knocking Tony Parker in an update seemed to be an attempt to attract coverage rather than being merited. The controls, though improved, still were not completely user-friendly and sometimes animations would take over at inopportune times. Online play is still tragically sub-par even though it showed some improvement. Considering the sales of the series over the past few years and especially this year there is no excuse not to provide a top notch online experience. – Pastapadre
            Another case of 2 steps forward and 5 steps back.

        • JfromGL

          you must be a 2k employee to say that. 2k11 was way better then 2k12. 

      • xiii

        how to download NBA 2k12 for free ?

  • Dtownthefunkeehomosapien

    y all u cry? 2k is the bees knees

  • Ronald Reagan

    Batum and Peace’s arms are way too small. every player in this game looks so malnourished.. smh

    • jackmeoffpasta

      Did you really just call him… “Peaces?”    LMAO

  • Clintbeastwoods

    This is an ea website just like operation sports!

    • Matt Kaplowitz

      why because he points out the flaws of 2k12 this year…..this is a major issue with 2k12 and people want answers so he helps to keep them informed…2k12 was very flawed and it took about 6 months to deliver features that were advertised on the box!!! (2k online website integration)  you just gotta realize 2k are not producing the quality games like they used to…will a 2k game come out in the future in which the online feature works at launch?

      • SUCK MY WANG

        “why because he points out the flaws of 2k12 this year”

        Thats all he does and if you want answers go striaght to the source.

        • Matt Kaplowitz

          yeah because the source is going to be quick to point out that their servers are down, or like now you cant get past the loading settings screen….smdh you are obviously a hype beast

          • SUCK MY WANG

            Ahhhhh…yeah. Where do you think pasta gets his info? EA???

  • Matt Kaplowitz

    huge fan of the blog pasta…I have 2k12 for the ps3 and was experiencing the unable to load past settings problem and was able to get my game to work by deleting game utility data but not the additional features.  I am very disappointed with 2k this year as it has taken many steps back from last year and am really disappointed to hear they will not be making another patch.  Hopefully EA brings out an nba title so we have a choice next year because 2k just isn’t making the quality game they used to.  

  • Mason Drews

    Hell yeah Portland love from Pasta, BATUM SHAKA LAKA!!!!!!!!!!

  • CSaintSwag

    im curious am i the only one who has no problem with Nba 2k12 i mean online is great for me, and i dont expect new rosters everday they have other issues to deal with bigger than roster updates.

  • CSaintSwag

    i really want 2k to bring back their college hoops series lol screw MLB 2k BRING BACK COLLEGE HOOPS

  • guest

    obviously,people dont know how to work a game system my 2k12(PS3) works fine dont delay a roster update because some people cant work a game also all of my friends 2k works as well.
    people keep saying 2k sucks please 2k is the best game series ever, look at madden and look at 2k 98% will always say 2k is better by a far margin

    • Anonymous

       Lol, so because your game works, the people who have reported the issue (obviously enough to have garnered attention) should be ignored? Do you realize how dumb that sounds? And it’s not an issue with the PS3 or people not knowing how to use it. The only game experiencing this issue is NBA 2k12.

    • Peytonmanning

      Ive not had any problems at all myself. No lag at all online, my roster updates are always there, and it’s been my sports game of the year. I also have madden and haven’t played it since I bought 2k. Pasta has been extremely biased because as soon as he hears a few people have freezing issues, he reports “widespread freezing issues”. These are probably the same people who asked a million times “how do I download the updated rosters?” lol

  • Ace

    2k is circling the drain anyway. this was just the first year that we saw nba 2k start to fail and in a few years 2k will be either bought out or nba 2k will have died and with it 2k sports all together.

  • Tim2

    Imagine if this was Madden that was freezing for PS3 people at boot – people would be going nuts. Yet there are commenters who don’t think it should even be reported on? People can’t even play the game at all or have lost data by being forced to delete files. Pull your heads out of your asses. Its 2Ks fault and they need to get it fixed asap.

  • Anonymous

    Does the ps3 version just randomly freeze? Or is it triggered by a file or something like that? I was thinking of buying 2k12(sold 2k11 and Ive been in withdrawal ever since), but now Im a little hesitant o_o

  • MileHighLogic

    I can’t wait for EA to get their game going again (whatever their gonna call it). Though 2K has been superior in gameplay for some years (offline), their online plain sucks: the my 2k piece loads half the time for me, resets at others; the roster updates are painfully slow and often incomplete; and their gameplay (online, again) is horrible…not sure if it’s lag, or if it just plays slow by design, but fast breaks are atrocious…  If EA does a good job with the online component, my money will definitely go there!

  • zzz

    wish i could play my copy of 2k12

  • 2K_arrogant_prxxx

    2k being 2k. Inferior customer service as always. There is no basketball game (apart from arcade NBA Jam) from EA. 2K needs a competitor.
    I can’t imagine how terrible MLB 2K12 will be if NBA 2K12 is as bad as this.

  • Bill

    I’m glad others see pastas biased journalism and are ripping him a new one. Bout time.

  • SMH

    Wow pasta smh that you would even entertain comments from some 11 year old with a user name suckmywang


      Im not 11 you fuck. Stop being such a dick nose typing SMH like its cool. You sound like a 14 year old teenage girl that just got her first cell phone.


        Is your name suck my wang because you have a small wang that nobody wants to suck? Why are you on a website full of males telling them to suck your wang?


        11 year old internet tough guy, go do your homework

        • SUCK MY WANG

          Im telling idiots like you to suck my cock because it feels good. Im done here.

          • SMH


      • SMH

        wow, guy says he’s not 11, but the first thing he does is resort to name calling… I rest my case

  • Samutuck

    I told you people to stop siding with either company and just on buying the best game that comes out. Do not have any allegiance to any of these companies because all they want is our money at the end the day. We as consumers have to make them earn our hard earned money. 

  • Evanderlamourt

    nba 2k12 has pissed me off havent been able to play for a month as i keep getting frozen at the beginning of every games load menu whether it be a tournament exhibition or franchise game i hope it gets fixed soon smh

  • wat  i did is delete the file of 2k12 and it start up 

  • EA_drug

    so when they gonna release the new roster update ?

  • Alexthesurvivor

    great i thought my game was mess uped this is a relief

  • BF

    Why Baron Davis is still not on the roster???

  • Nate ohhh

    thats why ps3 sucks and eff jeremy lin. we want the trades

  • ricky saltise

    i hope the next roster update has jamaal tinsley and mike james. How about adding chris johnson,james singleton and mikki moore.