SSX Price Keeps Plummeting

Posted April 3rd, 2012 at 11:30 am

SSX has barely been out a month and it’s already been halved in price. Amazon (Xbox 360PS3) and Best Buy have already dropped the game to $30.

It’s a fantastic deal for a very good game but does not bode well for the future of the series. SSX has undoubtedly failed to gain traction at retail and follows in what has become a long line of arcade-style titles that have struggled to justify their development this generation. It’s hard to imagine a scenario in which a sequel comes about now unless the scale of the offering were to be pared down significantly for the purpose of digital distribution.

  • Keith.

    I keep reading reports of the TW13 Collectors Edition being marked down to $35 at Target as well.  I guarantee we won’t be seeing any sequels to SSX, Fifa Street or Grand Slam Tennis anytime soon, now that those games have all tanked.  Who knows — if its numbers are also dismal, maybe we’ll see TW going to a bi-annual release.  

    • Vr3

      pricing errors it should be tiger 12 collectors edition to 35 bucks but theyve screwed up in a few places. i checked targets near me and theyre regular price for tiger 13 ce.

  • Arcade Jumpshot

    I love the game. And now with eddie as free DLC makes it even better.. Don’t see why it isn’t selling well, very nostalgic, especially if you have favorite songs from ssx tricky, 3 and on tour. hmm hope Tony Hawks doesnt have the same fate even though its a dowlnoad

  • daley7199

    While I don’t know what the sales numbers are for this game I wouldn’t necessarily consider a price drop to be a complete failure.   Its quite possible that the price drop was a calculated plan.   SSX isn’t a major block buster title, not like a Madden or a COD for that matter.  60$ in this economy isn’t as easily come by these days.  Also there are so many games to chose from and gamers have to make choices.

    At 60$ a pop, we gamers just cant afford to buy every game we like to.  While I have the means to buy what ever game I want I don’t because it wouldn’t be a responsible thing to do.   With regard to SSX and Tiger, SSX is a game that has been gone a very long time and it was the fans clamoring that brought it back.  Tiger this year is clearly a better game than in past years and it to has its fanbase.   While Tiger Woods is a yearly release, SSX isn’t really a game that requires a yearly release and in all honesty I wouldn’t want a yearly release of this franchise.

    I hope that these price drops, are indicative of a future trend where we will see the price of video games drop across the board to a more reasonable price point.

    • Keith.

      “While I don’t know what the sales numbers are for this game I wouldn’t necessarily consider a price drop to be a complete failure.   Its quite possible that the price drop was a calculated plan.” 

      You can keep kidding yourself all you want.   

  • I played the demo and thought it was just goofy and bored me very quickly (as do ALL arcade-type games). I would have liked it better if it were more realistic. This coming from someone who never played the previous versions, but I wanted to give it a try.

    To me… this would have been much better as an RPG-ish game. Kind of like “My Player” modes in other video games. Where you start off new to the slopes and would have to build your guy up to be able to do some of the more ridiculous stuff. Add a calender… events, etc. (kind of like the Dirt & other driving games) and it would have held my interest much more.

  • Oh.. and the fact that you now only have 6 comments in this thread is pretty indicative of how much people care. Heh.

  • Tish

    EA in incapable of making good games anymore. All their games are generic and bland because they try to appeal to as many people as possible. What they fail to understand is that if you make a great game, lots of people will buy it whether they normally buy that kind of game or not.

    Ea’s strategy of making crappy games and marketing the shit out them and portraying them as way better as they really are has rubbed many gamers the wrong way. I haven’t bought an EA game in many years because I know I will just be disappointed in a subpar effort.

    I’m very glad to see that most of their games are struggling with sales numbers. Hopefully it’s the much needed wake up call that will finally get some of their games back on the right track.