Second Set of Transactions for 2012 NFL Season in Madden Screenshots

Posted March 17th, 2012 at 11:30 am

Following the first day rush of transactions there has been a number of notable signings including the biggest free agent this offseason not named Peyton Manning agreeing to a monster contract with the Bills. Here’s a look at the most recent moves made just days into the new NFL league year. 

Jarret Johnson – San Diego Chargers – Final Madden NFL 12 Rating (83)

Kyle Orton – Dallas Cowboys – Final Madden NFL 12 Rating (79)

Laurent Robinson – Jacksonville Jaguars – Final Madden NFL 12 Rating (83)

Kendall Langford – St. Louis Rams – Final Madden NFL 12 Rating (88)

Peyton Hillis – Kansas City Chiefs – Final Madden NFL 12 Rating (85)

Jason Jones – Seattle Seahawks – Final Madden NFL 12 Rating (82)

Mario Williams – Buffalo Bills – Final Madden NFL 12 Rating (96 as DE)

John Carlson – Minnesota Vikings – Final Madden NFL 12 Rating (76)

Brandon Carr – Dallas Cowboys – Final Madden NFL 12 Rating (84)

Other signings of note: Eric Wright (Bucs – 78), Cory Redding (Colts – 88), Frostee Rucker (Browns – 74), Jonathan Fanene (Patriots – 74), Martellus Bennett (Giants – 77), Kevin Boss (Chiefs – 76), Eddie Royal (Chargers – 77), Steve Hutchinson (Titans – 87), Dan Connor (Cowboys –  79), Mike Adams (Broncos – 76)

  • Jaboomdlaryfitz

    He signed with the bills !?!?!?!?

    • no pasta was just joking :|.

      • emaster97prime

        uhhh… he did .. dumbass

        • Mountain_dew77

          Ever heard of a thing called sarcasm?

        •  …I need an extra facepalm because one isn’t enough.

  • Brian K

    Mario Williams looks GREAT in the blue white and red!!! Go Bills!!

    • the texans away are blue white and red.. :tear: lol gj bills got a good player

      • Arod

        Can u not talk shit bout the bills dude. Texans suck too

        • Guest

          he’s not talking shit about the bills he’s saying congrats the bills got a good player. and last i checked the texans made the playoffs last year while the bills haven’t in over 10 years so….

        • Papelbon5821

          he clearly wasnt talking shit about the bill. Way to like your own comment too you fucken tool

  •     Final OVR doesn’t say much if anything at all.  Attributes of the players tell the story.  I encourage people to look at attributes and disregard the broken OVR formula in Madden.  
        Unfortunately, early indications are that the Madden 13 ratings/attributes will be inconsistent/inaccurate trash just like last year.  OVR needs to be a stand alone number (ranking) that has no connection to attributes.  Attributes are inaccurate and inconsistent since the ratings folks just manipulate them to reach a predetermined OVR regardless of reality.  

    • Kdarnell

      So true..I drafter a CB in the 5th and he has like a 67 OVR. I started him cause of how well he did in preseason and the dude doesnt let anyone catch anything. He’s starting over a 78 and 82 ranked CB too.

  • ???

    Why do the graphics look so good in these pics but the gameplay sucks?!

    • Mountain_Dew77

      Why do you think screenshots of a video game translates in any sort of way to gameplay?

      • ???

        Because if you look at the shots, they make you believe the game is good in the sense of look how players are positioned. They look flexible and fluid, the complete opposite of what the gameplay actually is. Stiff and stale. How many sales you think EA got based on these nice pictures and not gameplay? That’s why I don’t trust EA and never will again. They make you believe what they want you to believe.

        • zzzzzz

          graphics mean good gameplay duhhhhhhhhhh


        • zzzzz

          You are an idiot.

  • Troy Aikman

    Get number 8 off of Kyle Orton asap…

  • Ayoizzyxd

    Can’t wait to play with my cowboys in madden. If defense is as fun as they say it’s gonna be. Can’t wait!!

    • Ghost

      They are overrated each year so I bet you can’t.

  • Lf12374

    has anyone manual updated their roster with all the new fa signings.if so did you noticed how no teams are rated over 88.even the giants rate a 85 with the patriots at 88 and the steelers at 87

    • I have all transactions and I have a completely rerated roster, if you want to get in contact with me and my roster, please send me a message on facebook under Matthew Duncan, and I can give you my roster that already includes 4 rookies, with all the rerated players, the highest OVR is a 95 and the lowest is a 30, so now star players, stand out

      • Lf12374

        can you email it to me.i dont know which matthew duncan you are

      • Geedot

        Matthew; are those rosters for xbox360 or PS3?

      • Robsox3212

        is it for xbox if so can u send it to me gamer tag killer4evr

  • Lf12374

    hey matthew duncan email your roster to

  • Jjwwppp

    matthew duncan can u please email the roster to me aswell

  • 49ersfan#1

    what about mario manningham? 49ers!

  • CowboysFan

    Brandon Carr and Mike Jenkins gonna be shutting down WR’s all over the NFL for years to come, go Cowboys!

  • Apac4064

    Hey Pasta,

    Is there going to be an update just after the draft with all of the updated free agent signings as well as the new incoming players set with their new teams??

    • 49ersfan#1

      no crappy ea is too stupid to update the offseason stuff. they say that the offseason is part of madden 13. well if it is, then why isnt there an offseason in the first year of franchise?

      • This is true. No sports game updates rosters once the league year ends. Everything that happens is for the next league year. Even if EA or 2K wanted to update their games, the NFL and NBA wouldn’t allow it.

        • eaglesfan#1

          so are you saying that fans are stuck playing with old rosters in madden 12, and they have to wait for madden 13 to come out to get new rosters and even the rookies?

  • Mason Drews

    Dallas’ off-season is looking really nice thus far, they’ve nearly put themselves in position to just go BPA come draft time.

  • 49ersfan#1

    nba 2k12’s my player is great except that ur teammates suck and never make shots. in nfl superstar madden 12, its easy to get 99 overall. win all games, and is plain, simple, and boring. no action and no off game stories loke madden 07 and 08. franchise is boring and they other teams never trade and offer u trades. i would rate madden 12 a 5.6-6.2. i expected better…. nba 2k12 and fifa 12 are the only good one sport games. i would buy fifa street if it was cheaper. $60?!!?!?!?!?! too much… fifa 12 is $60!

  • Enlightened27

    I dont get how Brandon Carr ran a 4.43 40 and he got  87 speed and 89 acceleration, when Jeremy Maclin ran a 4.45 and got 95 speed and 94 acceleration. Also, how does someone as physical as Carr only get a 56 press rating?