Roster Update for NBA 2K12 Delivers Trade Deadline Deals

Posted March 16th, 2012 at 1:45 pm

2K Sports released a roster update earlier today for NBA 2K12 that executes all the trades that took place prior to the deadline yesterday. That includes the swap between the Bucks and Warriors from earlier in the week and others that happened right up against the deadline with the Lakers and Blazers especially active and a major three team deal between the Nuggets, Wizards, and Clippers. Nate McMillan and Mike D’Antoni have not been replaced however as they remain as coaches for their respective teams despite their recent firing and resignation.

  • Man I hope this is for the OA as well I’m trying to start a new one with the trade post deal line rosters.

    • Sdot



  • Deron in the back daydreaming about free agency.

    •  Yeah he’s wondering what life will be like next year in a Mavs uniform and a max contract.

  • Getreal

    Of course pasta has to bitch about something. This should be applauded for having these trades updated within 24 hours. No pleasing some people.

    • Mike Hunt

      He’s not bitching about it, he just mentioned it, and it’s something that’s good to know. So shut the fuck up you ball-less piece of shit and go back to wanking to your stepmom’s soiled panties.

      • Getreal

        Sorry I made fun of your boyfriend pasta. I can tell that really struck a nerve with u. Go back to cock gobbling u faggot fuck

    • 49ersfan#1

      dude pasta is better than u. if he didnt mention that, i wouldve been screwed. i need to no every detail in every game…

    • Skopin

       Yes, applaud them for taking the 10 seconds to move players to a different team. God forbid they would update the accessories, or the coaches, or something that may take a tiny bit more time than what someone could do in their game in 5 minutes.

  • who cares if the coaches are not gone yet pasta

    • 49ersfan#1

      i care!

  • Du24nt

    fuck man anyone know how to up date rosters while already in season without starting a new one.

  • Solomonster_00

    where to download?

  • 49ersfan#1

    were is the download? i cant find it anywhere. wont work! mine is still back in march 10 and theres a mavericks-warriors game on nba today! that 6 days ago when warriors kicked mavs ass. how do i update!

    • Same here, i don’t understand how to update the rosters either.  mine are still stock.



    • Dptm2003

       Really dude

      • Theresidentstoner

        For reals nig

  • Tj064

    did any ratings change or only players move teams?

  • Kclingerjr

    why isn’t jamaal tinsley in the game yet????????

  • Mason Drews

    LOL at Gerald STILL having WAYYYY outdated accessories and hairstyle. . . I sent this into 2k MONTHS ago when he was on Portland. 


      I dont think they have updated any equipment because Blake Griffin still doesnt have a sleeve. I like how they updated Isaiah Thomas and couldnt take 10 seconds to give him a headband lazy fucks

      • Whocares

        Who cares about headbands and sleeves.


          I fucking care, I think its pretty fucking pathetic that someone cant do their job.

      • Mason Drews

        No they have, precious Kobe got his shooter tape added (and removed two updates later). They must play favorites. . . here’s what I sent in two months ago (repeatedly)

  • Taylor

    Maybe I’m just not getting it, but can’t people change the accessories themselves? They say it takes 1 second, but they’d rather complain? If I see an issue in mine I just change it. Weird all these people call 2K lazy, but they don’t do it themselves either.


      it is 2k’s JOB to do this.  That is like saying, why are you complaining that the waiter isn’t refilling your drink, when you could do it yourself? 

      We payed $60 for a product that is NOT delivering on its promises of “living” rosters.  They never update the ratings for mid-tier players (including MANY starters), and they promised the most “dynamic roster updates” in terms of BOTH ratings and accessories.

      If they didn’t promise that as a part of a product that I purchased, then I wouldn’t complain.  But they have customers to satisfy and many of them are being chased away by their lack of post-release support of the game.

      • Taylor

         I understand if they don’t have the right players. But accessories? Come on. It’s ridiculous for them to watch every game and change accessories as well. Does it say on the box “we promise to change accessories daily”? I didn’t know a head band counted as “dynamic” rosters. Instead of writing a paragraph, go and change what you want different. That’s what I do. But hey I’m not lazy. And I’m not going to complain about a company who isn’t reading what I’m writing. Remember the good ol days when they had 1 roster come out with the game. Jeez, people take things for granted. Grow up and add a headband.


      Yeah we can change accessories but it gets old changing them every week.  

  • Ray

    Is there a reason why Cory Higgins (CHA), Sean Williams (DAL), Julyan Stone (DEN), Walker Russell (DET), Chris Wright (GS), Courtney Fortson (HOU), Greg Smith (HOU), Jeff Pendergraph (IND), Terrel Harris (MIA), Gerald Green (NJ), Jerry Smith (NJ), Jeff Foote (NO), Lance Thomas (NO), Ryan Reid (OKC), Chris Johnson (POR), and Jamaal Tinsley (UTH) aren’t in the game?


      NBA2kInsider is a lazy fuck thats why

    • Lyrikal

      Because they probably aren’t signed to long term deals. 2K only puts players that are signed for the rest of the year. Gerald Green just recently got signed for the entire year. Prior to that he was on 2, 10-day contracts.

  • Lakersfan

    Does the roster suppose to change in my player too?

  • Stupid question (I just got the Xbox 360 game over the weekend) Aren’t the rosters supposed to automatically update when you turn on the game??  It says something like “updating living rosters”, but yet nothing has changed. (none of the trade deadline deals are fixed) Is there something I’m not getting?

  • gerald green nets?where is???????????

    • Jestabillo Accord

      why i cant reset my 2k12 roster? is it because of the server or to my connection?

  • jaytab

    Why i cant update my nba 2k12 roster, is it because of the server or to my internet connection?

  • Ejackson

    how do update your association

  • Ebritt1384

    I thought it was just me getting pissed that the rosters ain’t on point. Wilson Chandler is back in the NBA..but he’s not in the game. I hate downloading rosters because ppl add fake players or a bunch of free agents who played overseas during the lockout. I want up to date rosters. If a free agent gets signed on a Tuesday afternoon, I want to see him playing by Tuesday night (Arenas is not on the Grizzlies like he should be. I paid for this game to do it’s far I’ve been let down

  • Jeremy Langford5

    When will Wilson Chandler be on the nuggets

  • Cockblock123

    They needa make a new update, cuz the nets signed Gerald Green for the rest of the season, and theGrizzlies did the same for Gilbert Arenas..

  • QBaller23

    I care about sleeves n headband. Roster updates are pretty good and well timed in general
     I just want Fisher in OKC and Chandler back in denver…
     i think they are the only 2 remaining and the roster will be perfect

  • Aidanj03

    Does it get Wilson chandler he my favorite nba player ever

  • Darius Ousley45

    Lebron James is over rated 

  • ken

    when is ramon sessions rating going to boosts, he clearly is shooting 3 pointers better this season and with the lakers but he is still at 57

  • Ep2900

    Why is ryan anderson still just a 67? And when are they going to send out another update during bought out players? Come on 2k this can’t be that hard. You should only ned one to two more updates before the end of the regular season. CATCH UP!!!!. And no I’m not a magic fan just noticed the discrepancy.

  • jay

    i agree with ep2900 and ken, when is another update coming, and to reiterate what ken mentioned a week on this link; ramon sessions is actually rated 4th in the nba in 3-point shooting at .452 on behind steve novak .479, ray allen .455, and stephen curry .455, and could you believe 2k still has his 3-point shooting at 57 

  • blablahNBA

    how do you update the roster? rep asap

  • jimmy jay

    can any one tell me why i dont have the new roster

  • Bhjbhbhh

    it sucks