SSX Patch and Tuner Details

Posted March 31st, 2012 at 10:00 am

A new patch has arrived for SSX that addresses some consumer feedback and delivers additional content. The patch, along with a tuner that allows for riders to be leveled up to 11, is available now on both the 360 and PS3. Continue on for the full details. 

Patch Details
•Added RiderNet Radio to PS3. While participating in a RiderNet Radio group, you can chat with your friends while playing anywhere in the game. Whether you are in separate modes, the front end or riding down the mountain together in a Global Event, you and your friends will now be able to enjoy sharing your SSX experience together.

•Issue in which several badge notifications would continue to trigger repeatedly due to other pending notifications from friends or additional badge challenge requirements completed in quick succession.

•Fixed a crash when a user attempts to collect a global event earning from a DLC range (eg: Japan) which had been deleted/removed from their system.

•Users will now see tombstones after multiple consecutive runs, rather than only on the first lap of a Survival drop.

•Using the time dilation (the slowdown stylish move executed by tapping the rewind button), some users were able to exploit extra trick points by activating the slowed state repeatedly in order to increase the length of time their grabs were held while in the air or grinding.

•Fixed an issue in which users that had hidden a rival (friend) from within RiderNet Rivals screen, and then removed this same Rival (friend) off of 1st party friend lists could potentially cause the save files to become corrupt.

•Fixed a crash which was being encountered while loading into global events.

•Fixed a crash which was being encountered during loading screens.

•Attempting to redeem a code for the online pass, while an online pass is unavailable, would occasionally hang the title.

•Fixed an issue in which active global events that a user is participating in would not always update, and would sometimes result in the drop fee associated to the event being deducted when re-entering the event.

•Adjusted the boundary data within New Zealand’s Mount Wakefield tracks, as some users were able to find a way to get outside the main track area and achieve faster record times taking an unintended route.

•Fixed an issue in which some global event earnings were not properly being paid out to users that had participated and qualified for winnings when returning to the “While you were away screen” or while connecting online after previously playing in an offline state.

•Fixed an issue in which Geotags were not always paying out the correct amount for a full survival bonus.

•Final global event standing and payout will now appear in your GE wall.

•Fixed an issue with classic controls, where the in-air spin/flip/roll rotational speed was not quite as fast as when using the standard controls.

50,000 Riders Global Events Badge Tuner Pack
•Riders can now be leveled to 11.
•Level 11 Gear – unlock better gear, a new mod slot and a new Geotag slot.
•Changed the lighting on key signature tracks in Global Events and in Explore Mode: Serenity to Pink Dusk. Bulldog and Morning Tiger trick events in New Zealand to Dusk Orange.
•Added longer Global Events and more big money events.
•Players will get more experience points when playing in Global Events.

  • Keith.

    Pasta, are you going to do a story about EA losing again on a motion to dismiss, this time in the NFL likeness lawsuit? I know you’ve always downplayed EA’s losses in court, but this loss guarantees they’ll spend $1M+ in discovery costs and still have a big hammer possibly to drop on them. As you can guess, I love it.

    • Clintbeastwoods

      Thats great news Keith I love to see those scumbags at ea getting what they deserve! This nfl exclusive license is a fucking nightmare that I pray comes to end really soon!

      • No more Madden

        The thought of EA losing videogame football money is the best thing to happen to videogame football. I remember the good old days when videogame football used to be something fun to look forward to every year, and I along with many others, haven’t felt that way since EA got the exclusive license. Please hit them hard, your honor. Hit them so hard that they just completely stop making any form of football videogames under any EA branding. Make no mistakes about it, I absolutely hate this arrogant game publisher. They’ve blocked years of great NFL videogame football releases with their crappy offerings.

    • Matrix

      This has nothing to do with the NFL License and more to do with the Player’s Association. Its about a bunch of retired players that changed around in appearance and name, but mimicked other players. This is the same case that EA already won against the NCAA in.

      • Keith.

        I don’t see how EA could win an NFL likeness case. If you don’t need to pay to use someone’s likeness, then why would EA pay the current players, why not just use them and not pay the current players anything. In NCAA’s case, they don’t pay the current players anything.

        In any event, I bet EA and its lawyers thought they had a fair shot at getting rid of the case at the motion to dismiss stage, and they lost, so now it’s on to expensive discovery where I’m sure plaintiffs will be asking for depositions from guys like Goodell and Peter Moore. These lawsuits have to be taking their toll on EA.